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BLOG – GIFT DAY 319 :: a month of inspiration :: a boy’s wish #sfbatkid

15 Nov

Today, in my month-long nod to inspiration, I share a child’s dream. 
Can it get any better than this?

An entire city rallies around a young boy’s wish — Miles, a 5-year old boy fighting cancer. Not only did he fight cancer today, he won over the entire internet as it lit up  with stories and photos and tears.

‘Batkid’ fighting cancer captures hearts, saves San Francisco

I think this was my favorite photo of the day on Twitter:

Everything digital was alive with passion for this little guy today, including this from Perez Hilton.

My heart just burst! #SFBatKid

Even the President joined in with a little video message:  President Obama Has A Message For #SFBatKid

I love that the wish of a strong little boy brought so many people together. It rallied our hearts and in a way reminded our minds that dreams can come to life.

I am inspired to say the least. And a little teary-eyed too.
Aren’t you?

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless!}

{what’s your wish?}

GIFT DAY 014: life savers and the boston celtics

14 Jan

We are off to a Boston Celtics basketball game tonight.

I love basketball.

Not because I faithfully follow the NBA or because I worked with the Washington Mystics the first year they were founded. No.

I love basketball because it saved my life.
Well, basketball and a very good doctor.

My doctor discovered I had cancer in my annual sports physical check-up in high school (you know, the regular doctor’s appointment that every aspiring high school athlete must endure — Weight. Height. Pat on the head. Go play ball!).

I am lucky I played basketball.
I am lucky my doctor actually did a physical and not just a pat on the head.

I was so young. Just seventeen.

jamie_highschool, jamie eslinger, the promise 365, the promise daily

I often wonder what would have happened if I didn’t play basketball: would the cancer have been found in time to save my life?

  • What if Michael Jordan wasn’t the super star, game changing player that so captivated my youthful imagination?
  • What if the Boston Celtics weren’t so fun to follow and watch on TV?
  • What if my hometown didn’t grant girls varsity sports?
  • What if I had quit?
  • What if my doctor didn’t take the time to do a full medical exam?

Of course, the simple answer to all this is — He was. They were. It did. I didn’t. He did.

I was given the gift of life.
Basketball saved my life.
And I’ve got the scars to prove it!

Not a day passes that I don’t think about this. I am incredibly grateful to a little orange ball.

So tonight, while I cheer for the team in green from the stands, I will also be cheering on my team — the doctors who saved my life and the coaches that kept me in the game.

More tomorrow.

P.S. My gift of the day is a ticket to the Celtics game tonight! We have an extra — I think I will just give it away at the gate… how fun!

{Have a story from the amazing world of sports. Dish on the blog!}

Day 161: accidentally in love

10 Jun

Today, I spent the afternoon with the man of my dreams.

jamie and justin on www.thepromise365.com

I met him when we were a never-been-kissed sort of seventeen-years old.

He was not just my first kiss.
He was there for me when I was on top of the world, living my teenage dreams — and he was also there when everything fell apart.

He was right by my side when my doctors told me I had cancer – something I would learn to be Hodgkin’s Disease. He was also there a month later when my mother told us she had breast cancer.

He held my hand through the best of times and the worst of times, truly in sickness and in health. He brought laughter and lightness to my world as my mother and I navigated the darkness of hospitals, treatments, vomiting, surgeries and hair loss.

When I broke down in tears, he wiped them away.

One night, sitting in his car in my driveway, I sobbed uncontrollably about my teenage drama — I just wanted to be normal.  I didn’t want to have cancer I wanted to go to the prom with a full head of hair.

Justin held me in his arms, wiped away my tears, looked straight into my eyes and said in his best deadpan voice, “Jamie, you will never be normal … and who would want to be normal, anyway?”

He always knew how to make me laugh.
A year later, college and real life and growing up started to happen and we ended our relationship.

It only took fifteen more years for us to find each other again.
On Facebook of all places.

I often wonder what would have happened if we never broke up.  If we had stayed together as a couple through college. Where would our lives have gone?  What road would we have taken together? And, would we have ended up here, in this very same place?

We’ll never know.
Whatever it took for the two of us to find each other again is unbelievably hard to fathom. The timing, the coordination, the chance that a girl on the east coast could reconnect with a boy on the west coast?

It’s not an accident.
But, at times, it feels like we are Accidentally In Love.

Like a second chance, two young hearts and old souls finally reconnected. As if we were always headed in this lovemore direction anyway.  As if we would have met on this path no matter which decision we made.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

As I sat down to write tonight, Etta James came through the speakers on my Pandora Radio channel.

At Last.
I couldn’t say it any better.  

Day 70: the fear of running out of time

10 Mar

Big day!

I just put on some make-up and took a blow dryer to my hair —  a real feat and accomplishment on a Saturday afternoon.

You see, I have a special date.
Not of the romantic kind.

In a few minutes I will head out the door to help fulfill someone’s dream on their Bucket List.  I am volunteering for the Bucket List Bash, an even that will help fund programs for cancer patients.

Bucket List.  
It’s really all about time, isn’t it? The fear of time running out. The fear of not squeezing it all in. Why does it usually take a disease, scary event or otherwise life altering situation to start making a Bucket List?

And that has me thinking …what is on my Bucket List?

What is on yours?


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