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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 84 :: swimming with dolphins

25 Mar
What’s on your bucket list?

Part of my promise this year is to explore bliss, and in my quest for bliss I am starting a new series called #LoveMoreDoMore Sundays. It’s my way of connecting with people who are doing good things in life, love and business, and sharing it with you.

This Sunday will be the debut program and it’s all about dolphins.

My friend Amy will be leading a trip to Bimini later this year and I can’t wait to interview her to learn more about this adventure. I hope you tune in on Sunday!

>>Click here to register for the first #LoveMoreDoMore Sunday!

If you were to create Bliss List what would be on  it?
If your bliss could take you anywhere, where would you go?

More tomorrow.

  {what’s on your bucket list?}

Day 70: the fear of running out of time

10 Mar

Big day!

I just put on some make-up and took a blow dryer to my hair —  a real feat and accomplishment on a Saturday afternoon.

You see, I have a special date.
Not of the romantic kind.

In a few minutes I will head out the door to help fulfill someone’s dream on their Bucket List.  I am volunteering for the Bucket List Bash, an even that will help fund programs for cancer patients.

Bucket List.  
It’s really all about time, isn’t it? The fear of time running out. The fear of not squeezing it all in. Why does it usually take a disease, scary event or otherwise life altering situation to start making a Bucket List?

And that has me thinking …what is on my Bucket List?

What is on yours?


Day 280: f*ing friday :: feature film

7 Oct

Today continues the weekly series, F*ing Fridays, which will coincidentally occur on Friday. I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Fireworks

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:
Feature Film

As in, meet Joe Black.

I just finished watching Meet Joe Black, the movie starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins.  It’s a three hour flick (which was about the time I needed to upload all my photos from my camera and double save them on Picasa and an external hard drive).

That’s good use of time if you ask me.

But, it got me thinking about the movies of my life. Not the movies I have watched over my lifetime, or even my favorite movies, but the movies that have moved me.

My first cinematic movement was as a young girl watching It’s A Wonderful Life. I was rapt and glued to the screen, and totally believed that every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. I still do.

Then, there was Sliding Doors, a GOOP classic, which caught me a few years out of college. I watched that movie over and over, and over and over again. And, it wasn’t because people were just beginning to tell me I looked like Gwyneth (before that I lived a GP-free existence).

I just felt connected to that movie and the idea of making choices, the power of a decision, and how a mere nanosecond forever alters your course.

It may have been the first sign in my newly minted adult life that I wasn’t on the right track — that maybe, there was another path I preferred, or secretly longed for?

A few years after that I sobbed during the Angelina Jolie and Edward Burns film, Life or Something Like It.  My friends pooh poohed it, saying it was trivial, not worth their money.  I silently adored it as tears rolled down my face in the movie theater.

Then, there was The Bucket List that I saw on my 33rd birthday.  And, if ever there was a movie to invoke gratitude for blowing out all your candles, well, this was it.

So tonight, while sobbing at the end of Meet Joe Black — between the finale of fireworks, ball gowns, a sprawling lawn party and a father’s great departure to the tune of “What a Wonderful World”— I finally connected the dots: I have forever been moved by the movies that remind me about life.

Not just romances.
Or comedies.
Or dramedies.
But, something more like Lifedies.

Isn’t that ironic?  Life + Dies = Lifedies

It is what moves me most — the moment where love, hope, life, angels, and the pursuit of appreciation and gratitude before time runs out meets feature films.

And, for the reminder to take life one moment at a time, I give them a standing ovation from my heart and soul. Popcorn never tasted so f*ing good.

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