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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 314 :: cleanse – 51 days to go

10 Nov


There are 51 days left of The Promise 365!

My father is here visiting, so today we drove to Salem, Massachusetts and walked through the Salem Witch Museum and the House of Seven Gables. On this trip I realized two things, I have never read the book The House of Seven Gables despite it being on the top reading list for high school students (I have no idea how I missed it) and also, we broke our 4-week cleanse for the first time. But it was all worth it.

We ate at Salem’s best little restaurant, The Lobster Shanty, home of warm beer and lobster mac and cheese. And possibly the world’s best clam chowder. I ordered a veggie burger which is almost okay on our plant-based cleanse. This is how it begins. One cheat day and then the real work begins to stay on track.

It seems ironic to me that I have successfully completed two major cleanses in my lifetime. The first was the very first year of this blog, and as it turns out, the second is in what will be the very last year of this blog.

The first cleanse, The Colorado Cleanse was a 30-day Ayurvedic version where I gave up chocolate, coffee, and alcohol (all staples of my diet at the time) and had to eat raw butter and drink castor oil on the very last day (yuck!) .

This second cleanse, Purium, is a milder routine with an array of plant-based food choices, green shakes, digestive enzymes, protein pills and all the plants, cucumbers and celery I could ever enjoy (I’ve already released 8 pounds). It’s a much nicer routine for my body and one that I could see myself sustaining into the future.

In the first cleanse I was focused on taking things out of my diet, on the second cleanse I have been focused on adding more good things into my body. In so many ways, this juxtaposition sums up my experience in The Promise 365. Where in the past I would choose what was hard, now I opt for the things that are abundant and easy with just the same rewards. 

So, here’s to celebrating what is easy, feels good and brings you more abundance. 

Trust me!
More tomorrow.Jamie


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Day 121: gluten free, sugar free, icky!

1 May

It’s been over three weeks since I ate chocolate.
That’s 2 weeks of cleansing and 1 and 1/2 weeks of post cleanse protocol of no gluten, no dairy, no sugar.


No shopping and no chocolate!
This is no way for a girl to have fun.

So, tonight, I broke down and rummaged through the labyrinth of Whole Foods in search of something that would be Gluten Free/Sugar Free/Dairy Free but able to satiate my sweet tooth.

I found these:

They were certainly a poor substitute for the all-American chocolate chip cookie. (Pam Peterson, master of the super addictive homemade chocolate chip cookie, your sweets are sorely missed!)

Doesn’t matter I guess, I can’t eat the real thing for another week.

Compared to the alternative of NOTHING, these dried out little puke-y pucks did the trick.

They are so awful they make a raw apple look sweeter than molten chocolate lava cake.

And, maybe that’s what this whole cleanse process was supposed to do in the first place. Make the sweets and treats of my dreams so foreign that I end up craving apples, grapes and pears (oh, my!).

It most certainly is better for my body.

Which would be great…
If I only had an apple.

Day 109: finishing, finished, finito. finally!

19 Apr

It’s so easy to start something, with an idea, with a spark of passion, with a glimmer of hope. It’s the finish line that screws up the starting part.

Today was the very last 24 hours of our 2-week cleanse.

And, sadly, I almost caved.
During a lunch meeting.
In front of a salad.

I started out being a very good girl, sticking to my last day regimen of no dairy, no fat, no gluten with a bowl of berries for breakfast.

At lunch I joined Debbie Phillips and Jan Allen for our Women on Fire team meeting and confidently knew I could find something to eat at the restaurant Bravo!  As I poured over the menu, I saw many options of salad with all usual suspects I couldn’t eat, blue cheese, bacon, etc.

No problem.
I can nix this, delete that, put some avocado on it (avocado is allowed, yummy!).
I can work with this … Bravo!

Okay, let’s be honest:
If there is one complicated way to finish a cleanse, it is eating at a restaurant. Not because you can’t find food to fit the bill, more because you immediately step into the role of “high maintenance customer” (Said in Oprah’s sing-songy voice for more impact. Try it again: “high maintenance customer!“)

After explaining to the waitress that I was on a cleanse, it’s my last day, no dairy, no gluten, yada yada yada, yada, I ordered a salad and then promptly asked her to 86 everything but the cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes. Oh, yeah, can I add some avocado? And, could I get more lemon slices? Oh, wait! And, a side of steamed broccoli.

Not a problem.
Everything they serve is freshly prepared, made on the spot.
She assured me.

Well, she was right.
It all came out, perfectly orchestrated, beautifully prepared with sliced avocado and a side of broccoli.

PLUS,  a big splattering of PARMESAN CHEESE across the top of it all.


My hunger pain immediately turned into a little devil on my shoulder, poking me with a fork saying:

“It’s your last day, what’s a little dairy going to do anyway? I mean, I can barely see it. Go ahead, Eat! Eat! Eat!”

And that’s when the little angle popped up beside me and said:

“You spent two weeks following the cleanse to a T, swallowing all that ghee, taking all the herbs, eating all the rice, drinking all the lemon water, and not once did you waver. SEND THE FOOD BACK and get what you want.”

And, in that split second I actually thought about eating the cheese. It wouldn’t be the end of the world or my digestive tract, I told myself.

But, even more so, I knew it wouldn’t be the way I wanted to end the commitment I made to myself.

So I donned my most pleasant “high maintenance customer” voice and asked the waiter to take it back. He actually looked pained by the prospect of having to bring back another salad sans cheese. But, he did.

So it was, today, I finished this cleanse.
The way I wanted.

Beyond dropping a few pounds, quelling my craving for coffee, learning to blend beets into applesauce, eating 3 solid meals a day without snacking, and taking really good care of my body through massage and yoga, and dealing with some emotional toxins too…

These two weeks reminded me of this:

We start to finish.
But, finishing is the best part of the start.
If you get all the way to the end, why not finish your way?

106: taxes and castor oil don’t mix

16 Apr

This is me.
This is me on taxes.
And castor oil.

I can’t promise my words will make sense tonight as my brain is dead from Turbo Tax overload.

And my body isn’t quite sure what to expect since it drank 1/8 cup of castor oil about an hour ago — to fulfill the last requirement of the main cleanse (that’s right, I said castor oil!).

Taxes or castor oil?
I’m not sure which one was easier to swallow tonight.

In fact, they may be the same thing.
“A burdensome charge, obligation, duty, or demand” as the dictionary notes.

I guess I didn’t really think through the timing on this cleanse, seeing that it paired up exactly with the 2 weeks leading up to Tax Day.

Ironic? Cruel?
Some sick joke from the universe?

I will ponder this tonight as I dream of strawberries and apples and salad. All of which I am allowed to eat  beginning tomorrow.

I am SO over coffee and chocolate cravings, since I haven’t had either since 1999 (okay, it’s actually just been 11 days ~ but it feels like over 11 years!)

I do have one thing to say: Watch out Ritchey’s Produce and Whole Foods Market! I will be out on the town tomorrow looking for a cornucopia of fruit and greens!

That’s my own personal rule.
(sorry yellow fruit but you stink).

Bottom line:
Taxes are inevitable.
Cleansing was a choice.

The Promise 365 has sent me diving stomach first into a Spring cleaning.
And, I think I might just be better for it.

As the old ad line goes:
It does a body good.

Day 103: spring flings and other things

13 Apr

Maybe it’s just Spring…

Or maybe I’m going a tad bit nuts with this 2 week cleanse.

Whatever is going on I know this: I see life bursting into action all around me.

This morning I witnessed two male ducks toppling all over each other in some sort of aggressive territorial dance. It ended with one chasing the other on foot (webbed foot) into the man-made lake/pond/body-o-water that hugs our apartment complex.

Yesterday, a family of baby ducks strolled right by my office window. The fuzzy little yellow chicks were beyond adorable as they fluttered behind their Mama and appeared ready for action, as if practicing for their Cadbury Chocolate television commercial debut.

Butterflies, blue jays, squirrels, ibis, and some other bird with red markings have been following me around all day.  It feels like I entered a 1930’s colorized cartoon from Disney himself. If little dwarfs show up then I know I’m hallucinating.

Seriously, though, it is Spring all around.

IF I were shopping, I would be wooed to purchase a few new items to boldly declare that Spring has definitely, unarguably, absolutely arrived, even if the weather acts differently.

And, I think this is precisely where my love affair with seasonal clothes begins.

First, it is the THE REQUIRED NEW EASTER DRESS, which progresses into NEW SHOES TO MATCH, which leads to spotting THE FIRST PAIR OF SHORTS OF THE SEASON and finally eclipses somewhere around I’VE GOT TO HAVE THAT BATHING SUIT.

A seasonal permission slip to reinvent myself ~ through my closet.

And who can argue with the ecstasy of new clothes!?
Let’s face it, it’s invigorating to throw on a new tank top and test out some bright colors after schlepping around in woolly, dark, heavy, layered outfits all winter.

But not this year.
No shopping.
Not for me.

True, I have mostly been in warm weather places so no need to strip layers of wool and mittens, but The Promise 365 has me sorting through other sorts of “closets” this Spring.

First, there is the Colorado Cleanse program — which I am proud to say I actually enjoy at Day 8. My body has got with the program. I feel new energy and less weight.

Then, there is the emotional layers of the cleanse at work, which include addressing deep emotions, and writing letters to myself and others. It’s detoxifying-ly painful at times, but it’s working. I feel lighter.

And, that makes me think:
Maybe the birds and the butterflies and the baby animals have been there all along. Maybe it was me who was too blurry to fully see.

As far as clothes go, I will miss the new additions that won’t be procured for my closet this Spring. While I may be a few strappy sandals short of a spring fling, I do know this:

It’s a new season, with new life.

Whether you’re buying or not, I hope you see all the wonders of your world.
Maybe they are right outside your window?


Day 102: love letters

12 Apr

Dear Cleanse Day 7:

Today I feel good.
Not great, (yet) but I do feel good.

Yesterday was a challenge.
You put me through the ringer.

My blood sugar levels were wacky and all over the place. I woke up to phlegm (ahhheemm!) and can only guess that is the detox working its magic, forcing my body to remove some toxic sludge.

So, thank you.
I think this is working.

However, you didn’t stop there.
Not only have I swallowed your ghee, and stuck to the Three-Times-A-Day Rice Regimen …yesterday, you also asked me to write a love letter.

That was okay. I can do that.
I love, well, love.

But you require more.
To write a love letter to a person who I have a hard time being around, a person who makes me feel less of myself, someone who has made me feel constricted.

Not. Easy.

Well, I did it… and you know what?
It felt good. Really, it did. Because forgiveness is a powerful force.

But, tonight!
TONIGHT, you want me to really send that letter to that person. You are making this tougher and tougher dear Cleanse.

So, I will do it.
Reluctantly, sure.
But with an open heart.

And I know it will feel much cleaner and happier too.
Cause if there is one place I don’t want toxins, it’s in my heart.


P.S.  I almost forgot! Thank you for the yoga and meditation. It was a great way to start my day.

Day 100: oh ghee! what do you love?

10 Apr

Wow. Here we are, 100 days into 2011.

Can you believe it?
How is your promise going?

Day 100 marks a milestone, as we are oh-so-close to 1/3 of the way through this year.

So far, no frivolous purchases over here and a handful of really meaningful investments in my head, heart, body & soul, including (but not limited to):

  • massages
  • a yoga challenge
  • a new facial routine
  • blender (Oster The Grouch) for green smoothies
  • a week-long vacation (where I actually took time off!)
  • a lot more self-care

Speaking of self-care, today was my first day of the “main cleanse” on the Colorado Cleanse program.

Which started out with glee, I mean, ghee.
After plugging my nose and holding my breathe in hopes of not vomiting all over the kitchen, I downed the required 2 Teaspoons of warm ghee. Yesterday, I thought we had to take 2 Tablespoons — whew! turns out it is only teaspoons.

And, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.
It was worse.

While I know it’s not a test, I would like to score a 100 for me, for my body, and stick to the program with a perfect score. But, I can’t stomach it.

So tomorrow morning, I will be doing the pansy dance and taking my ghee (which is doubled to 4 teaspoons) with some warm almond milk. It’s allowed ~ I checked the manual. And, it’s all I can handle, so I know it is perfect.

As we embark on these super deep cleansing days of the program, we also venture into a little self reflection.

You don’t have to drink ghee, stick to a rice diet, or drink half your weight in water (in ounces) to perform this little miracle.

In total transparency I have shared my answers with you. Feel free to play along with your own answers too.

What brings you joy?
being creative, doing great things, sharing special moments, children, family, artistic endeavors, travel, writing, yoga, spa treatments, friends, dogs…

Are you doing these things?
If not, what is keeping you from doing these things?
I realize I am doing most of these things but I am too far away from friends and family to share the special moments that I cherish.  I wish I did yoga more often.  I think more self-discipline and planning could solve both of these.

List three qualities you love about your spouse, partner or loved one.
Find a way to express your appreciation for these qualities throughout the day.

I love Justin’s caring personality, how it runs very deep in everything that he does. I love his loyalty to what he loves (Patriots, Red Sox, Pup, the beach, turtles, and me!). I love how he makes me laugh through his smart, witty, and fun sense of humor (even when I’m mad).  And, I love how he looks at the world.

So what’s the point?
Apparently, we not only store toxic build up in our fat cells, from years of exposure to environmental toxins (think plastics, pesticides, pollutants), we also store toxic emotions in our fat cells too.

Not a good reason to carry love handles.
So here’s to getting a handle on emotions and releasing some toxic goop.

And being good to your heart.

As in, love thy self.

Now, excuse me, I’m going to go tell a guy how great he is.
Maybe there is someone in your life who deserves the same?

Day 99: bottles of beer on the wall

9 Apr

Just kidding.
No bottles of beer in sight over here as we officially close Day 4 of the Colorado Cleanse. I couldn’t help myself with that headline.  (Somebody stop me!)

Day 4 brought another batch of fresh veggies from Chef Jamie. That’s right, I just placed “chef” in front of my name. Bold move. But, you see, I now know how to grind up raw beets in my blender, Oster The Grouch. (I am so proud, I may be turning beet red.)

Tomorrow is Day 100 of investing in my head, heart, body & soul.

Can you believe it?!
I can barely control myself. Feels like I should throw a party. A pahtee, as they say, with pâté.

Instead, I will be headed smack dab into the “main cleanse” which is sure to be the main attraction.

Tomorrow starts with two overflowing tablespoons of ghee.
Yes, warm butter.
As in fat.

Makes sense to me, except one thing: why wouldn’t chocolate do the same trick?

But nooooo …we are following the program ~ to a ghee.

Dr. Douillard’s program says that eating fat (ghee) first thing in the morning (followed by the strict regimen of rice) is the best way to burn fat the rest of the day.

And, in fact, for the rest of the day we will be digesting basically rice. Somehow that is the magic potion to jump starting the body’s own ability to burn its stores of fat. A.K.A. spring cleaning. (And, I’ve got some stuff stored in the rear attic that knows it is time to move on out).

Wash and repeat for 6 more days.
Morning. Noon. Night.
(I mean: big lump of ghee, rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, rice for dinner).

Now, doesn’t that sound fun. What a party.
Sure you don’t want to join us?

I understand, if you’re, like, grilling in the backyard or throwing down a dog at a Red Sox game (those poor guys) or otherwise enjoying the first signs of spring.

So have a beer for me.
Believe me, if I could, I would.
Actually, that’s not true, I would choose 1 bar of chocolate over 99 bottles of beer any day.

(okay, maybe everyday!)

Day 97: it ain’t easy being green (again)

7 Apr

What would you do if there were no internet?
I, for one, can barely function.

Today, I woke up to a bright sunny Florida morning with no connection to the rest of the world.  No Email, Facebook, Google, Skype. No internet.

Which would be fine if I didn’t need it for, like, EVERYTHING I do!

So, there was only one thing I could do.
That’s right, go to my “other office” at Panera.

Which would normally be a welcomed break, in fact, it would be a little bit of mocha heaven for me, if today were not DAY 2 OF CLEANSING.

After hours of waiting for the green connection light to appear, after fiddling with the black box and starring a hole in the router, I finally gave in and got up the courage to go to the land of coffee and chocolate.

Ah, The Land of Coffee and Chocolate!
Where all your dreams come true.
Where just walking in the door promises baked goods, cookies, brownies, and coffee.

Plus! Your loyalty card gives you a surprise treat when you check out …as in:

“Congratulations! You have a FREE espresso beverage on your card, would you like to use it today?”

Just hot water.
Thanks. (I think.)

Panera had internet.
Problem solved.

But, it highlighted another problem …coffee just might be my ultimate weakness. If I were super, it would be kriptonite.

The crazy thing is, I am totally fine without coffee.
I can go weeks (okay, days) without that crazy South American bean. But, one whiff of it and my craving center lights up saying, “Take me, I’m yours.”

Today, I did not partake.
I sat right there in the middle of Coffee Central and ignored the temptation all around.

You see, I was completely focused on that other little addiction I have:  the internet.

But, this day has a happy ending.
A greener one I might add too.

Day 2 of the Colorado Cleanse got me back into the kitchen.
This time around the Green Smoothie was more like a hot soup, and boy was it good! Oster The Blender got a workout between the celery, zucchini, parsley and string beans.

Sounds terrible, I know.
But, it tasted great.

And, I did it!
A small step for mankind, a giant leap for Jamie.
And that just proves, YOU can do anything too.

Day 96: mamma had a baby and its head…

6 Apr

Today, I did something I never thought I would do:
I made 3 meals and stuck to it without snacking.

No coffee and no chocolate either!

I also bought dandelion greens.
Not really my choice, it was officially Day 1 of the Colorado Cleanse.

More about those dandy little weeds:
I always thought of dandelions as just weeds, and welcomed their yellow tops peeking through the sidewalks as a sign of Spring when I was a child.  Of course the fun part was singing this song and then popping off the flowery yellow tops…

Mama had a baby and it’s head popped off!

Turns out the greens I bought at Whole Foods today are more like a distant relative to my childhood play things. Here’s more about dandelion greens if you are curious.

They will eventually go in a green smoothie this week or maybe a salad.
Haven’t decided yet.

I have decided this:
Just one day in to this cleanse and I realize I have erratic eating patterns.

It may be a blood sugar issue, it may be just a 3 pm crash, but I know this ~ that is precisely when I crave sweets, specifically a square of dark chocolate, or even better a hot mocha.

Jamie did a cleanse and her head popped off!

So, it was today, at 3pm, I indeed thought my head was going to pop off.

What’s the cure?
I don’t know …all I can do is drink water in between meals.

So, I spent half the afternoon in the bathroom.

Which brings me back to dandelions …did you know the plant name is commonly referred to as pissenlit in French or pissabed in English?

So it’s kind of ironic that I have been in the bathroom half the day, and I just now realize I have yet to take a shower.

Yeah, that’s, um …pretty gross.
Signing off, as I need to make my way to a cleansing!


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