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Day 190: lovemore monday :: go fearlessly forward!

9 Jul

As you know, I entered this year determined to be fearless. But, I don’t want more fear or less in my life.  I want more love.  So I made up a new word, lovemore!   That’s why Lovemore Mondays are here.

Today’s Lovemore Monday is a love story about a tee.

Tonight I watched this Harvard Graduation Speech by the author of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling. It’s worth the good 20 minutes it takes — and I mean, GOOD 20 minutes! (Thanks to The Daily Love for posting a link to this speech today).

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better.”

~J.K. Rowling

Over this journey and this promise of mine, I have learned much.  Most of which can be whittled down to one nugget of wisdom:  Lovemore-Fearless.

I have learned there are only two forces in this world: love and fear.

In any situation it’s our choice.
Choose love or fear. Your choice!

Learning this has made me more vibrant and more alive. It has even helped me get over some of my biggest fears — I swam with sharks in the Bahamas and I floated down the country’s biggest rapids in the Grand Canyon (sleeping in the wild without a tent, next to spiders and scorpions and snakes!).

But more than anything, now, I want to give this world a gift. It’s everything I know. It’s a promise to keep and wear over your heart: your lovemore-fearless heart!

So, it’s with great pleasure that I announce the opening of The Promise Shop and the first-ever, Limited Edition Lovemore-Fearless Tees.

I believe you can do anything — that includes surviving cancer, a divorce, job upheaval, one crazy year without shopping, this roller coaster economy and all the rocks and rolls of this thing called life.

I also agree with Ms. Rowling — we have the power to change our worlds.  And, that, I believe, will change the world.

And that’s why, on this Lovemore Monday…
I. Love. It.


Go fearlessly forward!

P.S. Limited Edition Lovemore-Fearless Tees available while supplies last, so click to get yours! — (somebody had to say it!)

Day 34: f*ing friday :: follow-up (a love letter)

3 Feb

F*ing Fridays are back!
And, they will continue to occur on Friday. I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5 in Year 1, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Fish

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:

As in, a love letter to sharks.

It’s hard to believe a week ago I swam with sharks.  Just seven days ago, I was within reach of my terror of the seas.

So, in keeping with February’s love letter theme, today’s F*ing Friday is an ode to sharks.

Dear Jaws and Friends:

I’m sorry you are so misunderstood. I’ve heard so much about you, I really don’t know what’s true.

You go to sleep if held upside down?
You sense your prey from miles away?
You are endangered?

I’m sorry to admit, even still, I am scared of you.

Even though I know I have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning than turning into your lunch, I shiver with fear when I dive into your water.

Despite this, I want you to know that I totally appreciate and adore what you are — deep, down inside, a spectacular creature that survived 400 million years.  A pretty good run if you ask me.

I want to thank you for helping me take my first big leap over fear this year. Because, if I can swim with you in your waters, what can I be afraid of on dry land?

For that, I love and adore you.

Yours truly,

P.S. Here’s an ode to you — my f*ing follow-up from last week — a video of me swimming with you!  (if video doesn’t display, click here)

Day 28: hard to say goodbye

28 Jan

I’m sitting in the renovated Nassau airport, surrounded by beautiful sculptures, conch shell jewelry, and tourists waiting for their plane to go home.

And a crying baby.
I want to cry too.

Because it’s so hard to leave the land of vacation.  Maybe this little baby next to me is upset that his vacation is ending.  I suppose my fellow passengers wouldn’t be as understanding if I went into airport hysterics.

After swimming in the turquoise blue water, soaking in the sun, and overcoming my fear of deep ocean water by swimming with the inhabitants of coral reefs (and with sharks, no less!), I feel like a new woman returning home.

It also feels like I’m leaving a little bit of my soul behind in the beautiful blue water.

And, it’s hard to say goodbye.

You’d think it would be easy, shedding this part of me that lives in fear.  You’d think I would welcome with open arms the chance to change.  But, I’m realizing, it’s not easy to give up the fear I have worn in the past because it feels so comfortable against my skin.

But, I’m ready.
I’m ready to say goodbye to that part of me.
And, it feels a little scary.

Actually, it feels a bit like this bird I caught on camera taking a leap off the end of the dock. Who know’s what’s out there?

But I know in my heart, this journey with more love and less fear is preparing for takeoff.  And, it’s time to fly.

Day 27: f*ing friday :: fish (as in sharks)

27 Jan

F*ing Fridays are back!
And, they will continue to occur on Friday. I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5 in Year 1, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Figure.

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:

As in, sharks.

Today was the first official fear breakthrough of the year.
I swam with sharks.

Well, I swam above sharks, with a well behaved crew of tourists.  Who knows, maybe the sharks are trained circus sharks, pretending to be real ones performing a show for us in the Bahamas.  But, I don’t think so, they were big.  They were real.

Doesn’t matter.
I got in the water, and that was a big act of fearlessness (lovemoreness!) on my part.

It was incredible.
And I almost missed it.

Just as the captain began explaining the rules of swimming with sharks (hold on to the rope, don’t move your arms in a big motion, only stay in the water for a short amount of time) I almost gave up before I got in.

Just as I started taking my flippers off, Justin coaxed me into the water.  I begged the captain to let me be the last one in the water so I could be the first one out of the water — and it worked.

That’s all I needed to relax, find a place of control and move past the fear.  Just because I knew that nothing stood between me and getting out, it enabled me to take a leap and jump in.

So, today, I swam with the beautiful fish of these crystal clear waters.  I swam around a coral reef, I fed turquoise, purple and bright yellow tropical fish out of my hands.

And, today, I also swam with f*ing sharks.

I have to admit, I feel more free and more alive…
But, I’m glad I’m out of the water!

Day 26: birthday in the bahamas

26 Jan

Today was beautiful, and a wonderful birthday!
Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes.

And, since I have a very short window of time to share tonight with a cranky internet connection, here are my favorite photos from the day.  There was so much to love!

Tomorrow, we swim (snorkel) with sharks.

Well, I’m not sure if I will get in the water, yet, but I’ll be on the boat.
Either way it’s a big leap in the right direction to get over my fears.  We’ll see…

xo ~Jamie

Day 25: bahama breeze

25 Jan

We are officially on island time and everything is a breeze here in Nassau (except for this slow internet connection, so this one is gonna be short and sweet!).

It’s not every Wednesday that I spend my afternoon sipping out of a “HAVE FUN” coconut shell with my beach towel.

And, it’s a good reminder as I soak in this celebration-vacation, that not every day is like this one.  Because celebrations are worth waiting for — and it was certainly worth 365 days of keeping my promise to get here!

What do you want to celebrate a year from now?

Love from the Bahamas,

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