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Day 364: Dear 2012 :: Forgive. Forget. Forge Forward.

31 Dec

We are on our way to New York City…
To Times Square….
To watch the ball drop us all into the wee hours of 2013.

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It makes me realize there are so many things that run on auto-pilot until something comes along forcing us to snap out of it!

New Year’s Eve is one of those moments.

It’s one of those “snap out of it” things — forcing me to look into the oncoming year and vow to make it better, faster, smarter, bigger, more ____________.

It’s also what allows me to look with eyes wide open into the mistakes of my past.

Which brings me to this:
I messed up.
I made a mistake.
I lost track.

Here it is, the last day of 2012….
In a Leap Year…
Which should have 366 days…

And the top of my blog says Day 364.

How did that happen?
Where did I go wrong?
What part of auto-pilot didn’t work?

I spent a few minutes looking back over my posts and can’t find the offending days that decided not to show up.

In the middle of my frantic research I realized I could spend another year investigating, beating myself up, and questioning the issue…

Or I could Cowboy Up and move on.

I chose the latter.

Because, after spending an entire year learning to fear less and love more, I have learned something so precious and sacred.

It is this:

We all deserve love.
And we all make mistakes.

Nobody’s perfect.

Sometimes it’s the imperfections that create the biggest lessons, best character, and most surprising moments.

Sometimes it’s the unplanned plans that lead to the most perfect path.

Sometimes, it’s not worth questioning what should have been, might have been…
Should have…
Would have…
Could have….

Sometimes the best action is just to move forward — from where you are. And, that, I believe, may be the most fearless act of all.

So today is Day 364.
In a year of 366 days.

In a way, I like keeping a spot for two extra days, holding a flame, and an unwritten page for the gift we are all given — time.

Speaking of Father Time — he’s calling my name.
Yours too.

Because I think we’re really going to make it through 2012, despite what all the Mayans and naysayers seem to believe.

So I will say it now…. Happy 2013.

Let’s move Fearlessly Forward despite any of the mistakes, messes or miscalculations.

Let’s leave the “oops” behind.
Forgive. Forget. Forge forward.

All my love,


P.S. Tomorrow is a new year and a new promise — and I can’t wait to share with you!! Plus, this next year, you can join in here.

Day 14: if my closet could talk

14 Jan

What would your closet say?

Mine would say gibberish about “blue jeans never worn” and “too many black shirts” and a smattering of “pink” and “odd patterns that don’t match.”

Today, I read that Pantone named Tangerine the color of the year for 2012.  They should know, since Pantone names every color.  (It was Honeysuckle for 2011 and Turquoise the previous year.)

And, I should have known it!
I had an insider tip back in October about the color orange.

My tip didn’t come from a fashion industry insider, not even from a color consultant.  It was delivered by the woman who gave me a facial at Lake Austin Spa Resort.

She told me many things during that facial.  One of which was, “You should wear orange, it will bring you prosperity.”

Problem is, I don’t really own “orange” in the clothing category.  I have one orange tank top that I have faithfully worn since my message from the spa.

So, tonight, on the heels of Pantone proclaiming Tangerine the new IT color, I vow to make a splash of orange a part of my new wardrobe.

Starting tonight with a collection of dream outfits I found from around the internet.  You can see my Orange Crush Pinterest board here.

Of course they aren’t in my closet because even though I CAN shop now, I’ve learned my lesson.  The secret to prosperity comes from something deep inside, not what you wear on the outside.

But I’ve also learned when a message keeps appearing in my life, it might be time to listen.

Maybe orange is saying it’s time to be bold?
Maybe orange is reminding me to dream big?
Maybe orange is just there to brighten things up?

Sounds like 2012 is the year to find out.

Day 12: what do you want?

12 Jan

You can have what you want.
What a beautiful message.  It gives me hope and comforts my soul.

And it came to me through my computer.
I listened to a guided meditation from Deepak Chopra tonight and it was a gentle reminder about the power of intention.

So, what do you want?

My intention this year is to focus on the power of love and apply it to my head, heart, body and soul.  I have no idea how it will change my life, but I’m up for the challenge.

Isn’t it funny how intention leads to sight?
As if it brings exactly what you need to see into focus.  I now see “LOVE” everywhere I look.  In emails, walking down the street, in my food, on my bookshelf, even in my clothes and shoes.

Yesterday I saw it on my water bottle.

I totally forgot I owned this water bottle, until I needed one to carry fluids around with me to help soothe this sore throat.  When I pulled it out of the cupboard I had to do a double-take.

Right there in my hands, sitting on the side of the water bottle was emblazoned the word LOVE.

As if I was supposed to see it. 
As if I needed LOVE to be written out in plain English.

Tonight, after listening to Deepak’s guided meditation I am not surprised this water bottle found me again.  My body needed some love to get over this cold and it was a good reminder of my intention.

As 2012 takes it’s baby steps forward I hope you hold in your heart what you desire and what you dream of — and I hope you get what you want.

If you want a little inspiration, you can listen to the meditation here.

Day 365: f*ing friday :: finale

31 Dec

Today continues the weekly series, F*ing Fridays, which will coincidentally occur on Friday. I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Festivities.

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:

As in, Day 365.

That’s right, it’s the end of the road.  The top of the mountain.  The final destination.  The icing on the cake.

The f*ing finale if you will.
Cue the fireworks.

Actually, there will be fireworks all around the world at approximate 11:59pm, wherever you may be.

So, what happens when you take care of your head, heart, body and soul for one entire year?

Good question.
Other than my underwear becoming wholly holey, I have added and subtracted much over this year.

I purchased no clothing, shoes or frivolous items. 
Bar one pair of running shoes that I acquired at the beginning of the year to better my body.  (I even laced them up and ran in a foot race, thank you very much for dragging me along Amy Crawford!).

At the beginning of the year, the thought of not shopping was purely painful.

I agonized over it, I held my hands in my pockets while walking through department stores to prevent myself from the slight movement of reaching out and touching fabric, as if feeling it across my skin was a sin.

So I decided I had to remove myself completely from temptations way.  I bowed out of shopping trips, I walked on the outside of stores, only to peer in through the windows, knowing that they couldn’t lure me as long as I didn’t cross the threshold of the front door.

I cleaned house.
As I debated the merits of deleting all of my promotional emails from my favorite fashion icons. In the end I opted out of most of them but held on to a few favorites just to stay in the loop of the design world.

I said no to chocolate and mochas and cookies.
At fancy restaurants!  Even at Starbucks!  But soon discovered cacao powder and nibs, my new source of chocolate flavor (and magnesium — see it’s good for me!).

I successfully beat the sugar blues.

I gave up coffee — twice.
The first attempt failed as soon as the month-long Ayurvedic cleanse was complete.  This second attempt has stuck even through these past two weeks in the Seattle area, a.k.a. The Coffee Aroma Capital Of The World.

I lost weight.
I gained weight.
And continued to lose, gain, lose, gain.  And, then I read these words that changed everything — instead of losing weight, decide to let go of it, and instead “Give It Up.”  Because when we lose things we try to find them again.

I lost other things too.
Like the stone in my mother’s ring.  The most precious of worldly possessions in my grasp, that I wore on my hand everyday, unhinged itself and fell to the earth, nowhere to be found.

But what I gained was extraordinary.
New friendships, new adventures, new ideas, new ways of looking at myself and the world.

I tried new things.
Like kettle-bells (thank you Yvette!) and green smoothies (after weeks of failed attempts, I finally mastered the art of a yummy tasting green smoothie). I bought glasses online (sight unseen!) and removed all the under-wire from my bras.  I even did yoga with an iPhone App while on vacation!

I pushed myself to the edge.
I jumped into the Martha’s Vineyard water at night (thank you Justin!) and experienced the most beautiful Tinkerbell-like magical bioluminescence I have ever seen.

I learned from the masters.
Like Debbie Phillips, Joshua Rosenthal, Rob Berkley, Donna Eden, Joan Borysenko, Belleruth Naparstek, Mark Hyman, Bruce Lipton, John Douillard, Andrew Weil and Deepak Chopra.

Sitting before such great teachers made me realize that while I don’t know everything, I don’t have to.  We all have innate intelligence. We already have what we need.  And, if we don’t have it yet, we aren’t ready for it, or just don’t need it.

Things showed up when I needed them.
From a freak snow storm in Michigan, to a cold and rainy day in New York city, I borrowed clothes and shoes, jackets and gloves (thank you Mary Ellen Jones!). Boxes surprised me in the mail (thank you Jaynane and Dawn!) and saints handed me down their gently used clothing (Debbie!).

More than anything else, I didn’t give up.
Through hurricanes and earthquakes and from all corners of this country I wrote.  Even when I was locked out of our Mexican Villa, I borrowed a computer and beat the clock to post my blog post in time (thank you Lizette and Mike!).

There was one night where I almost forgot to write.
After a fun-loving time out with Debbie Phillips and Holly Getty, seeing the movie Bridesmaids, I was so full of laughter and love that I came home ready to call it a night.  Just as I started to prepare for bed, Justin asked me the golden question:  “Are you going to write your blog tonight?

Saved.  (Thanks honey!)

I learned a few new things.
Like how to properly dry my hair.  Never knew I was doing it wrong these past 37 years!

I found inspiration.
In the magic and the mundane.  From the dew drops on leaves to the look on Pup‘s face, I began to see the world with new puppy dog eyes.  I revisited the place where my promise began and found both new friends and even deeper inspiration (thank you Lake Austin Spa Resort!).

I had support.
From my life-long friends (Laura, Sara, Lisa and Sheryl) to my Facebook buddies, from Debbie Phillips and my Women on Fire sisters to the fun-loving clan called The Davis Family, I had more than wind beneath my wings — I had love at my back.

And there were heart-felt conversation (Debi Lilly!) that gave me strength.

There were days when people touched me beyond words. Through a simple “like” on Facebook or an email or note, it made all the difference.

I found magic.
I started this year resolute to make my promise happen all on my own, no matter what.  I was, after all, doing  this for ME.

But the fact is, I couldn’t have done any of this without YOU.

Because I learned a thing or two about magic this year, and it is as simple as this: we are all connected.

If I change, you change.  And if you change, I do too. 
We are in this together.

As I sit here typing these final words of 2011, with tears rolling down my face and my head, heart, body and soul full, all I can think is this:

I wouldn’t want it any other way.

And, that, my dears, is the Grand Finale.

With much thanks and continued love for you in 2012, Happy New Year!

P.S. It’s not f*ing over!!

P.P.S. I will reveal my new promise for 2012 tomorrow, a.k.a. Day #1.

Day 354: are you making a commitment for 2012?

20 Dec

I woke up this morning to walk along the beach and see the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.

What woke me up at this early hour? I had a commitment to meet Debbie on the beach to film a portion of our year-end video.

It was so beautiful and serene I wondered, why don’t I do this more often?

The answer is pretty simple of course.  I don’t always have a reason to go, a person to meet, an appointment, a commitment to keep.

And, that is the secret sauce, isn’t it?  Commitment.

Whether it be working out, eating better, taking a break, or taking care of ourselves, sometimes all we need is a little commitment to push us over the “think about it” line and into the “just do it” arena.

Which kind of sums up my year.

With eleven days left (eleven days!!) I can hardly believe this year is almost over.  But, in my heart, I know the work has just begun.  Taking care of my head, heart, body and soul is really a life-long commitment.

It’s easy when the pressure is on, but how will it be when I take this public promise private?

It’s a good question.

That’s why I am officially re-upping The Promise 365 for 2012.  The rules will be different and my promise will change (which I will share with you soon!).

But, here’s what I love best — you can join me.

So, what do you want to do in 2012…
Eat better, do less, laugh more, watch the sunrise?

It’s a good question.

Day 347: what will you give up?

13 Dec

It’s hard to believe that time has us all looking into the final days of 2011 and soon the beginning of the New Year.  It’s also hard to believe 347 days have gone by here at The Promise 365.

It seems everything is wrapping up these days.

In fact, tonight, I even watched the season finale of The Biggest Loser.

And, while I love the emotional roller coaster of that fairytale weight loss show where dreams come true on TV, I can’t help but think about that word: loser.

What does it mean to win at losing?  
Or lose to win?

Last week I learned something surprising from Nan Lu, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).  He believes that every successful diet book must have a villain — sometimes it’s carbs, or calories, or sugar or meat or a combination of foods, choosing the right ones and avoiding the bad ones.  But there is always a story of diet drama in deciding what to lose.

In his practice he avoids the term “losing weight” because it implies exactly that — you have lost something.  And, he points out that when we lose something we try to get it back.

Instead of “losing” Nan Lu encourages patients to “give up” their extra weight.

It makes me think of everything I have given up this year.
Shopping. New Clothes. New Shoes. Excess sugar. Caffeine.

And, in the process of giving up some habits that didn’t serve me well, I have made space for other activities, like: beginning to cook, writing, meditating, yoga, reading, breathing deeper and loving more.

Through all of this, I have also found a powerful magic inside myself which gives me the strength to give up something I never really knew I had — fear.

It’s amazing what can happen when you give up — there is no losing.
But, I guess, that shouldn’t surprise me, because I believe we can do anything for a year.

So, what will you give up in 2012? 

While you think that over, please know I will still be here in many ways.  In fact, I am developing my own promise for next year, and so happy to share that I will lead a virtual coaching group to help others who want to see their own promises followed through.

More on that soon… until then, sweet dreams for a New Year.


Day 310: not real simple

6 Nov

Today I caught up on old magazines, of the Real Simple and Oprah sort. I holed up under a blanket with Laura’s stash of glossies on my lap while all the children took naps and I dove right into the pages of Consumer-Land.

Within the pages I found a few lovely options (like the photo above!).
It has me thinking about a question Laura asked me tonight:

“What will be your very first purchase in 2012?”

It’s hard to know at this point in time.

Will it be a necessity?
Like snow boots after a freak snow storm while we are visiting family in the Seattle area during the holiday?

Or will it be pure style?
Will I wait it out until Ms. Holly Getty takes me shopping in New York City?

I don’t know the answer yet.

But right now, I can say this:
The answer is not real simple.

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