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DAY 006: sometimes the biggest gifts come in small packages

6 Jan

Yesterday I played a gift game.

It was with my friend Sheryl, who happens to be the most adorable 9-months pregnant woman I know.

We met for lunch at Cheesecake Factory.
And I had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet.

A Lord & Taylor’s gift card to be exact.

With a whopping $17.25 stored on it. I have had it for years… like seven years. In my wallet. Waiting to be spent. Wanting to be used. Begging to be swiped!

Actually it is so old that it doesn’t even have a swipe bar on it. Just a bar code. Old school.

The kicker is that it came from my “former” husband — as my dear friend Diane keeps reminding me to say, instead of “ex.”

I have not known what to do with it. I didn’t want to spend it on myself. I didn’t want to throw it away.

Then I met Sheryl for lunch right next to a L&T store.
I realized we could spend the money on the BABY!

After all, a baby needs LOTS of NEW things in the first moments of their new life. And, luckily, Sheryl agreed to play my little game — and let my GIFT OF THE DAY be to the baby — using my old gift card.

Now, the baby has yet to have a name.
And, we do not know his, er…um, hers.. well, IT’s gender yet.

But we knew we had $17.25 to spend on him/her/it. So off to the Lord and Taylor’s it was — with a gift for the BABY!

I have never seen so many adorable baby clothes in my life. The ruffles! The polka-dots! The stripes! The little suits for boys — with ties!

We finally found a cute little sleeper with monkeys on it for $11.99.

Close. But not quite.

We still had $5.26 to spend. And I wanted to spend ALL the money on the BABY.

Just as I was knee deep in a pile of stuffed animals sorting through fuzzy whales and green dinosaurs (actually, scary dinos with fangs and teeth) Sheryl called from across the aisle.

“I found it!”

And she did. One yellow sleeper with a teddy bear and a ducky on the front, made in the softest of fabric, with a flap on the back that says, “peek a boo.”


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It reminds me that anything is possible.

Even turning bad memories on an old gift card into new dreams for a new life.

The gift may have been for baby, but in a way, it felt like the thrill was all for me. Or, rather, my heart.

More tomorrow.


P.S. Did you sign into The Promise Daily yet? More goodies there.

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