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15 Dec

bows – 16 days to go

There are 16 days left of The Promise 365!

I love Sunday afternoons. Today, I spent the day wrapping presents, watching the Hallmark Channel and watching the New England Patriots win. Brady sat next to me the entire time, tuckered out from all the activity.  While watching was the easy part, doing is always harder.

I can watch my share of Hallmark Christmas specials, and I can cheer on Patriots touchdowns, but I cannot wrap a present as my mother. I’m not knocking my own skills. I am a wrapping paper expert. I know all the secrets to making a present pop, including creasing the corners and lining up the design on the papers just perfectly. Alas, I cannot make a bow like Mama Sling.

I tried. Many times. I started over many times too. I used tape (it snapped) and yarn (it broke) and wire (it slipped). 

So much of this blog has been dedicated to the fond memories I have of Mama Sling. There are so many amazing memories and moments, and there are so many incredible things she taught me. But she didn’t teach me how to make her famous bows. 

The bows that she spent hours on, the bows that she wouldn’t let us smoosh under the tree. We had to Tetris all the presents under the tree to specifically make sure no bow would touch another bow. There was no bow smooshing allowed. This won’t be a problem this Christmas since I cannot replicate the Mama Sling bow.

But that’s not really the point, is it? I still have the memories of her laughter and her love and her magical Christmas bows. Even though I do not have her or her bow making talent, I have her in my heart, which keeps her by my side.   

The best part of Christmas is not the gifts we buy, but the moments we give each other that last long beyond the time we are together. Thank you, Mama Sling, for being by my side throughout these past nine years, and these past nine promises, and every Christmas in between.

Even if I can’t make a bow to save my life!  

Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 339 christmas kindness

5 Dec
{hug someone}

Today I continue the month of Christmas Kindness!

My dear Mama Sling loved Christmas. She loved wrapping the presents with gigantic bows that she made from her very hands. Mama Sling spent hours making those bows, and they were beautiful too.

Every Christmas we had to assemble the entire tree scene and set up with one goal — “Don’t crush the bows!”

Our Christmas Tree was a gigantic game of Tetris. The boxes had to be placed “just right” in order to keep all the bows fluffy and shiny and new. Mama Sling would sit back in her chair and command us to move and shuffle boxes under the tree until they found the perfect spot that would showcase all their glory.

Mama Sling’s bows were just one of the many, many, many things she did exceptionally well. Another talent of hers was the art of the HUG.

Mama Sling could hug a stranger and make them feel like family. Nobody made it past our front without a hug.

And so it is, in this month of Christmas Kindness, that I am sharing hugs. The Mama Sling kind. The kind that make you feel all warm inside and loved and accepted. Kind of like being wrapped in a beautiful bow.

Hug someone.
It’s Christmas Kindness.

More tomorrow…


{hug someone}

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