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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 284 :: kind choices

11 Oct


I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by stories and sad stories and horror stories. Thanks a lot, media. It seems to me that there has been a lot of “not so great choices” made lately leading to “not so great” news.

And that has me thinking about choices.
And choice.
And how we always have a choice.
And, if nothing else, we have a choice to be kind.

More tomorrow…


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 221 :: every choice matters

15 Aug
If there’s something I’m learning in this year of BLISS it’s that every choice matters. The resounding message that seems to be popping up all around me is choice. And it matters.

And the best way to look at choices is that which expands you. That which makes you bigger, not smaller.

What choices do you have?

More tomorrow.
  {making choices?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 212 :: travel choices

6 Aug
Travel day #1. Train day. Delay.

We still haven’t arrived at our final destination but it all has me thinking about bliss and coincidence.

Since this year is all about BLISS I’m having a hard timing forming words around my day. The train I am riding hit someone. It was quite abrupt, the delay has been long, and it was both shocking and incredibly sad.

More than anything it’s a reminder that choices matter. So tonight I’m dwelling on my own choices. I chose to take this trip north in order to see friends and family. Tonight I will be staying with one of my college roommates. Which brings me heaps of bliss!

And isn’t that the bliss we control?  Who we spend our time with, who we share moments, space and memories with on this road called life.

More tomorrow.
  {what are you choosing?}
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