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BLOG – GIFT DAY 354 :: it’s not always what you think

20 Dec

I love this ad from Apple. 
It reminds me that things are not always what you (initially) think. 

We have experienced a year of miracles around here.

So many miracles!
Even though it hasn’t always felt or seemed that way in the moment.

I found a lump in my throat. (scary!)
After surgery it turned out benign. Miracle!

Brady ran away this summer. (scary!)
Brady returned home safely because a wonderful woman found him and called the local radio station. Miracle!

We lost the bikes off the back of our car during our cross country adventure. (scary!)
Nobody was injured. Miracle!

Brady jumped the fence and went on his own adventure. (scary!)
I luckily saw it happen and knew which direction to send Justin on the chase. We found Brady making friends in the neighborhood and safely brought him home. Miracle!

Miracle are everywhere.

Just goes to show things are not always what you (initially) think.
Sometimes you have to wait around for the rest of the story.
Sometimes you have to wait for the miracle to show up.
And sometimes you have to look at it differently to see the hidden gift.

My gift of the day is this:
I wish you many, many miracles.

Thank you for being here.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

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{what miracles did you have this year?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 346 :: oh the weather outside is…

12 Dec

Frightful? Delightful?

I suppose it depends on who you ask. What’s your weather like?

But I digress…
Because tonight I am thinking about perseverance. Mostly because I can’t stop coughing and this cold is making me tired. It’s also making me look pretty frightful.

But I press on.
And that right there is why I am thinking about perseverance.

I am absolutely convinced that any brand of success comes from two things: Passion + Focus.

It’s the passion that gets you through the tough times. It’s passion that paves the way when you don’t know the answers or how to / what to / where to.

But it’s focus that keeps you on target.

And, tonight, while the weather outside my door is pretty frightful, inside it’s quite delightful because I am focused on showing up every day on this blog. It feels good to have a focus. And it feels good to deliver on a promise.

But more than anything, it feels good to know that I also made a promise to you. In good weather and bad. I will show up because I am no fair weather friend.

I will be here.
For you.

And now, if you’re in the mood to go “ahhh” check out this video of an ad campaign that redefines beauty.

Now I’m off to get my beauty sleep!

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what’s your weather like?}
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