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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 311 :: love – 54 days to go

7 Nov


There are 54 days left of The Promise 365! Being this close to the end brings me a new kind of excitement, something feels special about endings much like beginnings. So today, I am going to take us all the way back to the beginning. Year 1.  

Year 1 was my promise not to shop for an entire year. It was hard. I mean, really hard. I couldn’t shop for anything frivolous, no clothes, no shoes, no beautiful sheets, curtains, furniture, you know, stuff. Even my emails were screaming at me to Buy, buy, buy!!!

Of course, you know the end of the story, I did it! And this is the first lesson that I learned along the way. What we crave, whether it is a sexy little dress or a comfy couch, is really just a reflection of our needs. Stuff represents the hole inside of us that needs to be filled.

So those cute patterned sheets were really just a reflection of me wanting a better home instead of our crappy little apartment. That amazing red coat was really just a reminder of how I wanted to feel, put together, large and in charge instead of late for a meeting.

What my first promise to give up shopping taught me was to fully understand what I was putting into my life. And it all points to love. 

So on this night that marks 54 more days of The Promise 365, I am reflecting on the many lessons it has brought me along the way. Including the wisdom to realize when I really, really, really, want something, all I need is love… and a promise!

Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 310 :: don’t quit – 55 days to go

6 Nov


There are 55 days left of The Promise 365 and I have to say I am wrestling with the idea of what it means to quit. I don’t like to quit anything. It’s the athlete in me I guess. I woke up this morning with a slight panic in my heart knowing I had made the decision to complete my promise.

I called my best friend, Amy, and she reminded me that I had only intended to do this blog for one year. Since it has been nine she gave me permission to not think of this as quitting but rather moving forward. Then she gave me 100 points because Amy knows that I speak in sports. Somehow that made me feel better about my decision, even though they are phantom points and this blog is really not a team sport. So I am going to give myself points each night through the end of the year, for this isn’t quitting, it is the grand finale, the championship, the Superbowl of blogging!

So tonight, we begin the countdown to the grand finale, 55 more days to go!

On Night 55, I reflect on why I started this blog. It came from a promise I made to myself not to shop for an entire year. I was inspired by a stay at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas where I visited with Debbie Phillips of Women on Fire for a week. While being pampered with multiple massages and facials I realized something deeply profound: I had never stayed at a spa before.

Why was this? I didn’t know until I looked at the price list for my next massage and realized it was expensive, the same price as the dress I had just bought from Boston designer Cibeline. I loved clothes! I loved shoes! But what I loved, even more, was the feeling I was having covered in lavender essential oil after a Starry, Starry Night massage. I wanted more of it. 

Little did I know that was going to be the moment that changed the next nine years. I had the same feeling then that I have now… standing on the precipice of change. Then, I was making a promise to not shop for an entire year and instead invest that money in my head, heart, body and soul (and spa treatments!). Now, I am making a decision to end that first promise that led me down a path nine years long.

Two different moments, but the same feeling is inside me. Change.

When we change we draw a line in the sand between the past and the future. We throw down the gauntlet of routine and say to the universe, “Surprise me!” Instead of clinging to the past we reach out to the future.

This is me, reaching out to the future. If I have learned anything in these past nine years it is this: don’t get stuck looking back, it is better to move forward.   

I am excited about what the future will bring. But for the next 55 days I will be sharing moments of the past, the lessons I have learned from writing this blog every night. So, keep reading (don’t quit on me now!). 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 285 :: kind underwear

12 Oct

Hello Airport.

I fell in love with a pair of underwear this week. I know, it sounds silly. But is there anything more KIND than a great pair of underwear?

The funny thing is I found them in the airport. After I realized that I forgot to pack underwear for my trip this week. After I had already gone through security. Don’t ask me how I forgot, they just didn’t make it in my bag.

“Where am I going to get underwear?” I thought to myself as I walked to my gate, plotting a trip to get underwear somewhere in Chicago once I landed.

Just then, I walked by a little store and noticed out of the corner of my eye a display of underwear on the back wall.  SCORE!  I turned my roller bag and beelined it into Exofficio.

When the sales clerk asked if she could help me, I smiled. Actually, I grimaced, as I admitted that I forgot to pack underwear.

“Oh, you are going to LOVE our underwear!” She walked me to the back wall and went into more detail than anyone has ever gone into before about the panties on your rear.

She gushed:
“They are so thin you can barely feel them on!
They fit perfectly!
They are odor free and stain free!
You can wash them in the sink and they dry in ten minutes so you don’t have to pack as many pairs when you go on vacation!”

I smiled at her nicely, but in the back of my head, I thought she was tiny bit crazy. I just needed some underpanties pronto and didn’t care if they required dry cleaning at this point. As long as they could get me to Chicago and back I was sold.

I checked out and went on my way. Funny thing is… she was right.  I LOVE this underwear. More than I loved my patterned underoos as a kid. Upon arriving back in SeaTac airport today I walked myself right back into that store and bought a few more pairs to take home.

As I was checking out the sales clerk recognized me. I nodded and said, “Yes, I’m back! And I LOVE the underwear!”

Just then, a woman checking out at the counter looked over at me and said, “Underwear?” with a quizzical look.

I found myself gushing:
“They are so thin you can barely feel them on!
They fit perfectly!
They are odor free and stain free!
You can wash them in the sink and they dry in ten minutes so you don’t have to pack as many pairs when you go on vacation!”

Yeah…. so I have now talked more about my underwear with strangers in airports in one week than I have over my entire life. But let me say this: nothing is more kind than a great pair of underoos on your bottom. Talk about feeling powerful and kind all at the same time.

(Bonus! They told me Exofficio has a super undies sale two times a year.)

My new motto: be kind and wear comfortable underwear.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 264 :: hgtv bliss

26 Sep
I’m sitting here watching HGTV with my cousin, Amy.

And watching HGTV is a perfectly fun outlet for me. Almost blissful really. It’s like playing house vicariously through other people. Which reminds me of playing with my Barbies as a little girl. Something Amy and I would do together all the time.

As little girls, we even packed all our Barbie clothes for a big family vacation in one suitcase, and our clothes in another suitcase. It was a solid plan, to save room and to be able to take all the Barbie accessories we would need on the road. It was a great plan, until we forgot one of the suitcases. The one with our clothing in it.

We had to borrow clothing from family and friends, everyone pitched in so we could have a change of clothing on the trip. The hardest part was finding a bathing suit (especially for my height and long legs) which we both ended up borrowing from others. I know, “gross” is exactly what I”m thinking now too… but back then it was incredibly important to go to the Hydrotube with all the other kids and we would have done anything to tag along.

Including wearing my first two-piece suit. Borrowed from another cousin’s friend. I thought it was pretty fashionable in a cool, older girl sort of way. My father on the other hand thought he was going to have a heart attack at the thought of me walking around a public pool in a bikini years more mature than my pre-teen age.

And that, tonight, along with Amy’s laughter over the memory of it all, brings me more bliss that you can imagine. Family memories. Our childhood packing faux pas. Especially on the eve that head home to be with my father for his surgery.

And that reminds me…
Family is bliss…. in memories, in laughter, in togetherness and in so many more important ways.

More tomorrow.
{family time}

Day 352: holly getty to the rescue

18 Dec

Holly Getty where are you?

I am packing for Christmas vacation which will whisk us off to the Northwest in a few days and my wardrobe seems drab.  While pulling out all my winter clothes I realize they have one thing in common — the color  black.

With the exception of a red scarf.  And, I have to admit the scarf looks better on Pup in the warm Florida sun than it does on me!

As I look over my cold weather wardrobe I am intrigued by how environment influences colors, textures and the whole ensemble.

My Florida clothes look as if I stepped right off of Candy Cane Lane, with hues of pinks and greens and turquoise too.

And, my Massachusetts clothes look like a funeral procession of black on black.

Makes me wonder what I will choose when 2012 arrives and I can start shopping again.

I know I will never mindlessly shop again, but I do need to take into account my dual life between Martha’s Vineyard and Naples.

So …Holly Getty to the rescue!

Last summer, while in the middle of this promise, Holly promised to take me shopping when I could purchase again (YAY!).  Back then, Holly asked me what I wanted to look like next year — what did I wish for deep down inside?

At the time I was so deep into my promise I was puzzled about shopping in general — 2012 felt SO far away.

But here we are closing in on the New Year.
So, how do I feel?

For starters I need an underwear overhaul.  But, after that, I really want Holly to help me pair down my closet and define my authentic style before we really go shopping.

For inspiration, I have started a Pinterest board with images I love so Holly can get a sense of fashion I fall for.  Feel free to puruse here.

But, in the end, shopping will just be icing on the cake.
If there is anything I have learned over this year, it is I already have everything I need.

And, as we close in on these final weeks of 2012, I know in my heart that we can do anything (really!) — for an entire year.

Day 316: moving sucks

12 Nov

Pretty much all I have to say about today is this:
Moving heavy stuff is really not my strength — no pun intended.

And, it’s a good thing I’m not shopping this year because just where did all those boxes of clothes come from anyway? It’s enough to make me think I could go another year without shopping!

The one of us who had the best day was this one — Mr. Number One Pup — all happy sitting on the lanai sunning himself and following us around the house as we moved boxes.

If it sounds like I am complaining …well, I am.  But, not about being in warm and sunny Florida, more about being in the moving of boxes and furniture vortex. It puts me in a bad mood.

Tomorrow begins the official organizing day, and painting of furniture day, and don’t-lift-anything-heavier-than-ourselves-day.

After that, it’s officially take care of the body and sore muscles day. Or maybe lay outside on the lanai all day.

It is a dog’s life.

Day 157: can i borrow the shirt off your back?

6 Jun

What an amazing day with Women on Fire!

Here I am in Columbus, Ohio with Debbie Phillips and Jan Allen welcoming with open arms some absolutely amazing women who are ON FIRE and full of sparks.

And, I enjoyed it all with a half borrowed outfit.

Here is a photo of it … can you guess the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?

I’ll tell you tomorrow, until then… here’s your Where’s Waldo puzzle of the day (can you find the borrowed clothes?)


Day 148: does your bathing suit fit?

28 May

The holiday is here and it’s already hot! 
I guess that means Mother Nature is fully on board to kick off summer this Memorial Day weekend,

It also marks the beginning of another beloved annual event:
Summer Sorting.

Today, we opened up tubs and dove into our summer goods and determined their ultimate destiny.  Stay or Go?  Goodwill or Summer fun?

It came with the agony and pain of trying on shorts ~ do you still fit?
There was the dress with the broken strap ~ just why am I saving this?

And, then there was shoes.
Ah… the shoes.

It’s much easier for me to toss a sweater, throw a tank top or a swimsuit than to say goodbye to a pair of shoes.

But, I did, with a little strategy in mind.

I used Holly Getty’s style points to help me out:
Does this makes me feel one of these three words:
Loved?  Bright?  Naturally Glamorous?

Even better, all of these three words?

The ones that didn’t make the cut got voted off the island.

That’s one small step for Goodwill.
And, one giant leap for Jamie.

In the end, it leaves us with a pile of clothes and a tub of shoes crawling up the bedroom wall waiting for their Goodwill debut.  But, for me, it’s an uncluttered move for both my head and and my closet!

And, oh, yes…
The shorts and bathing suit still fit!
At least for this season.

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