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Day 307: a courageous holiday :: 5 strategies to stay on track with sugar

3 Nov

It’s a cold day here but I’m all bundled up and warm inside.

It helps to have some green tea at my side.  Believe me, coffee sounds way more warm and delectable. But I’m learning that tea does the trick.

There’s so much to look forward to this winter.
For one, we leave for Florida in the morning. (On the 6 AM ferry—ouch!)
But once we arrive in the sunshine state there will be warm weather, followed by holiday travel and friends and family to visit.

I know this winter and holiday season will take great courage for me to get through without totally breaking down and breaking my promise around coffee and chocolate and sugar.

I just opened my O Mail tonight from Oprah’s Life Class and the headline reads:
What will you do that you’ve never had the courage to do before? 

It has my holiday heart spinning.
I will embark on a new tradition this winter — one of taking care of my head, heart, body and soul — instead of taking every opportunity to sample all the treats, cookies, candies and pies!

In order to have the courage to follow through with this I need a plan.

Step One: Get Boundaries
My daily intake of sugar is limited to 25 grams.  It’s easy to stay in this range when I don’t have sweets and stay away from packaged goods.  Fruit alone can fill this requirement.  So, while, my holiday boundary will remain the same, 25 grams a day, I will have to plan out my sweet tastes.

Step Two: Get Real
I realize there will be temptation and I need to be real about my own expectations.  If I REALLY want to stick with my sugar pledge I have to be sweet to myself.  Planning nightly baths and good self-care will be in order.

Step Three: Get Support
I will ask the people who love me most to help here. Sometimes just saying it out loud and from the heart is all people need to hear to understand the importance of this sweet commitment.

Step Four: Get Cooking
Hey! If I can’t eat what’s there maybe I need to make my own sweet treats. Looks like I need to find a no sugar recipe to share this holiday so others can enjoy what I bring to the table too. And when it comes to holiday eating can you ever have too many options?

Step Five: Get Out
If all else fails, flee the scene of the crime!  As in, take a breather or a break.  Drop the cookies and get some fresh air.

It may sound silly.
But I think it’s courageous.

Either way, this holiday will be a test — one I’m willing to take!

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