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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 239 :: jill’s tip

25 Aug

Day 239: Benefits.

I am officially on vacation. In the middle of a lake. On a houseboat. (Maybe even a bit inebriated…maybe? That’s so not yoga of me.) But the blog goes on!

Today’s tip is from my sister-in-law and resident yoga instructor, Jill. She is a yogi mama to two daughters and so much more! She’s the one I always go to when something hurts or I’m not sure how to do a pose. So I trust her. You should too!

Jill’s Tip:
It only takes twelve minutes! If you have twelve minutes you can get healthier bones.

Here’s an article from the New York Times.

As the article says, “…yoga’s “side effects,” Dr. Fishman and colleagues wrote recently, “include better posture, improved balance, enhanced coordination, greater range of motion, higher strength, reduced levels of anxiety and better gait.”

Thanks, Jill! I feel better already. Even though I’m on a boat. I’m doing yoga. PROMISE.

You can find Jill at Quantum Health Lounge.

Vacation. All I ever wanted… Vacation… happy to get away.

More tomorrow.


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