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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 234 :: oh joy

23 Aug

Today was the last night of the cleanse and I made it 36 out of 48 hours. I finally broke down and ate some real food. I couldn’t wait. My stomach hurt and my body was weak. Although NOW I am feeling the joy. It’s a good reminder that food is love… and joy.

Sometimes cheating is joyful.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 233 :: joy is a little bit

22 Aug

I am in the middle of a cleanse. And I must say when one is in the middle of a cleanse, there is nothing more satisfying than a cup of broth.

So here’s to broth! 
What joy.

More tomorrow…



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Day 241: closing in (and cleansing) on summer

29 Aug

The winds changed today.
The air, while still warm, felt new with a crisp autumn twinge.

The kids are back in school. Martha’s Vineyard is clearing out. Let the official change of seasons begin.

And with it, I will change too — or rather cleanse — right after Labor Day. This new cleanse is from Vibrant Health and called, not ironically, the Vibrant Cleanse (AL).

In my mission to lovemore+fearless this year, I realize I need to apply a big dose of that to my body. And, it’s time for a cleanse. I can feel it in my bones, my muscles and my fat cells. The toxins are calling my name.

So I will enjoy this last week before Labor Day.  I will celebrate summer!
Enjoy the last hurrah!

And then….I cleanse.
Who wants to join me?

Day 122: oh, sugar … honey, honey!

2 May

Oh, sugar!

Yesterday, I wrote about my terrible experiment with gluten free/sugar free cookies. (And, I received some helpful tips from some of you out there regarding what you love and where to find good substitutes, thank you!)

Today, I read the New York Times article “Is Sugar Toxic?” forwarded to me by a dear friend.  The article explores the impact and potential destruction sugar plays in our American Diet and how it contributes to the All-American diseases of diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

It ends with the statement, “sugar scares me”.

Well, it scares me too.

It’s with great sadness I report:
I believe I am a sugar addict. 

I’m pretty sure that’s my conclusion of the moment and of this cleanse.
I haven’t done a double-blind study or conducted experiments on lab mice, but sans quantitative data, I know this:

I adore the sweet stuff of life, and I’m not talking about precious moments with friends and family (love those too!).

I have planned entire days of my life around sugar (Dunkin’ Donuts morning coffee, lunch time mocha, mid-afternoon break with a dark chocolate square, and then of course the post-dinner dessert).

In fact, it could be a genetic hand-me-down. I was born to a woman who sprinkled brown sugar on vegetables just to trick me into eating asparagus!

Plus, I have been known to perform magic tricks making an entire bar of chocolate disappear in less than an hour!

The smoking gun?
I used to market sugar for a living (in the form of ice cream for the one with the 31) for goodness sake!

Today, the sugar article, put it all in perspective, coming on the heels of my cleanse.

It’s no surprise to me that sugar wreaks havoc on the body and liver.
I have studied nutrition and health for the last year with Integrative Nutrition and absorbed the ins and outs of diet, health and wellness from all angles imaginable.

What is a surprise to me is ACTUALLY removing the sweet substance from my life, and observing my bodily reactions living without it.

It’s not all physical.
In fact, I would argue it is much more mental. It’s a psychological roller coaster of sorts.

ME, the girl who always orders dessert, the lover of mocha, the queen of ice cream, the never met a dark chocolate square I didn’t love, the cookie monster, okay, you get it…

I guess, I’m just saying this:
The best way to understand what you KNOW in your head is to LIVE it in your life.

And, although it doesn’t feel very sweet right now, I know my body will thank me for living a less sugary life …eventually.

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