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TP365/Year 10:: Connections – A Christmas Story

18 Dec

Today’s post is dedicated to A Christmas Story… as in, the musical.

Tonight we braved the rain (and honestly I’m happy it wasn’t snow) to get to The Wang Center in time for A Christmas Story. I was honestly not sure how they would turn this Christmas classic into a musical for the stage but they did!

As we entered the Boch Center – Wang Center building the ticket taker helped the man next to us identify that he was at the wrong theater. After he explained the difference between the Shubert and the Wang and the Opera House, he confirmed we were in the correct place.

Then he said, ‘Oh, you have really good seats!” He seemed more excited for us than we were for us.

Alas, the show lived up to the hype — all the classic lines from “You’ll shoot your eye out” to “Fudge!” were there. While it was a different way to experience the holiday story with song and dance, it was a wonderful way to #Connect to the holiday season and a story that has been passed down and shared with many generations — this time, live and in-person…. including live dogs (and of course masks!).

More tomorrow,

TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Christmas Shopping Friends

3 Dec

Todays post is dedicated to Christmas Shopping Friends.

Today I visited the Capitol of Christmas, the Mecca of St. Nick, or as those of us in New England call it —Christmas Tree Shops.

It was packed with everything you might need for the holidays including shoppers. As I waited in the checkout line that wrapped almost to the back of the store I #Connected with the woman standing in line behind me.

We compared finds and deals and she showed me her haul and described how she was going to augment the little Christmas trees for her outside patio.

I have to say it felt like pre-2020 era holiday shopping – the kind where you talk to strangers while standing in line waiting for something special, with shelves stocked full!

Most of all it felt like a human connection not centered around the aftermath of a pandemic but the preparation for the holiday ahead.

May we all be merry and bright and safe.

More tomorrow,

TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Christmas Decor

26 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to Christmas decor.

As in the day where all the Christmas boxes that have been collecting dust for a year come out of closets and all the EVERYTHING ELSE of regular everyday decor gets placed in a box for a Christmas Holiday.

It is officially holiday decorating time.

All the little wooden elves come out to play, and the stockings too. The mantle is set with holiday care with hopes and dreams of another bright year. There are old ones and new ones and space to collect more, and every ornament finds its place on the tree…that is, if our tree could stand up straight.

It has a leaning problem. One we will have to fix this weekend when we have more time to deconstruct in the daylight what is going on in that trunk of hers.

Until then, I will keep enjoying all unpacking and placing (and replacing all over again) of holiday decor. It’s a #Connection that truly only happens once a year.

Is your holiday unpacked?

More tomorrow,

TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Scones

24 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to scones.

The BEST scones in the entire world. I found the recipe from Martha Stewart but it originates from flour bakery + cafe in Boston.

I love Connecting my favorite scone in the entire world with my own kitchen. Now… let’s see how they taste. To be continued…

More tomorrow,

TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Turkeys

22 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to turkeys.

Not the kind you eat for Thanksgiving, but rather the wild variety that runs all over the island.

This morning we woke up to a gaggle of turkeys (is it officially a gaggle when a group of turkeys congregates?). They were all over the yard and the deck and then one flew up on the roof.

If you didn’t know that a turkey can fly… they can. Or rather perform some sort of hop, skip, and a jump in the air. And if you don know how the turkey crossed the road… well let me just say that they walk. Slowly.

What a quintessential Connection on the Vineyard the week of Thanksgiving.

Gobble. Gobble.

More tomorrow,

TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Lighthouse & Livingston

21 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to a Lighthouse and Livingston.

We ate brunch at Outermost Inn today. It was everything that we remembered, except instead of dinner at sunset we had brunch in the middle of the day. The food was exceptional (as always) and the view was panoramic, to say the least.

As we finished our meal the restaurant broke out in song, belting out “Happy Birthday” to a gentleman sitting in the corner of the restaurant. We joined in singing too. He then stood up to thank everyone and I realized I knew him or at least recognized him. It was Livingston Taylor.

The last time I saw Livingston was on stage with his brother James in a concert at UMASS. I was probably 20-years old and still in college, just learning the significance of the Family Taylor’s music on Massachusetts and the world around me.

Today, it felt more like a family reunion, everyone singing in unison on the tippy-top corner of the island.

We then walked to the Gay Head Lighthouse and saw its new resting place about 129 feet away from its former foundation. You can still see the bricks and the stones where it used to sit overlooking the sea.

Finally, our day rounded out at the new MV Museum where we snapped a photo of the ORGINAL light and lens that sat in the lighthouse.

It was not even electric back then, rather run by a series of cranks and weights and pullies and of course the incredible lens of glass too.

From one end of the island to the other we travelled back in time — Connecting to the history of the island, a lighthouse, and to the college girl inside of me.

Thank you, Livingston and Gay Head Lighthouse, for sharing our day and showing us how to connect with and celebrate a Sunday on the island.

More tomorrow,

TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Birds

17 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to the birds. All of them.

Yesterday a flock of birds congregated outside my window. These little chickadees were flapping about, flying from wire to wire and then from window to window. It was quite a sight.

A few landed on the window right outside the view from my desk. It spooked me for a second because I didn’t know what was causing such a commotion until I saw their delicate little beaks.

They landed for just a moment and then circled and recircled some more. Then they were gone before I could even take a photo.

Where could they be on their flight that Connects the North to the South?

I wonder whose house they are perching on right now.

More tomorrow,

TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Moonlight

16 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to the moonlight.

The night is upon us earlier and earlier and with it shines the moon. As we enter the winter months up here in the northern hemisphere and Connect with all that winter brings (hibernation, rest, warm and cozy memories) may we all stop for a moment and soak up the strength of the moon.

As Rumi said, “A new moon teaches gradualness” — and gradually, each night as this promise unfolds, I expect to connect the dots. I never know where these promises take me but they always take me somewhere.

Here’s to showing up every single night (by the light of the moon)!

More tomorrow,

TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Beach People

14 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to beach people.

And the birds.

I spent this morning walking the beach, listening to the birds, watching all the dog walkers, and watching the surfers (brrrr!) in the water.

It made me think about beach people. We are called to the beach. And everyone seems so happy to say hello as they pass by too.

So do the birds.

May we all find nourishment and Connection in the soft sand and rolling waves.

More tomorrow,

TP365/Year 10:: Connections – Nelda

13 Nov

Today’s post is dedicated to Nelda.

She was a fixture in my childhood and family. I just found out today that she passed. Her funeral was last weekend. I haven’t seen her in decades and can’t remember the last time we were together in my hometown. But I have so many fond memories.

I think it’s amazing how the Connections from our childhood stay with us for a lifetime.

Sending you so much love and light Nelda, your life will be remembered beyond what you know.

More tomorrow,

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