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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 252 :: back to school bliss

15 Sep

I loved back to school time. The new books, markers, paper, binders. SUPPLIES! I loved the back to school shopping. New clothes, shoes, dresses, jackets. Must have items of the fall. It was like a New Year all wrapped into the a countdown to the best holidays too.

So today I smiled when I read this from my alma mater:


Smith College
If you could go back to Smith this fall, what would you do?
Is there a course you would take? House you would live in? Place you would visit?


Oh la la! I’m glad you asked…..
Beyond the school shopping and supplies (that’s a given) I would….

  • Take my scores less seriously
  • Learn for the sake of learning
  • Spend more time reading outside
  • Finally take art history (which I skipped) to earn the final credit for an Art Minor

If you could back to college this fall, what would you do?

More tomorrow.
 {ready for fall?}

Day 247: back to school trapper keepers

4 Sep

Can you smell that?
There is a breeze in the air that smells distinctly of school supplies. Wafts of pink erasers, lined paper notebooks and plastic Trapper Keepers are floating by my nostalgic nose.

Sad thing is: I can barely finish the books I already have on my shelf — and in my iPad!

Even so, in this Back-To-School-Fall-Frenzy I am motivated to take myself back.
To school.

I am committing to finishing all the books that I set out to read this year.


Just writing that down gives me a lump in my throat. But I know there is so much more I can learn in this Lovemore+Fearless year of mine. Sure, I have already swam with sharks, reclaimed Paris from my past and rode the whitewater of the Grand Canyon. But, I know there is more for my mind and heart that is just waiting for me.

Which means I have less than four months to put my nose in a handful of books. If you have a good book suggestion on LOVE or FEAR please send it my way!

I’ll put it in my Trapper Keeper.

What are you going to do with the rest of your year?

Day 80: cottey friends we’ll always be until the end of time

20 Mar

I’ve gone back to school!
And, I’m all set up in my dorm room.

Except, this time it’s in the beautiful mansion on the edge of campus — that same mansion where I always wanted to peek inside the windows.

Much has changed in 18 years. For one thing, that mansion is now part of the campus and I am staying in one of the guest rooms. (A small dream come true.)

Now that mansion is called the Center for Women’s Leadership, a gift of Dr. Helen and George Washburn. And, right inside the door is their photo.

Dr. Helen Washburn is no longer the college President, as she was while I was a student, but just seeing their faces felt like coming home.

Being here also makes me think of my college pals, Laura and Lisa.  Here we are at Elvis’ Graceland on our way to Spring Break — “back in the day.”

Those girls seem so young now, and the proof is in my mirror.

I’m sure I’ll see many other changes on campus tomorrow morning, but until then, I can’t get this song out of my head.

Friends we are and friends will always be,
We’ll meet again, returning faithfully.

Cottey friends, we’ll always be,
Until the end of time.

Day 214: going back-to-school oprah style

2 Aug

At the beginning of this year I promised to take care of myself.
Specifically, my head, heart, body and soul, and, write about it everyday … which I am.

I promised to avoid shopping and frivolous purchases. To truly care for my body, and not only what I put ON my body … which I am.

But, I didn’t plan on living a chocolate-free existence.
Which, painfully at times, I am.

I did expect to find good, healthy things to invest my time and energy into.  At the beginning of this year, I could have guessed I would take yoga classes, but, I didn’t expect to take a class from Oprah.

Today, I found out the consummate teacher herself will be back in the classroom.  School may be out for summer, but come October, Oprah will teach her OWN students some of the best lessons she has learned over the years.  The class is called OWN Your Life (the Oprah class) and is being billed as the ultimate life class.

Now, how can I resist that?
Especially during this promise of 365 days where I am taking care of my own life and all the crazy, weird, and wonderful adventures it entails.

So, I signed up.

Back-to-school must be in the air.
Because, I also signed up for The Chopra Center’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge in August.  This is the same challenge I completed in the spring, and the closest I came to soul food so far on this journey.

So, I figure, why not try it again?
Maybe I’ll learn more this time around.
Maybe I’ll learn something different.
Or, maybe, I’ll just learn.

And, in the end, I guess that’s all that counts.

So, here I find myself, entering the month of August and already signed up and ready for fall classes; one from the life guru herself, the other from Deepak Chopra’s “sweet spot of the universe”.

There just seems to be one thing missing…
Back-to-school shopping, new shoes and a fall wardrobe.

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