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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 355 joy is family recipes

23 Dec


Today my joy was making Christmas cookies. I mean, c’mon, it’s hard to get more joyful than Christmas cookies! But for me, it was joyful for two reasons: 1) We made Justin’s Grandmother Ruth’s cookie recipe and they taste amaaaaaazing! and 2) I used my great aunt’s KitchenAid mixer.

The KitchenAid mixer is probably as old as I am, or close to it. But it still works great, practically like new. If the electrical cord wasn’t yellowed from age it would be hard to tell just how old it really is. And from the taste of the cookies, you wouldn’t know the difference. Sometimes new isn’t better. And most of the time, joy comes with memories. 

And that’s a great family recipe, at least a recipe for joy.

More tomorrow… 


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 359 :: letters to santa

24 Dec

Day 359: And Whitney.
It’s Christmas Eve. And I’m loving the letters to Santa.

And the records we are playing from days gone by — Huey Louis and The New, Lionel Richie, Footloose, Whitney Houston.

We just woke up all the kids. Because we adults are being too loud. There is a little wine involved – but it at least has 13 essential minerals – so Merry Christmas everyone!

No Yoga Shred tonight! But there will be a downward dog or two.
You can still join the Shred course here.
Namaste, Christmas Eve. Namaste.

More tomorrow.

{Merry Christmas} 

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Day 335: what’s your favorite holiday cookie?

2 Dec

I broke my two year streak last night.
I at a cookie.

Not just any cookie.

I ate Pam’s Chocolate Chip cookies.
They. Are. To. Die. For.


Seriously. Two years ago I couldn’t stop eating Pam’s cookies. I would eat an entire plate of these chocolate chip cookies. They have some secret ingredient that Pam refuses to reveal (personally, I think it might be crack.)

This weekend I caved to the crave.

I ate Pam’s cookies!

But, I now have the self control to stop myself from gorging and devouring all the cookies on the plate.

In the past I would have boxed out everyone at the party to keep the platter all to myself and then licked it clean …with my tongue …right off the plate. I would have hid Pam’s cookies in my purse in order to take the sweet treats home and then gulped them down in secret.

What am I saying… I have done all of the above.


But, I have now learned my lesson.

After giving up sweet treats and facing my sugar addiction last year during the first year of The Promise 365 I have learned about sugar boundaries.

I have learned many lessons about sugar actually.

The most important is this: the less “sweetness” I have in my life the more “sweets” I crave in my diet.

So I am proud to report that I ate not forty or twenty or twelve, but only three of Pam’s cookies tonight. Trust me, it’s progress. Believe me, they are worth it.

But my favorite, most crave-orite cookie is the crinkle — as in Chocolate Crinkle Cookie.

Why?  Because Mama Sling made these scrumptious delights at Christmastime.

And it is when I miss my mama most that I crave sweets.
Whenever I crave sugar, I really want a hug from Mama Sling.
When I pine for pie, I really want her kisses.
When I reach for chocolate, it is her laughter and that special brand of jolliness that I want to fill my life.

Knowing is half the battle.
I still limit my sugar intake and certainly don’t cave to every crave, but before I let loose and treat myself these days, I evaluate why I want it. Because there’s always a reason. 

So here’s my favorite cookie recipe. It’s not Pam’s but it’s pretty darn good.
Chocolate Crinkle Cookie recipe here

May your life be sweet and may you sugar responsibly. 

Day 358: christmas cookies and holiday hearts

24 Dec

Oh. Frosting.

I never thought I would see this day.
I turned down a Christmas cookie.

As we decorated the sugar cookies, with fingers caked in white fluffy frosting, I was tempted to take a lick.

But, I didn’t.
I suppose one lick wouldn’t matter.
Nor, would one cookie hurt.

The problem is once I hit the green light and say go, my sweet tooth kicks into overdrive and doesn’t know when (or how) to stop.

There may come a day when I can just say no, stop at one, and only devour a single cookie instead of a platter or plate-full.  But, I know that day isn’t here yet.

And, so it was, on this day before Christmas that I realized it may indeed be the first of my cookie-less holidays.

Even still, I decorated with care, a smile on my face, singing that old holiday song:

Christmas cookies and holiday hearts,
That’s the way the holiday starts.
Christmas cookies and holiday hearts,
Goodie, goodie, yum, yum, yum!

Because even though I won’t be eating any scrumptious cookies this year, I will be filling my heart with the sweetness of the season (and maybe my glass with a little wine!).

The cookies, of course, would taste sweeter – momentarily.
But the heart beats on long past the holidays.

Goodie, goodie, yum, yum, yum!

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