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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 279 :: 4-letter friday

6 Oct


It has been a Nyquil/Sudafed sort of day. So, on this 4-letter Friday, I’m focused on being well. And that begins with taking care of my body. What could be more kind?

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 151 :: kindly on the mend

4 Jun


I was thinking about fun today. Mostly because coughing and sneezing isn’t so fun. Luckily, I am on the mend! But in the vein of being KIND to myself, I treated this body to a good-for-me breakfast. An Acai Bowl at Left Coast.

And when I say Acai, I mean AHSIEEEEEEEEEY!  At least that’s what my head says every time I order it.

It’s so not cheap. I mean, rather pricey for ahem, breakfast. But it’s so good. And it felt good and kind. What a nice combination.

And Kind.

And Breakfast.

They all go together nicely.

More tomorrow….

{good and kind}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 101 :: plank challenge

14 Apr
I’m such a sucker for a challenge. So I can’t pass this one up:  The 30-Day Plank Challenge! Who’s in?

We started tonight. Fifteen seconds. Seems easy enough, right?

What’s fifteen seconds? Enough time for me to eat a handful of chocolate… So, game on.

Will it bring some body bliss? Maybe, we’ll find out. After all, A strong core is the foundation to a strong body.”

Want to play along too?

More tomorrow.

  {what’s your best workout ever?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 251 :: pilates surprise

8 Sep

I officially started Pilates today. And I’m sore.

In the spirit of peak performance I am surprised at how sore I am… the moves were so simple, yet so powerful.

The session started off with a body assessment. Stretch this way. Lean that way. Touch your toes. Bend at the knees. I learned a few things about my body:

1. My arms and chest and shoulders are so very tight from the surgeries
2. My left leg appears to be longer than my right leg!
3. My left calf muscle is larger than my right

And most important, I learned that all too often athletes overuse their muscles. To the point of exhaustion which then turns off the power of peak performance.

(There is in fact a way to overtrain to the point of no results.)

Which means small moves are big.

Hard to remember in a world of bigger is better, faster, stronger, more, more, more! Sometimes you need a professional to remind you of something so simple… and yet profound.

To slow down. To breathe. To focus on tiny moves.
I think it’s a good lesson that goes beyond the reformer, or the mat, or the court. It’s a reminder for any playing field or that big game of life for that matter.

And it’s a good mantra for me as we begin the last part of this year of peak performance.

Small is big.

More tomorrow.


 {what small thing will you do?}

Day 344: a ball of barking love

10 Dec

This sweet three-month old Golden Retriever puppy is learning how to be a service dog.

Her name is Vicki, and when she grows up her purpose will be to help military vets who have Post Traumatic Stress.

I have watched Vicki over the last week in action.

She is just a puppy, not fully trained, nor ready to take up her post as a service dog.  But that doesn’t mean she isn’t already in service here with these 600 attendees of this conference.

At each break people flock to Vicki.  She’s an instant ooh and ah magnet.

Watching her in action made me think more about purpose and promises.

I mean, she doesn’t have a clue what her job will be when she grows up, or what training she needs to go through, or if she knows enough yet, or has taken enough credited classes, or learned from the right teachers.

But, that doesn’t stop Vicki.
She just lives in a constant state of licks and love, already a dog in service.

And, that makes a lot of sense.
As I try to wrap my mind around everything I have learned this week about the science of the body and the soul, the data, the studies, the cases, the outcomes, I feel overwhelmed with enlightenment and absolutely confused at the same time.

And, that makes me think of Vicki.

Vicki doesn’t seem to pause and think about what diet she is on, what food she is eating, if it’s better to be a vegan or gluten-free, full of calories or carbs.

Vicki doesn’t pause when people come up to greet her either, considering whether they are friend or foe, she just bounds straight into the arms of whomever is there licking away on their cheeks, tucking her head into their arms.

She is a ball of barking love.

Her purpose is clear and, yet, she is only a puppy.
I think we could all learn a thing or two from Vicki.

No matter what the data says, or the protocol proclaims, or diets recommend, it is clear to me there is one element that holds true in every scientific study.  If we were all just bigger balls of barking love our lives would be richer, our world would be happier and our health would be better.

Good for the head, heart, body and soul.

Makes me feel like this year of experimenting has brought me through so many tests, trials and tribulations, only to land me back in that place I knew best as a tiny, little baby.

Universal, undeniable, unfettering LOVE.
Who would have thought it could be that easy?
Woof, woof, indeed.

“Remember this is a trip into the Unknown. If you think you know where you are going you are on the wrong road.”

~ Father Thomas Keating

Day 181: in the middle :: body

30 Jun

Welcome to the middle… we are so close, almost there, just a few more days and we will be smack dab in the center of 2011 and The Promise 365.

This is a four part series that will focus on you guessed it …the middle.  I will share what it’s like for me being in the middle of this year and would love to hear from you too.

Part 1:  Body

The “body” comes first because it’s honestly the easiest one for me to track.  Mostly because I gauge my body on how my clothes fit.

How do you gauge the changes in your body?

I have no idea how I weigh-in these days.  I rarely step on a scale and couldn’t guess my current weight if the DMV forced me to.  In fact, instead of asking for my pounds I wish the Department of Motor Vehicles would  just have me check off a box with a yes or no question like:  “Do you fit in your favorite pair of jeans?  Yes or No.”  It would be way more accurate.

I’ve seen a few changes in my body during The Promise 365.
Below is my Top Ten Body List thus far:

1. Best Body Change? Weight. I credit the Colorado Cleanse.
While I didn’t embark on the cleanse to solely lose weight, I am happily wearing clothes I couldn’t sneak my cheeks into back in January.

(Note: because I don’t step on a scale I have no idea how much weight I lost, I just know I now wear shorts I couldn’t last summer ~ and I even sport pants that didn’t fit this February.)

2. Best New Habit? Daily facial cleansing routine. Still doing it. Still loving it. Why did it take me this long?

3. Best Body Fuel?  Most notably I have totally changed the way I eat ~ I’ve learned “food” isn’t just what makes my stomach stop roaring at embarrassing loud octaves in public, it is also what fuels my blood which then is turned into every cell in my body.  The result:  gluten and dairy (mostly) be gone.

4. Biggest Body Surprise?  Who knew I was addicted to sugar?? And when I say addicted I mean I have a junior high crush on chocolate so hard it’s like an unhealthy bad boy relationship. I think about him every 2 hours, I write him love notes, I sit by the phone waiting for him to call.  I am working through my clingy behavior by excommunicating mocha, cookies and brownies.  So far so good.  We’ll see how the rest of the year goes.

5. Favorite New Body Food? Navitas Naturals Cacao Powder in my coffee. Yummy.

6. Best Body Move:  Seven day yoga challenge. What a great idea. I should do that more often. Somebody remind me to do that again.

7. Best Body Relief: Three words: Hot. Rock. Massage.

8. Biggest Body Mistake:  Brazilian Bikini Wax.  I couldn’t finish. Say no more.

9. Most Likely To Do Again? Run. Someday I will run again. Someday soon I’m sure. Like maybe even tomorrow or the next day. Or this fall. Who knows?

10. Smallest Body Change:  Painted my nails red.  Yes, I said red.  And when I say red I mean BRIGHT RED.  This is coming from “pale pink girl” who is faithfully devoted to “Get Me To The Taj On Time” by O.P.I.  Yesterday, for some reason, I decided to go a little crazy, a little red, a little OSU Crimson.  At first I was appalled by it’s Dorothy’s Red Slipper brilliance and could barely see straight with the glare shining up from my typing finger tips, but now I rather like it.

And, really, this newest change sums up what I think this year is all about:  trying new things, digging deeper, and taking a few risks.

What, you scoff at red nails as a risk? 
Review Number 8 and then we’ll talk.

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