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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 165 :: crow

19 Jun

Day 165: Birds.

Happy Father’s Day.

Today while talking to my own papa I heard a cackling of crows outside my window. It was very Alfred Hitchcock. And loud.

And then tonight there was this.
The full moon:

It is all sort of eery but it has me hoping that summer is on its way for real. Like the moon and the birds know something I don’t. Longer nights. Warmer weather.

The season, it is a changing.

And… now it’s time for me to try out my own crow.
Yoga style.

More tomorrow.

{fly, baby, fly}

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Day 71: follow your bliss

11 Mar

“Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid.”
Joseph Campbell 

Why is it that just when I master something, the next, next thing pops up?

For instance, I just got CROW.

It’s been a long time in the making, but finally, my scrawny little arms mastered the move on my yoga mat.  I can now swing my legs up above my elbows and not fall on my face.


I was just feeling strong in my newfound ability to do this, but then (“then” always follows “but”)…

Today, while in yoga class, just as I created my 5-second CROW, the instructor took us one more level up — to a HEADSTAND.

I dropped to the ground and squatted on my mat, looking around the room, watching everyone else commit head down, legs skyward  My mind raced.

Now, just how do I go from my new CROW to THAT?

Then, these words were spoken.
“Are you going to make this easy or struggle with it?”

As I sat there, clinging my bottom to my mat, the full impact of our instructor’s words hit me in the heart. “Are you going to make this easy or struggle with it?”

Am I going to struggle with this?  I asked myself. 

So, what did I do?
I landed myself right back into CROW, where it was comfortable and clear and EASY.

I am slowly learning to go at my own pace, to walk to the beat of my own drum — and to be less caught up with what others are doing around me in the world, and in yoga class.

I didn’t do a headstand in yoga today.
And, really, who cares?

I have just barely mastered my newfound CROW — which wasn’t easy for me to do just a few weeks ago.  But, now I LOVE it!  I practice it at home while watching TV. I show off to Justin just to prove that I can, indeed, do it.

It is my little accomplishment — a little moment of bliss.

So, today, I followed my bliss. 
And wasn’t afraid.  

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