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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 29 :: rainy joy

29 Jan
{singing in the rain}

It rained all day today. There were little bits of sun through the clouds but mostly it poured. Joy has me looking at rain through new eyes. And asking questions.

Like…How does one enjoy the rain when it’s pouring rain?
And your car broke down.

In the end, at the end of the day, everything was fixed (with the car). And even though Mother Nature was still sweeping through town with torrential downpours, all is well. And wet.

Maybe that’s part of becoming more joyous – learning how to sing in the rain. I think it starts with a song on the radio. Then maybe a whistle. And finally, a wail at the top of your lungs in the shower serenade.

I might still be in the whistling stage. But I’m learning to sing!
After that… who knows, I might even dance.

Oh. Joy!

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 95 :: a kind car ride

8 Apr

kind of. 

I took Pup for a car ride today. It’s what he loves to do. Sit in the car watching the world go by, with his nose up to the window. It was my intentional act of kindness. Or, at least I thought.

The ride turned out to be more than what I bargained for. Or, as I believe Pup would say, a woof of a lesson.

Pup, being 16 years old, got very excited about riding in the car and just as we pulled out onto the main street pooped in the passenger seat. He was that excited. So I pulled over at the vets of all places (it’s just down the street) to clean it up.

Just as I grabbed the cleaner from the trunk and shut the trunk door the car locked. That’s weird, I thought, and then reached into my pocket for my keys. They were not there. I looked at Pup sitting in the passenger seat and then I looked inside the trunk. There were my keys. Sitting, locked inside along with Pup.

Oh. My. God. How did that happen? I thought as I stared at Pup on the other side of the window. Then I realized my phone was also in the car with Pup.

My watch! I thought, relieved that Justin gave me an Apple iWatch for my birthday. I will just call Justin on my watch.

Except my watch couldn’t find my phone.

I saw a green Subaru pulling up the road and I ran out into the street waving my arms. A beautiful older woman stopped and I blabbered about my predicament pointing to my car.

Do you have a phone? I asked. Can you call AAA Roadside Service for me?

She did. Her name was Donna and she dialed her phone and then handed it over to me. I asked her if she was going somewhere. She waved it off, saying she had to set up dinner somewhere but she was happy to help.

“It’s what you do.” Donna said as she patiently waited for me to finish my call so she could drive on to her dinner.

Meanwhile, Pup sat in the car as happy as a clam. Or a dog who loves car rides and thinks the car should be his kennel. In fact, when we lived on the Vineyard, the car WAS his kennel every time we went out to eat. He refused to stay in his real kennel after a cross-country flight that terrified the canine snot out of him. So we always let him tag along and wait in the car.

He loved it. He loved the car. It was his own personal den. And today, as I sat waiting on a sidewalk for half an hour waiting for the friendly roadside assistant to arrive, Pup sat inside the car. Please as punch. Happy to sit and watch everything walk by his window.

He didn’t bark until the AAA Man arrived and stuck a long plastic tube through the window to unlock the door.

“This happened yesterday too,” the friendly man said as he unlocked the door. “A lady’s dog locked the car with the keys in it. Must have bumped the lock.”

Of course. I thought to myself as he said it. Pup probably hit the door lock as he shuffled around in the passenger seat trying to see what I was doing in the trunk.

When I arrived home and relayed what happened to Justin, he said, “That would only happen to you.”

I know! I said back thinking how absurd it all was, not understanding how it happened in the first place. I walked outside and tested the car, trying to get it to lock the same way when I closed the trunk. I couldn’t replicate it. It had to have been Pup.

And then it hit me, this wasn’t a day for me to share kindness. It was a day for me to experience it. Thank you, Donna. Thank you, AAA Man. And thank you, Pup.

I’ve never seen a happier dog than the one I watched today. Sitting in his car, daydreaming away, watching the world go by moment by moment. It’s a good lesson in kindness. And presence. And Pups.

(And, of course, not to drop your keys in the trunk!)

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 124 :: look beyond limitations

8 May
I came across this paragraph at the most opportune time tonight: 

I was stuck at the gym where I had LOCKED my keys in the car. Believe me I felt like a royal idiot as I waited for Justin to come unlock the car for me. Did I mention that I left the keys in the ignition. Yeah….. not one of my proudest moments.

But as I waited to be “rescued” I found a book sitting on the shelf right of the gym lounge in front of me. It caught my eye. I opened it up. The paragraph said… “You’re looking beyond limitations.”

It went on to point out that individuals who look past obstacles instead ofo into them get what they want.

It’s a good reminder to me. When we are stuck (either figuratively or literally without keys) it’s better to focus on where you want to go next than to stew in the spot in which you sit.

I thumbed through most of the book before Justin arrived. And I learned something today.
Look past the obstacle.

(Oh, yeah, and keep your keys in your purse).

More tomorrow.

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  {are you focusing on what you want?}

Day 330: temporarily sidelined…ya’ll come back now, ya’hear!

27 Nov

Let me start this post by saying….we’re not stuck. 
Just temporarily sidelined.

As we pulled out of Naples in our PACKED TO THE GILLS SUV this morning, I turned to Justin and said:

“If we had a chair on top of the car we could be the Beverly Hills Hillbillies!”

It seemed funny at the time.
I mean, geez….we even have a SUITCASE strapped to the top of the car.

It was the only way we could fit everything we own inside the vehicle for our drive north.

I actually have no idea how Justin got everything inside this thing. I watched him measure every square inch and then move boxes and plastic tubs around until it all fit, Tetris Style.

We even have a 52-inch TV in this automobile!
Again, I have no idea how.

Luck seemed to be on our side.
Everything fit!
We hit the road!
Until…. the car overheated not even 20 miles out of town.

So we turned around. 

And here’s the part where I say THANK YOU for being a friend.

Dear Amy and Chad, thank you for offering up a good mechanic in the “literal” heat of the moment as our car overheated running down the highway.

Dear Debbie and Rob, thank you for offering up a place for us to stay as we wait for our car to be fixed and new radiator installed.

Dear Claire, thank you for writing such a fun story to keep me occupied while waiting for the car to be diagnosed.

And, thank you Travis! Car mechanic extraordinaire.

We have an appointment in the morning for a new radiator and something with a locksmith too. We hope to be on the road tomorrow afternoon.

Just as we left the mechanic shop today with diagnosis in hand, Justin turned to me and said, “Did you see the bleacher seat from the orignal Foxborough Stadium that was in his shop?”

“No?” I answered. “I was reading my book the whole time.”

“Well, it’s awesome and from the Patriot’s original stadium.” Justin seemed super excited and then he said the words that solidified our Beverly Hills Hillbillies status:

“I wonder if he would sell it to me?”

Visions of driving back to Boston with a chair strapped to the top of our car whooshed by, Clampett style.

And that’s the moment I heard singing in my head…
“Ya’ll come back now, ya’hear!”

Day 329: lovemore monday :: we’ve only just begun

26 Nov

As you know, I entered this year determined to be fearless. But, I don’t want more fear or less in my life.  I want more love.  So I made up a new word, lovemore!   That’s why Lovemore Mondays are here.

Today’s Lovemore Monday is a love story called We’ve Only Just Begun.

As in, moving. 

It has nothing to do with Cyber Monday.
Today has been more like Manic Monday, because:

  • The storage unit is now empty.
  • The car is full.
  • We are packed.

Even though we have yet to pull the car onto the highway and head north, I feel like our journey is already underway.

Most important:
I feel like Justin and I are closer and more connected from this trip than ever before.

And I have known this man since I was seventeen!
But never before have I been more impressed with his ability to:

  • deal with uncertainty
  • pack a car “Tetris Style”
  • deal with my constant stream of questions
  • be unwaveringly flexible in the midst of a small, mini car crisis
  • problem solve through our small, mini crisis
  • choose really great music for this long, long drive
  • make me laugh and giggle all along the way

And we’re only half way there, the driving starts tomorrow.
We’ve only just begun. 

I guess I like thinking about our relationship in those terms too.

Sure, he’s seen me through some of my biggest fears:

  • surviving cancer
  • surviving a divorce
  • too many cross country trips to name
  • swimming with sharks
  • rafting the Grand Canyon
  • moving

But he’s seen me through some of my best times too:

  • surviving cancer
  • surviving a divorce
  • too many cross country trips to name
  • swimming with sharks
  • rafting the Grand Canyon
  • moving

We’ve done it all together.
And it still feels like we’ve only just begun.

And that’s why, on this Lovemore Monday….
I. Love. It.

Day 269: how do you say flat tire?

26 Sep

We packed up and drove off the island — well, onto a ferry and then off the island — today.

The steering wheel started to wobble. Then the car began to shake ferociously down the highway. Justin looked at me and said, “Did you get new tires yet?”

“No, I was waiting for us to get off the island.”

Just as we both agreed that we needed to find an exit to pull off the highway, we heard a loud, “thud!”

The left, rear tire.

As we bumped along the highway to the edge of the exit and pulled off to the side of the road, Justin asked me if I had a spare tire in my car.

“Ummmmm…..” was all I could answer. “I don’t know?”

Luckily, I did, and I even had a jack buried underneath ALL of our luggage, boxes and belongings stuffed in the trunk of the car (which we had to unpack on the side of the highway to get to the spare tire).

Later this afternoon, after spare tire was adhered to said car and we bumbled down the highway to a tire store, with all of our stuff in tow, we found out the most surprising news…

All four tires had been shot with a nail gun.

The tire center removed each tire and showed Justin exactly where they had been shot and pierced with the nails still intact. They were shocked it wasn’t all four tires that blew.

We were lucky it was just one tire.
We were lucky a nice man stopped to help us.
We were lucky it happened near a highway exit and in bright daylight.

All I could think was — I am so relieved I was not the only one in the car!

There were many things I was thankful for today.
Most especially, the angels looking over us.

I suppose even in the most unexpected circumstances there is no reason for fear. Because somehow, someway, it always works out.

And in so many other ways…
we are never alone.

Day 32: for the love of letters!

1 Feb

Today is February 1 …already!

And, in honor of the month we dedicate to that four letter word, I am celebrating with a month of love letters, starting today with a letter from my heart …to my car.

My Dear Car:

Oh, how I love thee, gray Nissan Altima from 2008!

I’m sorry I never properly named you, and now as I write this letter, I do wish I had picked a nickname.

Hum… what about Alty? Or, maybe, Nissa?  Okay!  Nissa it is.

I love you Nissa, for so many reasons, but especially for taking me over 53,000 miles of life’s uncertain terrain.  You have been my co-pilot from Boston to New Orleans and back again.  You have carried me from the southernmost tip of Florida to the Cape and island of Martha’s Vineyard.

I have packed you to the gills and moved with you six times!

Please forgive me for leaving your sunroof open on a hot and sunny April day.  I had no idea it was going to snow the next morning, really, I didn’t!  But, you dried out and bounced back in no time at all (with a little help from your standard issue heaters).

Thank you, most of all, for playing my favorite song the moment I drove you off the lot.

How did you know A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton is the song that reminds me of my mom?  How did you know I hadn’t heard that song in years? How did you know it was exactly what I needed to hear as I finally sat in the drivers seat again — both in my new car and my  new life?

When I first sat on your leather seat and held your soft steering wheel in my hands, I knew we were meant to be together.

And, don’t you worry!  We will be together for a long time now that I bought out your lease.

Be mine.


P.S. As I explore the power of love this year, please know you hold a very special place in my heart.

P.P.S. I promise to take you to the car wash more often!

Day 249: hint, hint … roll up your car windows

6 Sep

On this first day of the post Labor Day weekend, what some would call the official demarcation of FALL — we woke up to sheets of rain falling from the sky.

Lots of rain.
Many, many, buckets of rain.

Which would have been completely refreshing if I had not left the sunroof wide open on my car and all the windows down because yesterday was a beautiful, bright, sunshiny day.

This morning, not so much sun.
Way more rain.

And, THAT, would not be so terrible except that I have done it before.  Last time it was snow.  About six inches of snow.  Do you know what six inches of snow looks like sitting in your drivers seat?

Today, I drove around all day, in between errands, with the heat turned up to a full blast 90 degrees, hoping to dry up the water.

I suppose the lesson in all of this, for my head, is, to some degree to remember to roll up car windows, and then again, maybe it is to remember to check the weather report.

Maybe still, for my heart, the lesson is to enjoy the sun while it shines but prepare for changing winds and sweeping rains, just in case they arrive.

Or, maybe …it is simply to roll up car windows.

No matter the lesson, it was a good excuse to wear my rain boots.



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