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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 119 :: don’t trust your age

1 May


I’ve been thinking a lot about age lately. As in, forgetting what age I really am. It’s not that I don’t act my age it’s just that I have always been 42. Even as a teenager I felt way beyond my numbered years. I felt 42. When I was in my twenties I felt 42. In my thirties and now in my forties, I still feel 42. It’s like my chosen number.

It was the number I wore on my basketball uniform too – maybe that’s why I chose it in the first place. It is my number. And age, the actual thing of aging is really just a number, not a soul assignment. 

Maybe there are some things in this year of Trust that I am learning NOT to trust.

Trust in your energy. Trust in your dreams. Don’t believe your age. It’s just a number. Life and our soul assignments are so much greater than a number. 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 334 :: a longer, kinder life

30 Nov

This one makes a splash. It’s the Splash Sisters. Just watch this video.

It made me cry. I’m not sure if it was the basketball player inside of me, or the girl who knows life shouldn’t end with retirement.

The youngest woman on the team is 80 years old.

I strongly believe that no one should just retire at a prescribed age and stop living, moving, playing. The human body is built to live to 150 years old, according to Dr. Andrew Weil.

Our bodies are meant to move.

Which is exactly what these ladies are all about.
Keep moving.
How kind. 

More tomorrow…


{kindness rules}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 205 :: vintage

31 Jul

Day 205: priceless.

Life is pretty special when you get to spend it with those you love. And birthdays are even more special when you get to spend them with those you love too.

Today we celebrated Jaynane and Colin, two birthdays in one week but a lifetime in the making. Before I do my yoga, as I sit atop an air mattress writing this post surrounded by a house full of sleeping kids, adults, and adults who act like kids (or is it the other way around?) I’m reflecting on what it takes to be a vintage classic.

Vintage is old, sure, but it’s so much more than that.
Vintage is aged but wise.
Vintage is better with age, really. Aged to perfection you might say.
Vintage is priceless, powerful and precious.
It’s pretty darn good. Precisely.
And one might say, that’s pretty fabulous.

We think Jaynane is fabulous too, and at 70 and every year, month, week and day leading up to this moment in time, she proves that life can get more beautiful and bountiful with age.

She is so vintage.
Aged to perfection, and it only gets better from here.
Because the celebration continues tomorrow…

Here’s to tomorrow.
A vintage classic in the making.

More tomorrow.


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2014 BLOG – DAY 21 peak performance: this is 40

21 Jan

This week officially kicks off my 40th year on earth. 

My birthday is not until Sunday but I’m starting the celebration now. I mean, you only turn 40 once you know. (At least once this year.)

The funny, ironic, odd, weird, strangely wacko thing is this:
I feel like I’ve been 40 for twenty years already. 

I’m not joking.
I think it comes with the territory of having cancer as a teenager, losing my mother to breast cancer in my twenties, a divorce and a pink slip in my thirties. A surgery last year.

Believe me, I would change NOTHING about my life so far.  All the ups and down and everything in between have made me who I am and who I am supposed to be.

Experience has taught me though to feel a bit more like 40 for about, well, the last two decades. Life lessons, learned wisdom.

But here’s what I’m thinking…

Since I will soon have a 4 in front of my age bracket it gives me permission to fully be myself.  To fully think what I know. To really live what I love. To loudly say what I believe. To actually listen to my 40-year old beating heart.

No holds barred. 
Might that lead to peak performance?
Who knows?

I do know this: 
I have made it here without a spleen, a thyroid, wisdom teeth and a handful of lymph nodes too.
Without my mother’s hugs (but with her love).
Without losing my sense of humor too (a minor miracle).
And, I have made it here without losing my faith in all that is good.

But I wouldn’t have made it here without you — friends, family, soulmates, sisters, confidants, and all the people I adore. Because it takes a village.

And now is the time in life that I hope to turn back and give back. To help, to extend, to stretch, to reach out and to dive in.

(Lord knows what I’ll learn in the next forty years!)

This. Is. 40. 
Well almost….

Let the countdown begin to Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{here’s to you}

2014 BLOG – DAY 11 peak performance: 80 is the new 40

11 Jan

The Pats won!

Which makes us pretty happy around here.
And it has me thinking about peak performance …and football …and age.

I am admittedly a football flunky. 
I love watching the game. I love hearing the game. I love seeing the advertising and partnerships in the stadium. I love the commercials in between on TV.  But I really have no idea what those players do out there on the field …Other than run and hit each other while wearing tights …And score touchdowns.

They take hits that I cannot possibly imagine.
Then get back up again. 

The fact is, they are at their peak performance levels. The good news seems to be that we can do the same, us mere mortals who did not inherit the football gene.

In a recent study of octogenarian endurance athletes, including a former Olympic champion cross-country skier, researchers saw cases where “80 is the new 40,” according to lead author Scott Trappe, director of Ball State’s Human Performance Laboratory. -Boston Globe

Of course this study is dealing with life-long athletes who stayed in shape their entire life… but I digress. What’s good for them must be good for “us” too.

80 is the new 40! 
That sounds fabulous to me (given that I turn the big 4-0 this year, ahem, like in a few weeks).

So if 80 is the new 40 …does that mean 40 is the new 20?
(Well, okay, I accept.)

Except there is one disclaimer:

Longevity also depends, in large part, upon what players do during the offseason and between games. And there is ever-improving knowledge about that. -Boston Globe

And there’s the rub, the kicker, the bottom-line, the reality of it all in an-apple-a-day sort of way.

But still…. 80 is the new 40!

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{what does age mean to you?}

GIFT DAY 052: guess my age

21 Feb

It isn’t SPRING until March 20.

But I think I’m ready.


As I write out tonight’s blog I am surrounded by a six-year-old who is trying to guess my age.

“Are you 20?
Are you 34?”

I want to say yes.

But that would be a lie, and I don’t think it’s fair to lie to a six-year-old.

Finally, he blurted out, “Are you 39?”

“Ah, yes. How did you guess?”

He just smiled and giggled and we laughed.

I’m no spring chicken, but here’s one thing I know — laughter is something that just doesn’t change with age.

And with that, I wish you an abundance of spring laughter.

More tomorrow.

{Are you ready for SPRING?}

Day 289: periwinkle is the color of friendship

17 Oct

I had lunch today.
With a good friend.

Diane is twice my age, old enough to be my grandmother, but she feels like a soul sister to me. At times, she has been a fairygodmother.

As we chatted and caught up over lunch at Periwinkles, I couldn’t help but feel the amazing connection we have always had, even though we are decades apart in this lifetime.

Such a good reminder that friendship knows no colors, borders, boundaries, ages or generation gaps.

Even better to realize…
Girls can giggle at any age. 


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