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Day 7: kicking this coughing cold

7 Jan

Day 2 of Antibiotics.
I’ve been in bed for over 24 hours now and there is a mountain of Kleenexes in the garbage can next to me.

Justin has continually brought me juice, tea and medicine around the clock.  He even bought a juice maker to keep the fresh orange juice, sans extra sugar, coming my way.

I’ve now sweated my way through 4 robes and 10 baths but I think (crossing my fingers) the fever is beginning to break.

Plus, I have had an angel at my side.  He has four legs, brown eyes and can throw a perfectly timed high-five.  Pup hasn’t left the pillow next to me all day long.

He’s probably loving any excuse to lay on our bed, but, to me, it feels like he’s performing his duty as man’s best friend, scratch that, guardian angel.

Speaking of, there’s just one thing missing —  my mom.
It’s times like these that I just want to call Mama Sling and moan about how crappy I feel.

She would make me tea with honey, let me watch whatever I wanted on TV and brush my hair, all to make me feel better.  No actually, all to make me feel loved.

I know it’s the antibiotics working their magic that has me feeling a tad bit more human and reducing my hacking cough from an Oscar worthy performance.

But, I’d like to think that love has something to do with it too.
Whether it’s in the form of a juice maker, or puppy snuggle, or the memory of my mom.

And for that, I suppose I’m thankful.
But I’m ready for this episode to be over.

(One more note:  Justin just walked in with a pint of dairy-free coconut milk ice cream. I think my sore throat just fell in love)

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