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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 298 :: halloweenies

31 Oct

Day 298: Candy!

Happy Halloween to all the badass warriors out there (sent to me from a few badass warriors!). I assume yoga takes away all the candy we ate?

And then, of course, there was this:

Namaste, Halloween warriors. Namaste.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 298 :: boston’s bliss

29 Oct

Today’s bliss…. oh Pats!

Even from the west coast we can feel the love.

There’s something very special (even for someone like me who doesn’t know the first thing about football) about watching your team win. 

Boston’s bliss.

More tomorrow.


BLOG – GIFT DAY 174 :: the art of the smile

23 Jun


Because smiles matter, right?I am so THRILLED to share this with you today. As you know, I am exploring the whole idea of ABUNDANCE for my promise this year.

So far, we have heard from some people I adore in the money, spirit, celebration, joy, health and wellness fields. And today, I am super excited to share another perspective.

A creative one.
A smiley one!

Today, I present  Bren Bataclan

Bren is a talented artist who started not just a painting career — but a smile crusade!

He began giving out paintings for FREE in Boston through the Smile Boston Project.

GOOD NEWS: you can now spot his paintings sitting on a park bench anywhere across the country as he takes his Smile Project coast to coast this summer.

I am a proud owner of a few smiley pieces myself, from when I first met Bren over 10 years ago:

His story is amazing — he even has some of his art pieces planned to go into outer space  Yes… OUTER SPACE.  Beam me up, Smiley! 

–> Click here to listen to the interview and find out how it all started. 
I wish you all abundance and smiles.

More tomorrow.

Lovemore {fearless}
{what does abundance mean to you?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 140 :: 30 days of love: finding home

20 May

NOTE: I wrote this blog post today before knowing about the tragic events in Oklahoma. My heart and prayers are with all families and loved ones in need right now. This loss of life is devastating  And the loss of home is tragic. May we all give, share, and pray for love, hope, and home for everyone. 
It’s DAY 10 over here of the 30 Days of Love. We’ve already had two yummy recipes and a week-long Giveaway, some treats, a sneeze, some wise words to the Class of 2013, and now…

Some news.
A week from now, we move.
We are moving to the West Coast.
We’re headed west.
It’s exciting, thrilling, overwhelming, beautiful, peaceful and everything else that comes with a new adventure.
But before we go, before we leave the East Coast, I have something to say.
Thank you.
An Ode to the East Coast.
Thank you for teaching me to:
– ride a subway train
– pay rent
– hail a cab
– cook my own food
– start my own entrepreneurial start-up
– close down my own entrepreneurial start-up
– work for a huge, international company
– work for a tiny, local company
– work for myself
– make friends
– make commitments
– make mistakes
– make lots and lots of mistakes
– recover and try again
And, especially, thank you to the one and only Boston.

Thank you Boston… 
for showing me that it’s okay to root for a team with an 86-year losing streak. Because you never know when the right amount of magic and the perfect combination of crazy will come together to turn an underdog into a champion.
Thank you Boston… 
for showing me how to stay strong.
Through a most agonizing divorce, an unexpected lay off, and a temporary loss of hope, all the way through the most horrific April day Boylston Street has ever seen. You have always been strong. Your people have always rallied. Whether it is around each other, around a cause, or around this beautiful city with an incomprehensible street grid.
Thank you Boston… 
for beautiful spring days, warm sandy beaches, and wicked cold winter nights.
Thank you Boston…
for teaching me how to drive aggressively, nudge (I mean bump) my way into a parallel parking spot, and drive on the side of the highway (where there really isn’t a lane) between the hours of 4 – 6pm.
Thank you Boston…
for the laughter with lifelong friends – smart, witty, sharp, funny, brilliant, amazingly irreplaceable friends – and some of the most loyal people a girl could “evah” know.
Thank you Boston… 
for taking care of this Idaho girl as she departed college, got a job, got a clue, and jumped head first into this so-called adult “hood”
Thank you Boston…
for the memories.
More tomorrow,
Lovemore (fearless),

{Prayers for Oklahoma}

GIFT DAY 076: it’s your lucky day!

17 Mar

Money is fascinating.

How it changes hands, where it starts, where it goes, how it travels from you to me and back again.

Yesterday, I wrote about my surprise quarter.
Today, I gave it away.

My lucky quarter.quarter surprise, the promise daily, the promise 365

I found the quarter on my seat in the commuter rail yesterday and I gave it away in the subway today.

All because I accidentally boarded the wrong train.

Right direction.
Wrong train.

I needed to go to Braintree and (oops!) got on the Ashmont train. It was a sea of green for St. Patty’s Day with hoards of people heading to South Boston for THE parade.

I detrained at South Station to wait for the next Braintree train and that’s where I discovered NEMES.
nemes, the promise daily, the promise 365, jamie eslingerThey are a fun, young mix of folk and some serious beats. A little bit country, a little bit Mumford and Sons.

Perfect for a St. Patty’s wait in the subway.

The crowd was enthralled. (Granted half the people were drunk but still… good beats). So I dug into my wallet and threw my lucky quarter in their open guitar case.

My gift of the day.
Small? Sure.
Meaningful? Yes.

And that’s the best kind of gift to give.
Maybe I wasn’t headed in the wrong direction after all.

You can find out more about NEMES here (my fave song so far is “Hooray”):

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

{What makes you feel lucky? Share in the comments section below}

GIFT DAY 073: What’s your ideal day?

14 Mar

What’s your ideal day?

It’s a question I ask my coaching clients often. Because it’s really important stuff. Our days are the nonrenewable resource of our life.For me, the recipe for a good day includes getting to spend time with good friends.

And today, I had an incredible morning in Boston with my superstar friend Julie (thanks Julie!).

But on the train ride home I encountered a problem.
One of those “How Do I Solve This?” problems.

Here’s the scenario:
– Justin called.
– He was supposed to pick me up at the train station.
– He put Brady in the car to go for a ride to the train station (something our pups love to do).
– He shut the door because a neighbor started to talking to him.
– The keys were already in the ignition.
– Brady locked the car — from the inside.
– The “Smart” key that we have for my Nissan Altima stopped working. The “Smart” key that is NOT supposed to let you lock your keys in the car, didn’t do it’s smart job.
– I was on the train with the other set of keys

I had no idea how to get from the train station to home.

Justin was standing watch outside the car in hopes that Brady wouldn’t chew through the leather seats while he was locked inside my car that I specifically bought because it had leather seats.

I contemplated walking the forty minutes home. Which would be totally reasonable on any other day than the day when our puppy was locked inside my car!

So I did what any reasonable person would do — exactly what any reasonable person is taught not to do — I talked to strangers.

I started with the woman standing next to me on the train.

“Do you have a car?” I asked.
She looked at me funny, as if I just asked if she was an alien waiting for the next stop on Mars.

I then restated my question. “Are you driving home today when the train stops?”

“Oh, no.” She smiled. “I wish. But I’m walking.” And then she followed with what any reasonable stranger would. “Why?”

I then went into the long story about my car, the dog, the smart key that was no longer smart.

“Sorry.” she said.

Before I could go on to the next person in line a woman behind me asked. “What’s the problem with your dog?”

As I explained the whole story the train stopped.
The woman motioned for me to follow her and said, “I love dogs, I’ll help you out.”

Her name is Jackie.
Not only did she help me out by driving me home so I could throw the keys out the window to Justin to rescue Brady from the locked car …it turns out Jackie also volunteers for an organization called Fairy Dogparents.

I begged and pleaded Jackie to let me pay her back for her good deed and the ride home. She refused and said she was just happy to help.

But then I told her about my blog and how I am giving a gift away each day and I wanted my gift of the day to go to HER, Jackie-the-rescuer-of-Jamie.

She refused again, but then said, “You can give any gift to Fairy Dogparents.

Yes! We both beamed, knowing it was the perfect way to say thank you to a kind stranger.

So today, my gift is to Bumblebee.

119-bumblebee, jamie eslinger, the promise 365, the promise daily

Bumblebee has a stricture in her esophagus (narrowed esophagus) which causes regurgitation and requires an all liquid diet. Bumblebee’s issue is the result of eating part of a towel last summer requiring surgery. Her Dogmother spent their savings on Bumblebee’s previous treatment and on her other dog’s medical needs, but unfortunately he passed away last August. We have sponsored the maximum amount for Bumblebee. If you would like to sponsor money towards the $3000 endoscopy please use this donate button. Bumblebee and her family thank you.

You can donate to dogs like Bumblebee, apply for help for your own pooch, or become a Fairy Dogparent here.

I am thankful Jackie helped me out and I made a new friend. I am also thankful Brady didn’t chew up my leather seats. But most important I am pleased my gift went to helping a dog in need.

Kind of an ideal day if you ask me.

And…after a day like this I am convinced there is a reason Dog spelled backward is God.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

{Want to help dogs in need? click here}

GIFT DAY 065: what would debbie ford do?

6 Mar

Yesterday I wrote about fear-less-ness.

Today, this workshop popped into my inbox:

Overcoming Fear by Debbie Ford

It’s Debbie Ford’s 8-week course she created for DailyOM. (Proceeds from her courses will benefit her son, Beau.)

Ironically tonight I am in the airport, afraid I might get stuck in a storm.

airport, thepromisedaily.com, thepromise365
There is another massive storm brewing on the east coast.

Flights are delayed everywhere.

So I moved my flight up a day in hopes that I will indeed make it out of Dodge. Stormville. Blizzardopolis. Shovel Town. Whatever we are calling Boston this winter…

It wasn’t my plan.
It caught me off-guard.

So off-guard …I was in Boston for a dentist appointment today when I made the decision to leave a day early.

So off-guard …I have no baggage full of clothes or shoes with me for my trip.

The good news? I know I can do it. I’ve done it before with even less.

Ever since I made my promise not to shop for clothes or shoes for one year I learned how to handle these situations with less fear and more grace.

I also learned how to ask for help.

So today, while at my dentist appointment, I asked my dentist for a toothbrush and floss to take with me. I also asked my Boston friend Sheryl if I could borrow some shirts before I fled to the airport.

They both said yes.

So off to Chicago I go.
With the lightest baggage. EVER.

I plan to buy a new pair of shoes when I get to Chicago.
Because I can.

But I know it will all work out exactly as it should. Exactly as it will. With borrowed clothes, a new toothbrush, and faith.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

{Could you go a year without shopping? Share in the comments section below.}

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GIFT DAY 011: who painted my house blue?

11 Jan

I walked through my old neighborhood today.

I happened to be in the Davis/Porter Square neighborhood for lunch today with my friend, the most amazing and awesome Paige.


On a whim I decided to find my old house. The first house I moved to in Boston. Back in the day. In my twenties. With my college friends, Laura and Lisa.

I found the house at 31 St. James.
But it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I thought I would find my old, yellow house.
Turns out 31 St. James is now blue.

31 st james, jamie eslinger, the promise 365

Like, electric BLUE.

I stood in the street for a few moments squinting, trying to remember what the house looked like when I lived there. When it was YELLOW. When it was my home.
After snapping a few photos I walked down the street to find our old friend WINSTON.
Winston was the best neighbor, friend, and confidant.
Winston was always there for us.
Winston never let us down.

Because Winston was a tree.
Still is.

Winston, the promise 365, jamie eslinger

Every time we passed Winston, the three of us would call out his name in unison.

“Hellooooooo Winston!

Mr. Winston is still there, looking as strong as ever.

And that reminded me of me of Laura and Lisa. They have always been here for me, through thick and thin.

When 31 St. James was a house of yellow, we three girls had each other.

At 31 St. James, we helped each other through the death and divorce of parents. We got engaged, started jobs and shut down internet companies. We cried our eyes out. We laughed over stupid movies. We gasped in disbelief after going to bed one night and waking up in the morning shocked to hear that George Bush was elected president.

And then we ate frozen chocolate chip cookie dough — right out of the container. We threw parties (and we threw up a few times too!).

We were the crew of 31 St. James.

st james group, jamie eslinger, the promise 365
So today, my gift of the day was to my girls. Just a simple photo of a house that was once yellow but is now BLUE. Electric blue.

Kind of fitting too.
Because our friendship has only become more electric as time has passed.

We may live in three different parts of the country, in three different colored houses, but in our hearts we will always have 31 St. James — no matter what color they paint it.

Because just like Mr. Winston, our friendship is still there, looking as strong as ever.

And that’s the gift of a lifetime.

More tomorrow.

{Have some life-long, rock-on friends? Feel free to share on the blog.}

Day 219: three things i love more than chocolate (today!) fearless, fun, boston!

7 Aug

So many things to be grateful for today, in this Three Things I LOVE More Than Chocolate (today!) series.

Love is greater than fear.

And, today, My friend, Cindy Loughran, gave these tips on stage at Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle Tour in Boston to help you overcome your fears.

7 Steps for Overcoming Your Fear:

1) Clarify your goal

2) Identify your fear

3) Identity your limiting beliefs

4) Seek contrary evidence

5) Envision and embody success

6) Create a concrete action plan

7) Get support and get started

And, it couldn’t be better timing.

As I drove down my old street in the South End, I realized this was the first time I have visited Boston that I felt no fear, looking at my old condo building and hanging out in my old haunts.

It’s truly a new life. How refreshing!

I was overjoyed to see Lan, at my old nail spot, remember me when I walked in the door. It’s been years since I’ve been back to her salon and she still remembered me.

How fabulous, how fun!


I don’t know why I was afraid Lan wouldn’t remember me. Maybe because it has been three years? Maybe because she has so many clients you can literally feel a breeze in her salon from people walking in and out the door?  Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s because I have grown so much in my own heart and head over these last three years I hardly recognize myself?

No matter the reason, it was great to see a familiar face and a friend, and realize despite the time and distance, some things never change.

Like a really great pedicure…
Where everybody knows your name.

Day 218: three things i love more than chocolate (today!) :: boston, crashing parties, dog gone treats

6 Aug

The gratitude continues with Three Things I LOVE more than chocolate…today — and a Lovemore-Monday moment.

I crashed a party tonight. But, not just any party — a dog gone good one! 

I’m staying at my friend Lucy’s house, (here she is, such a cutie).

Lucy’s parents invited me to a fun night out with Wanna Go Out, her dog walking service, at their annual customer appreciation night.

Because I have Pups of my own, I felt right at home with all the other Boston doggy parents who were there to sip and savor this hot summer night with some pretty yummy treats.

Like Hot “Dogs”  and Jalapeño “Puppers.”

You know when you’re at a dog loving party when the name tag requires you to put both your name and your dog’s name on it!

And, on this Lovemore Monday, I have to admit…
I. Love. It.

What did you love today?

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