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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 145 :: ski to sea

29 May

Day 145: Summer.

Welcome summer. You arrived just in time for a festival celebrating everything in between the ski (Mt. Baker) to sea (Bellingham Bay). And, it was a beautiful day.

Even though rain was predicted the sun came out and shone down across Fairhaven, which was transformed into one giant parking lot. But who cares about having to walk to the finish line from your car when others have skied, run, biked, paddled or rowed their way to the finish line.

The best spot for me was watching teams cheer on their final relay racer at the bay. As I sat on a rock next to a group who kept looking for “Chris” and then screaming for “Chris” and then realizing it was wasn’t “Chris,” I have to admit, I got pretty excited to see “Chris” too.

They pointed at every yellow kayak announcing, “That’s Chris! He’s in a yellow kayak. That’s gotta be Chris.” And then the yellow kayak would come into view and it was not Chris.

Turns out there were a lot of yellow kayaks.
And then finally, with the next statement of, That’s-gotta-be-Chris, I leaned over to the woman sitting next to me and said, “I think that is Chris!”

She laughed, then they all laughed, and then she exclaimed, “Oh my God, you’re right, it IS Chris!!!’ They leapt to their feet and ran to the edge of the water taking photos and cheering on Chris as he made his final sweeping oars to shore.

I couldn’t help but get swept up in cheering on Chris too and caught myself yelling (silently under my breath) for him from my rock. “Go, Chris!” C’mon Chris! You can do this, CHRIS!”

Then the woman turned around from the water’s edge, looked right at me and yelled, “You called it! It was Chris!”

I pumped both of my arms in the air with the universal victory sign. And then we all watched Chris run up the hill and ring the final bell signaling the very last move of his team’s trek down the mountain from Ski to Sea.

It was bright and sunny, fun and funny and full of team spirit.
And it all has me thinking about how important it is to cheer on those you love, and to even be cheered on by strangers. And the power of keeping a promise.

And now, on to one event that wasn’t in the lineup today…yoga.

More tomorrow.


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Day146: just in time

26 May

It is the end of the day and I am tired.

I can feel my eyes are heavy and my contacts are all but dried out.

I do not want to get back in the car tomorrow.
I do not want to drive another 400 miles.
I am tired of yelling at Garmin and her roadway trickery.
I am tired of 18 wheelers running into my lane.

Tired, tired, tired, I am.
(And, I do not like green eggs and ham.)

But, I am grateful.
For today, after a long drive and one very slow and painful traffic jam, we arrived just in time.

  • Just in time to see a seven-year old get off the school bus and run to her mother with arms wide open.
  • Just in time to watch a five-year old open up his Spiderman birthday present and squeal with delight.
  • Just in time to sing happy birthday and witness candles blow out and cupcakes disappear.
  • Just in time to marvel at bikes without training wheels navigate long park pathways.
  • Just in time to have a few perfect moments with friends.

And, most precious to my heart, we arrived just in time to hear the words “Aunt Jamie” and “I will miss you” and “I remember you” come out of little hearts and minds.

It was enough to melt my heart.
Indeed, it was well worth the drive.

My only regret is that we leave tomorrow.

I am tired, but I am also filled with joy.
What a good stop for my road trip weary soul.

Tomorrow we will make the island and summer awaits.
But not without making some really important pit stops along the way.

Just in time.

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