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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 38 :: the joy of dreaming

9 Feb
{dream on}

As this year takes off I am thinking about dreams. Where dreams come from and how they find us. And the joy that comes from making our dreams come true.

I have also been thinking about the inspiration I find in words. I believe that words are medicine. Truly medicine. Words hold a vibration. And that vibration carries through our soul.

So this year, as I think about JOY… creating joy and sharing joy…I have decided to share more words. Here is tonight’s addition: 

Dreams are the gift of our nights and the adventure of our days.

Here’s to your dreams and your joy!
More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 244 hot, hot, hot

7 Sep

Day 244: Chicago hot.

It’s hot here in Chicago. And I feel like I can’t drink enough water to keep my sweat in balance. I’m convinced 80 degrees in Chicago equals 100 degrees on the West Coast (or the left coast).

I’m so over it. And yet,I like it. Because I know as soon as I go home the pool will be closed. Summer will be over. The leaves will be yellow. And fall will be in full swing.

Hot or not.
It’s the last goodbye to summer.

Which has me thinking about my promise. My year of yoga. My promise to do more for myself. So much has happened and yet, so little has changed. Fall will bring with it a sweeping awareness, as it always does. It is always in October. The month of the harvest. The time when my promise begins to unfold.

And I’m ready for the adventure.
How about you?

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YOGA DAY 5 :: the mat

5 Jan

Day 5. Hello Mat. We meet again.

I’m getting to know my yoga mat intimately. My thick, comfy, turquoise mat.


And tonight while I was trudging through Day 5 of this Yoga Promise and my longest yoga series yet I thought: What the hell was I thinking? and then… This is going to be a long year. and then… I’m okay. I can do this.

And so it goes. The flood of thoughts that flow through the moments on the mat. I’m sure that I’m going to get use to this. I know every day will get easier with this stretch goal. But in the moment it is sometimes hard to remember.

The good news? My jeans already fit slightly better.
Namaste to that moment.
Thank you, yoga mat.

More tomorrow. 

{good news?}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YOGA DAY 3 :: yoga marathon & sprints

3 Jan

Day 3. I’m sore.

I should have expected this. Sore legs. Sore calves. And I’ve barely even started this year of yoga (366 days for those who are counting).

What have I learned so far? Making a promise to go from Couch Potato to Yogi is a marathon not a sprint. So what’s important to highlight right now? Taking it slow.

And so it was perfect timing that today a friend sent this article my way: 

Reading the article reassured me that I already have everything I need to start this journey:

  • Mat. Check!
  • Heater. Check!
  • Stretchy Yoga Pants That I Will Probably Never Get Out Of. Check!

I have this terrible habit of expecting to jump back in exactly where I left off. I’ve done it with golf (why can’t I remember how to putt?). I’ve done it with running (why can’t I finish a 5k in under 30 minutes?). I’ve done it with math, cooking, card games, naming all 50 state capitals….you get the point.

And now I’m doing it with yoga. Why am I so sore after a few (not very strenuous) yoga moves? And so it goes.

I know muscle memory will return quickly and I’m trying to remember that patience is the most important part of that point. 

More tomorrow. 

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YOGA DAY 2 :: down dog

2 Jan

Day 2. Today’s yoga adventure let me down.

As in Down Dog. And it was a total score! I can already feel the burn in my legs and I already love this app.

It comes with music which I appreciate. Partly because it makes the routine go faster. Instead of watching the clock I listen to the music.

I also love the fact that it changes up the routine with every play, because, well, I might have YADD – Yoga Attention Deficit Disorder. You know, that burning sensation in the middle of a pose where you look up to determine how much more time you have  left?

Not that I don’t love yoga, I do. It’s just that my body is so out of shape that even the smallest moves feel like large feats these days. Downward ouch. Upward whoa.

And I suppose that’s the lesson I’m already learning. It’s so easy to get out of shape. It merely takes a nanosecond on the couch to undo a marathon training.

So year is not just about yoga. It’s about taking action – and that takes daily routine.

Day two. Check. Done. Huzzah!
Tomorrow… Day 3…here’s looking at you.

More tomorrow.

{two down}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 343 :: the game of bliss

13 Dec

Today’s bliss…flying. 

As in time.
Time flies when you’re having fun. Something I am learning as I pay more attention to bliss. Time flies when you are in bliss too.

So today, I thought it ironic while playing the game of LIFE with my little nieces.

The game of course is really an APP. All electronic, fast-paced digital eye candy. There were no cards to draw or little people to place inside cars. It was a LIFE adventure that played out before your eyes on a screen.

How time flies. And how I could almost smell the mildew on my own board game of LIFE that I played as a child — (mostly because we left it out in the rain or some sort of soggy place). And how the world turns. 

And so did this digital game of LIFE. Weddings. Babies. School. Homes. Jobs. Losing Jobs. Taxes owed. Wedding Gifts. Twins! Baby gifts. New Career. Twins again! And then before you know it, Retirement. 

That’s how you “win” the game of LIFE. Retirement.

And it left a sour taste in my mouth. Just the word alone makes me cringe. As if you are supposed get all TIRED out. Or roll over and play dead until you actually do expire. Well, maybe we all do have an expiration date stamped somewhere on our foreheads. Invisible it is, which is maybe the best part of LIFE. The not knowing when our expiration date will arrive. 

Which brings me to this. It’s the one year anniversary of my Aunt Denita’s exit date, or expiration, or whatever we call the passing on into the ether and divine. As I sit here tonight thinking about the game of LIFE all I can think is that Time Flies.

Even more reason to enjoy taking a spin, on the risky track or the safe track, or whatever track floats your boat (that you mortgage) but keep spinning I say. Don’t tire out before the expiration date arrives. because really, if there is anything I have learned in this Year of Bliss it is this: 

Life is a game.
We call the shots.
So why not choose bliss?

More tomorrow. 


JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 308 :: blissful leafs a leaving

8 Nov

Today’s bliss…a heart.

Really, it was a leaf.

But in the twilight of night, sitting on its side with a little illumination from the street lamps… it looks like a heart.

And it seems fitting, sitting right there on the sidewalk, marking the spot I will pass in the morning with my roller bag suitcase and computer briefcase in tow.  Another adventure beings. Chicago, here I come….

…Heart and all.

More tomorrow. 

{new adventure?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 159 :: beauty quest

8 Jun

Today I decided to go look for beauty. It’s a bit like a walk in the park I suppose. I wasn’t sure what I would find but I knew it would be an adventure. So I begged Justin to come along and off we went.

Random Adventure + Beauty Mission = Beauty Quest.

Here’s what happened on my first Beauty Quest (more than I could have imagined!).

We found flowers…

And trees….

And the inside of trees…

And red roses….

And ducks kissing…

And baby geese learning to ruffle their feathers…

An ugly duckling that didn’t fit in… (But we know the end of that story!)

And a kind soul who gave us some bread so we could feed the birds too!

It was beautiful. A surprise. And a really quick, fast, easy way to add beauty to the end of the weekend.

Beauty Quest it.
I highly recommend it.

(Sometimes free is the best kind of fun.)

More tomorrow.

{what quest are you on?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 156 :: 30 days of love: take a deep breath

5 Jun

30 days of love: you can always go home

It’s DAY 26 over here of the 30 Days of Love. We’ve already had two yummy recipes and a week-long Giveaway, some treats, a sneeze, some wise words to the Class of 2013, some news, a Pop Quiz, 3 things I love, a biopsy, a call to say what you need to say, a prayer, a choice, a reminder of home, a sunrise, a road trip, a little joy, looking for a rainbow, there’s something to love, put your emphasis on joy, on the road again, going home, and now…Take a deep breath.  
We made it!
From Boston, the home of the Sox and the place we formerly called home…
Through the midwest where we rendezvoused with Justin’s family and  cousins…

Through the twists and turns of Highway 80…

We have finally made it to the West Coast! Albeit, we traveled the last day of our journey “Clampett Style” with a mattress tied to the top of the GMC Jimmy. Just add a rocking chair and we could be in Beverly Hills!

To add to the “style factor” just as we pulled out of our first gas stop of the day, I sat down in the drivers seat and heard a loud, “rip!”

My pants gave up before we made it past the state line.  

The seat of my capris ripped all the way down the seam and through  the pocket. Which left my derrière more than adequately air conditioned for the rest of the ride (at least until the next pit stop where I rummaged through my clothes and found a pair of yoga pants).

After dodging five wide-eyed deer running down the side of the highway, some seriously mountainous roads in pitch black night, we FINALLY made it Southern Oregon around 2AM PST.

This morning, I woke up to mountains outside my window and a strong sense inside of me that I have no idea where I am.  It’s beautiful. It’s HOT (over 90 degrees today). It’s in a time zone that feels quite unfamiliar.

It’s a new adventure.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what is your next adventure?}
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