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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 325 :: epson salts

27 Nov

Day 325: Bathtime.

After a week of being on my feet I have succumbed to sitting down. In a bathtub. Nothing could feel more relaxing or rejuvenating. It’s kind of like yoga…. relaxing, stretching out, feeling good.

And now, I go do my favorite yoga pose… Shavasana.
Namaste, Bubble Bath. Namaste.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 15 :: brady on bliss

15 Jan
Tonight I give you Brady’s take on bliss. Apparently all it takes is a bath. (I can almost relate, as I do love my bath time too… but I never run around the house naked, dripping wet afterwards barking with this much excitement!).

Check out the video here… or just got to my Facebook page!
Happy tails to you.

More tomorrow. 

 {what blissed you out today?}

Day 92: vision boards and bath time: how sweet it is

1 Apr

It was bath night around here — for everyone:  the dogs and the humans in this household.

As all dog owners may attest, it’s hard, no — almost impossible — to bathe a dog and not get your own form of bath in the process. Especially when one of the canines weighs in at 60 pounds (that means 60 pounds of pooch shaking and spraying water in every direction in our tiny, tiled bathroom!).

After bath time comes the bewitching hour, which involves two dogs running around the house dragging their towels and shaking off the water stuck to their fur. I wish I would have taken a photo, but honestly, I think it would have been utterly impossible between the bathwater, dog fetching and towel wrangling.

It’s adorable, but it’s mayhem.
And, I asked for it.

Tonight, as I watched this craziness unfold, I looked up and saw my vision board tacked up on the wall.

On this board, just a mere four weeks ago, I cut and pasted images from magazines — and one was that of a dog.  This was before we knew about Brady, before we had even considered the idea of adding four more paws to our cause.

I am still struck by how easily Brady came into our life, just two weeks after I pasted that photo up on the board.  As if I had keen vision, or a super power calling him into our lives.

As it turns out — I did.  I do.  
And, so do you.

Yesterday, while sitting in the presence of Abraham-Hicks, I was mesmerized by the consciousness, clear-cut advice and deep “knowingness” shared right before my eyes.

One very important point was this:  when making a Vision Board, make sure the images on it invoke a feeling of “good” inside of you and not one of “lack” or “yearning.”

It hit me like a ton of bricks.
How many goals, visions, boards have I created where what I “WANTED” seemed lovely, but so out of reach, beyond me, too big that it just felt DISAPPOINTING every time I looked at it?


There is nothing wrong with dreaming big, but the message I took away from the seminar yesterday, was this:

1) Our vision has to be BELIEVABLE to us, and

2) It has to FEEL GOOD.  

If it doesn’t make you feel good then it won’t have the power to be created in your life. And, if you don’t believe it can happen, well… it won’t.

So, tonight, as I looked up at the Vision Board I created a month ago, I realized that the photo of the dog was what made me feel the best, it’s what I am drawn to most and… Surprise! It is what came into my life FIRST. (Even though I didn’t realize I was asking for it — I just loved the photo!)

I am comforted and overjoyed with the knowledge that we CAN and DO create our lives — especially when we come at it from a place of LOVE, JOY and PLAY.

It reminds me to keep having fun and dreaming up things that feel good — even more so, DWELLING on the things that feel good.

And, I think that’s how I will spend my month of April…

But, for now, I am going to return to chasing two wet dogs around the house with a towel. 

How sweet it is. 

Day 321: lazy bath time

17 Nov

Here it is Day 321 and with no Internet yet in our apartment I am reduced to using my tiny type pad on my iPhone to post this.
Last night I drove to the apartment clubhouse, parked right in front and wrote my post by pilfering Internet waves from the clubhouse router. I felt like a criminal all sketchy and weird sitting in
my car all by myself typing away on my computer.

There are so many ways I have dealt with the daily posts of this blog, having to beg and borrow computers in Mexico to staking out spots in Starbucks across the country. But tonight I am tired and lazy and just want to take a bath for my body and soul. So the iPhone it is. Bath time it be.

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