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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 180 :: 4-letter word friday

21 Jul

Singing in the RAIN.

It’s POURING rain in Chicago. Sideways rain. Intense flash flood rain.

Of course, it happened at the exact moment we needed to get INTO our taxi to go to dinner… and then again exactly as we needed to hop back into a taxi to return home. It was all worth it of course – great food, great friends, great memories and moments.

Rain is good.
Rain is vital.
But just like kindness, if you smother with too much, too fast, it can cause a flash flood.

Now, get an umbrella.
Cause everyone’s going to get wet!

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 93 :: yellow towels

6 Apr


I think it is kind to let our minds imagine and dream. And to listen to other’s dreams.

Today, my niece was describing her life to me, what she dreamed of and wants and desires for when she is ALL grown up. It was a special moment in an aisle of a department store.

I was trying to make a decision between yellow towels or turquoise towels, and out of nowhere, she began telling me her dreams. Along with the big decisions, she was making for her big life to come.

While I pretended to take my time looking for towels just so I could stand next to her a bit longer and hear the big plans in her little heart, I couldn’t help but sigh on the inside. The kind of sigh that is so deep and profound it’s hard to keep all bottled up inside. I couldn’t dare breath out loud because I didn’t want her to stop.

As we stood in the aisle looking back and forth at turquoise towels and yellow towels, and back again, I froze the memory in my mind. We were somewhere else in her mind, far, far away in the future full of love and joy and dreams and visions of wonderfulness. When she finished describing her dreams to me, just like that, the moment disappeared. She was again a ten-year-old girl, and I was shopping for the must mundane of adult tasks, towels.

I landed on yellow.
Yellow is the color of kindness.

And today, while standing amongst a sea of bath towels, I realized that listening to someone else’s dream may be the most intentional act of kindness I could ever offer.

That – and remembering the moment for both of us.

More tomorrow….


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