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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 9 :: friday fun

9 Jan

Ahh… it’s good to be Friday night. And it’s good to feel better (now that I can breathe post cold epidemic cough). I already feel one step closer to bliss.

I’ve got bliss on the brain these days. And I’m thinking bliss may come in the form of what we are innately drawn to, doing what we love, losing track of time because the moment is so full of focus.

So tonight I asked Justin to share one of the things that makes him blissfully happy… movies. (And something that always stumps me… movie trivia.) 

So here’s a Movie Trivia Question for you from Justin:
What is the name of the first movie Clint Eastwood directed? 

Will share the answer tomorrow! Or… you can Google it.

More tomorrow. 


 {what is your favorite pastime?}
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