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BLOG – GIFT DAY 127 :: 21-day spring clean: add flowers

7 May

I once heard some wise advice…
The wisdom was all about flowers. 

I was reminded of this as I walked home from the train today. Everything in the neighborhood is beginning to pop, unfold and bloom!

Tip Day #19: Add Flowers. 

These wise words were from Tom Peters as he discussed marketing and business. His advice was to always make things pretty, bright, inviting — and if nothing else worked, add flowers

So simple.
So beautiful.
So classic.

Where can you add flowers?

More tomorrow, 
Lovemore (fearless),

P.S. Editorial update from yesterday’s blog: Regina Brett is not 90 years old (although she has the wisdom of a 90-year old sage). Check out her amazing wisdom here.

{Where can you add flowers to your day?}
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