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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 26 :: birthday yoga

26 Jan

Day 26. The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.

Birthday. Birth. Rebirth. 42.

(this was breakfast!)

Today I’m thinking about birthdays. And birth. And rebirth. And what this 42nd year holds. It is my favorite number! My basketball number! The magical 42.

If you type “what is the meaning of life the universe and everything” into Google it will send you the answer: 42.

And…according to Wikipedia 42 is the angle rounded to whole degrees for which a rainbow appears.

Meaning of Life? Rainbows? Universe? Everything! This sounds good.

So it seems I might be entering the magic. Bring on the magic universe! And a few rainbows. But first… I need to do some birthday yoga…(there might be cake afterwards!).

More tomorrow.


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Day 42: honoring #42

11 Feb

Welcome to Day 42.
The number 42 means the world to me.
It was the number I wore on the back of my basketball uniform.

It symbolized:
the drive towards a goal, which led to…
the sweaty, long hours of practice, which led to…
the honor of starting a game, which led to…
the lesson of losing a game, which led to…
picking my ego up off the court and trying again the next day.

Unfortunately, at age 17, I lost Number 42.
I was diagnosed with cancer.

It was an an unexpected turn of events that took me off the basketball court, off the team, and the sacred Number 42 off my back.

Actually, Number 42 saved my life.
It was in the mandatory school sports physical just prior to my senior year that uncovered the swollen lymph nodes in my armpit. It was Hodgkin’s disease diagnosed very early. It was a basketball miracle that led to many medical procedures.

Thankfully, my body healed.
But, I was never able to wear that uniform again. While the moment passed me by, the lesson did not.

My basketball uniform was the first piece of clothing I couldn’t wear — not because I gained weight, lost weight, or grew too tall: it was because cancer grew in my body.

It was the first moment that I truly realized: I am issued one body, one mind, one heart, and one soul for this lifetime.

I have carried this lesson with me for years.
Believe me, I have also forgotten it many times too.
It is human to forget the gift of good health when you have it.
It is easy to honor the gift of good health when you’ve lost it.

I know, no uniform, fancy dress, comfy-T, or haute couture looks as good as a vibrant mind and a healthy body. The hardest part has always been keeping the healthy habits in motion, the healthy thoughts top of mind, the healthy relationships growing and honoring the highest purpose of my soul.

It’s a process.
And, over the years I have learned it is actually much more like a basketball game, you’ve got to keep picking the ego up off the court and trying again the next day.

That is why I dedicate this 42nd day of the year to the Number 42.
Thank you for saving my life.

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