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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 198 :: promises

23 Jul

Day 198: Joy. Joy.

There are so many things I love about this photo. The girls are not just adorable, funny, smart, fun and full of life. They are beautiful too. They are the two biggest reasons we moved to the PNW and they make my heart so very full.

I also love this photo because it took place outside on a summer night right after we had all braided each other’s hair. I braided their hair and one of these little scrumptious ones braided mine. It’s a circle really, one I don’t take lightly. Passing down the art of the braid.

I think of the generations of women who have braided each other’s hair over time and time and time again. I think of my mom and my aunties who braided mine. And I think of the braids these girls will continue to weave long into the future ahead. It’s a circle of women, the art of the braid. And I’m so glad I’m here to be a part of even just one strand.

It’s a lot like this promise of mine. While every day is different, every moment counts. Whether you are looking for better health or a better situation, it all comes down to a promise.

So now, I yoga. To keep this promise of mine.
Are you keeping yours?

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 315 :: blissful braids

15 Nov

Today’s bliss…braids.

And tonight, as I reflect on the world, the weekend, my work week ahead, I am comforted by braids. The little hands that took turns brushing and braiding my hair, while we all watched football from the living room floor. And then I braided their hair, and then they braided mine again.

It is the circle of life, really.

I remember sitting at my Aunties feet while they braided my hair. In that world all was well. All was safe. All was comfort and joy. Anything could be combed out with the touch of a brush.

As an adult I realize we live in a world that has already seen too much conflict. And the snags are so much bigger than just one brush can detangle. But I am still humbled by love. The love of children, of family, of sitting on the floor braiding my little nieces hair. It is the circle of Love that we complete even if it is only with tiny hands and strands.

And that brings me to this bliss….
We owe it to the future to go forth with Love.
Because only Love wins.

More tomorrow. 

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