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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 44 :: joyful day

15 Feb

It was a good day. A normal day. And I’m finding there is much joy in that.

Pup returned to his own lovable, walkable, tail wagging, treat seeking self. Which was a joy to behold. 

Sometimes normal can be so good. So joyous. And so worth the wait.

Joy is teaching me to enjoy the everyday normalness that comes in between the moments we remember the most. Every day can be so out of this world if we let it. 

More tomorrow…


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 150 dog owner kindness

22 Jun


We met a new neighbor today – because she had a dog.

There seems to be a trend among dog owners – they say hello to each other and I think that is pretty kind.

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 216 :: that time when…

12 Aug

Day 216: Relax, don’t do it.

And this is what we call #Friday.
Or… Brady being Brady.
Or… The Big Yawn.
Or… Upward Dog.

Or maybe, bad, distracted, pushover dog master extraordinaire who let it happen to get the photo.
You choose.

Happy Friday. (Yoga done!)

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 137 :: dogged determination

18 May

Day 137: Brady.

I live with a food stalker. His name is Brady. He knows where all the food in the house is at all times. I mean ALL the food at ALL times.

Here is sleeps so cute and cuddly next to Pup. But really, this is all a facade. He is calculating his next sneaky food-swiping move.

Which he promptly orchestrated moments after I took this photo. It was just a bowl of oatmeal. But he devoured it in the 30 seconds I walked away from the kitchen. DEVOURED it. An entire bowl of oatmeal. Dry, bland oats. 

Thanks to Brady, there will be no second batch of oatmeal chocolate power bars. There aren’t enough oats left to mix a bar together for breakfast.

But I think there is much we can learn from our little Brady. Sure, the obvious is to not leave food out on the counter (even said oats). But there is more to observe.

This dog.
He has me thinking a lot about dogged determination. In the pursuit of what we love most. For him it is food. Any food. Even dry, bland, oats.

For you it might be dancing, singing, creating, doing. For me, it is making promises and showing up. And this year, that means yoga.

But there is also this: opportunity. 
Brady knows how to patiently wait for his window of opportunity to open. And when it appears he leaps. There is no second guessing. No hesitation. No over-thinking. There is no self-talk. Brady does not stop to ask, “Should I go for that bowl of oats now? What if she comes back and finds me all head in the bowl paws on the counter? What if I get in trouble?”

Nope. Brady is all action.
He’s a Wait. Watch. Strike. Live with the consequences sort of dog.
And as frustrating as that is at times, I have to say, I respect it.
No, I actually love it. It’s inspiring really.

So, tonight, as I put away the rest of my oatmeal chocolate bar ingredients, I leave you with this. The next time you find yourself waiting and watching, just think of Brady.

Go for it.  

More tomorrow.

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 122 :: yoga done!

2 May

Day 123: Complete. 

Yoga done. For today at least.
It’s funny, I never would have thought when starting a promise six years ago that it would lead to this. Doing yoga every night.

But so far, so good. No major acrobatic powers, I can not leap buildings in a single bound, I have not lost weight, I have not turned into a chanting guru.

But Pup… he has found a new bed: apparently all you need is a yoga mat and a blanket. Under that blanket on top of that mat is a Pup.

And, so, it proves that everybody starts their yoga journey somewhere.

More tomorrow.


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 105 :: birthday happy

15 Apr

Day 105: Pup.

Pup officially turned fifteen years young today. And Pup sure makes the aging process look graceful.

He can still run and bound with the best of them. And most of the time this is the view I see, as I try to keep up with him.

The little whippersnapper.

And in honor of Pup Almighty I am sharing the 15 Things I Love Most about our #1 Pup.

  1. His array of nicknames: Pupper. Pupperoni. Pupsy. Pup-Pup. #1 Pup. Pupperdoodle.
  2. His love of tennis balls.
  3. His ability to find the softest and most comfortable space in any place, house or car.
  4. His sniffer. It’s world class. He should have been a sommelier.
  5. How he shares his dog bed and lets Brady lay on top of him.
  6. The way he perks his ears up when you say his favorite words (Outside. Treat. Hungry)
  7. The funny little groan he makes when you rub his ears.
  8. His love of kitties. He watches for them out the window but then doesn’t know what to do when one gets close.
  9. He will pose for photos. Literally hold a pose.
  10. How he falls asleep with one paw straight up in the air.
  11. Watching him run in his dreams, legs running, nose snoring.
  12. His demands. He paws at my leg when he wants to go outside. He gets what he wants, when he wants it. He’s determined.
  13. How he tells on Brady, when Brady has done something he shouldn’t have done.
  14. All the memories we have together: the road trips, from the Vineyard to Florida, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington.
  15. The patch of white fur on his chest in the shape of a #1.

That’s our Pupper.
And we love him.

More tomorrow.

P.S. Yoga up next!



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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 289 :: a blissful walk

20 Oct


Today’s Bliss….. a walk in the park.

I’ve come to an obvious conclusion. We don’t own dogs. They own us. This wisdom I didn’t come to while reading a book or doing some research. It hit me rather when both of my legs were tied up in dog leashes, one wound around the other, with a dog at each end going in two different directions after different pursuits.

One dog wanted to smell the grass. The other dog wanted to smell something much more unpleasant which shall remain unnamed. I wanted them both to walk next to me and stick to the path so I could get back to my desk in time for a conference call.

They didn’t care.

This reminds me of a walk I did once while visiting friends in Vermont. My friend Karen, also a card carrying dog owner, came up with the brilliant idea that we should take our dogs for a walk out in the country (which is pretty much any road in Vermont). She thought to invite other dog owners who might want to join in. They all did. I had Pup in tow, who was and still is a Vizsla. Everyone else had their well behaved Labs and Goldens.

This was the first time I noticed there was something wrong with my dog. Everyone else had four-legged friends who walked nicely next to them, strolling along with the adults, as if they were listening to the conversation and taking notes. Their leashes were limp, following after, as if an afterthought.

I had Pup. A Vizsla, born and bread to hunt, smell and point out all the oddities of mother nature. For every step I took forward Pup took two steps back. I spent the entire walk tugging at the end of his taught leash hissing, “Come on Pup!” while trying (and failing) to keep up with the others.

This is life with a Viszla.

I am now resigned to this fact: we do not and probably never will, have picture perfect walks. We have Pup led adventures. We go wherever his nose goes. Add Brady to the mix and I end up twisted between the two leashes, being pulled in two different directions, between fallen leaves, fire hydrant posts, fence corners and tree stumps.

And yet, something about this total chaotic mess feels like a walk in the park. They make me stand still. Even if my feet are twisted between their leashes. They make me stop and feel the cool October air. Even if I am hissing under my breath for them to catch up, stop it, keep moving, come here, don’t do that.

They make me slow down and take life one smell at a time.
And maybe that is their secret recipe for bliss?

More tomorrow.
{smell anything new?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 230 :: the epitome of bliss

24 Aug

This is a throwback to an oldie but goodie. I love this photo because it looks like pure bliss.

Pure Pup Bliss.

I wonder what this feels like for a dog? I mean, does it get any better than this… Favorite ball. Sunny day. Rolling in the grass. Eyes closed looking at the sun.

I think it’s the epitome of happy.
A moment of bliss.
And a reminder to me that bliss and happy can be so simple.
Thanks Pup!

More tomorrow.

  {what’s your bliss reminder?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 88 :: dog therapy

29 Mar

We have a problem. And it’s all my fault.

At some point in time, we (I) allowed Brady the Puppy to sleep in our bed. It started when he was a little pup and would bark his head off, squealing for bloody murder if we left him in a kennel at night. It’s a long story that ends up with him in our bed.

Then I had a round of 3 surgeries in less than two years and we somehow got the puppy out of the bed so I could recover. But he is a sneaky puppy. And I am a sucker. So Brady has maneuvered his way back into the bed. And when I say “in the bed” I mean under the covers. (It’s apparently a Vizsla thing).

After many sleepless nights I have called in the experts. Or rather, a targeted Google Search and then a follow up purchase on Amazon. I ordered a heated dog bed. One that cost more than our entire bedding set.

The theory was to get Brady a happy and comfortable spot all his own, with a heated bed (instead of seeking out our body heat under the covers).

The bed arrived! The bed is heated! The bed does exactly what it says it will do!
And somehow thirteen-year old Pup who already sleeps on the floor figured it out before Brady.

It’s now Pup’s bed.

But here’s the really cool thing. It has somehow rejuvenated Pup. Something about the heat has his joints happy and has put a bounce in his step. He even runs and jumps now when Brady wants to play.

It’s a therapy bed. Maybe not the sleep therapy I was looking for, but it’s bringing our older Pup bliss. And well, that’s worth every penny.

Night night!

More tomorrow.

  {what bliss is on your list?}

2014 BLOG – DAY 83 :: set up for success?

24 Mar

Tonight is short, sweet and all about Brady.

All day long I look out this window and see these beautiful little flower buds on the tree.

Sometimes Brady, the dog that moves at warp speed, sits in the chair to look out the window too.

It’s one of the only times he sits still.

So I took a photo.

Catching him in slow motion is a skill and an art, so of course, I had to share it here!

It reminds me of peak performance, because Brady is at his best when he is running and jumping (not sitting). There’s something to learn from that…. putting yourself in an environment that will set you up for success.

Because when it comes to sitting, well, Brady is just kind of okay at it. He can do it. He will do it — especially if you offer him a treat.

But ask this dog to run? That’s when he really shines.
Jump? How high!
Run Brady, run. Good dog.

Don’t we all deserve to show off in the places where we shine? Instead of being asked to sit down over and over again?

More tomorrow.

{how are you set up for success?}
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