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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 revel – 8 days to go

23 Dec


There are 8 crazy nights left of The Promise 365 and this year. 

It’s a good thing that I have written a blog for the last nine years because I have a terrible memory. This blog will be a really nice diary to look back and remember all the adventures of these past nine years. But I do remember all the big, life-changing moments. (Like our surprise, pop up wedding in Estes Park.) In fact, I revel in them. They are the defining memories who make me who I am. 

May you revel in the big moments!

Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 246 :: zoltar

3 Sep

Kind Antiques.

We ran into this mysterious man yesterday on our tour of La Conner.  It reminds me of the movie “Big” and it brought back big childhood memories too.

As well as this little guy:

There were many trinkets and memories and lots of “old” stuff in the antique market. And, as much as it makes me sneeze and some of it is just plain “OLD” there’s a certain amount of kindness that comes in antique packages.

Mostly, memories.
But also the knowledge and recognition that comes in remembering – the way things used to be. In so many ways, it’s not that different from today. And in many, it’s an entirely different world.

I wonder if Zoltar could see this future?

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 87 :: 4-letter word friday

31 Mar


As in, what a game.

Tonight we watched the overtime UConn vs. Mississippi State women’s basketball game. It was amazing. Maybe the best in women’s NCAA history with a buzzer beater basket to break UConn’s 111 game winning streak.

Mississippi State is going to the Final Dance Championship GAME. And they deserve it. After losing by 60 points to UConn last year (yes, 60 points!) Mississippi State returned for redemption. Or at least a chance.

And they took it. With one little ITTY-bitty point guard in Morgan William as the final game seconds ticked away. The littlest one on the court scored the biggest goal. And around the anniversary of her father’s death who always told her she could play Division 1 basketball despite her height. And she did.

Sometimes little is big.
And sometimes history is KIND.

Happy Friday.

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 143 :: big stuff

25 May

Day 143: Quinoa.

Sometimes a good thing can be too much of a good thang. And tonight I’m wondering if it is possible to O.D. on quinoa.

Yup. The big Q. So good. So versatile. So full my tummy is about to explode.

But not because it’s filling. Because it’s an illusion. It seems so tiny, so little, those circles of grain all packed together in a bowl. Now finding themselves packed away inside of me and making me wish I had eaten half as much as I did.

I think quinoa must expand. Like air. In my tummy.
And that has me thinking about yoga — which I still have to do.

Yoga also expands (I am learning). But not in a tummy stretching oh-my-god-I-ate-too-much sort of way. More in a small-moves-each-day-are-filling-me-up kind of fashion.

Small increments. Small moves.
Big stuff.
And that’s huuuuuuuge.

More tomorrow.

{going big?}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 220 :: feel good friday

14 Aug
It’s Feel Good Friday! So it seems important to talk about bliss.

I actually ran across this article today. And it made me think more about the power of bliss, or rather, what power we have over bliss.

The article is not all sunshine and roses as it reviews a book by James Hollis on What Matters Most. But it does point out something that I recall writing about a few weeks ago. That which expands you.

Or, as James Hollis questions…
“Does this path, this choice, make me larger or smaller?”

It seems to make so much sense to me, it’s well, DUH… obvious. If what makes you larger brings you bliss then isn’t that the best cure for what holds you back?

It’s worth a ponder.
What makes you larger?

Happy Friday.

More tomorrow.
  {big or small?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 276 :: how can you go bigger?

3 Oct

I left the desert today. 
I hit four states in one day – with many plane changes in between.
California. Arizona. Colorado. And finally, home to Oregon.

I’m starting to get my feel for the west coast again.  I say, again, because I grew up in Idaho. And while almost everyone I met on the east coast thought Idaho was located in the mid-west (officially referred to as the fly-over zone) it is the west.

The Mountain West. The Northwest. The Rocky Mountain West. Call it what you will —- it is not the MID west.

When I first moved EAST, I was a one woman defender of the actual location of the state of Idaho. After, of course, educating people that Idaho was NOT Iowa. Or Ohio for that matter.

And now, I find myself back in the west. On the left side of the nation. Where everyone knows that Idaho is in the west.

Doing my little flight trip around OR-WA-CA-AZ-CO and back to OR again, I am reminded about the GREAT WEST.

And it’s great abundance.
Everything is great. As in GREAT BIG. Mountains. Trees. Ocean. Breeze.
All big and extreme.

And amazing.

Even the cacti in the desert is big. It’s also my Abundance Photo of the Day.

I’m not saying bigger is always better…. but it is certainly amazing.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{how can you go bigger?}

Day 11: the power of small

11 Jan

I’m constantly amazed at how big “little” is.
Today, for instance, on a whim, I decided to make a little change on my computer screen.

If I had to guess, I absorb the image that floats on my MacBook Pro for at least 10 hours a day. As I looked at it today for the billionth time, I thought: Why haven’t I changed it from my default factory setting?

It’s such a simple task.
It took less than a minute of my time.
And, yet, it has a profound impact on my heart and mind throughout the day — every single day.  All year long.

Here’s the before shot:

And the after shot:

One is much easier on the eyes and way more inspiring to my heart too.

It has me thinking…
Where else do I look all day long?
What do I see in my line of sight?
And, what message is it giving me?

It’s a good reminder to me that we are in control of our environment.  Not just our emotions, our reactions and our state of mind — but also what we choose to see.

Little is big.
Big can be simple.
Simple is profound.

What simple changes do you wish to make?

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