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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 197 :: ice cream for dinner

22 Jul

Day 197: Full.

Last night my little niece asked why grown-ups get to watch TV at night after everyone goes to sleep (meaning her). It’s a fair question. I remember having the same thoughts as a child. Including, Why do I have to sit at the kids table?  and more…

So tonight I relished in one thing that a Big Kid gets to do. A privilege only afforded to those who have entered the full-on experience of Adulting.

Eating Ice Cream for dinner.

And then I ordered a hamburger too.
And still had the ice cream…
It’s what Big Kids do!

I write that as I watch TV after everyone else has gone to sleep. Because, sometimes, in this overwhelming world of adutlhood, it feels good to act like a kid again.

Next, I yoga. A privilege that comes from keeping my promise.
How is your promise going?

More tomorrow.


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