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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 194 :: airport yoga

19 Jul

Day 194: Adventures.

Headed home on a jet plane… headed back to this funny face:

As I sit in the airport I realize I am getting good at airport yoga…. stretching while sitting, bending while standing still, breathing while waiting in line.

There should be a whole new category of moves for airport yoga like….
The Downward Dodge – moving out of the way of the 2-year-old behind me in line who was on a leash (yes, a child leash) and kept running in and out of the legs of the people all around him (not related to him).

There is a yoga room at this airport but not in my terminal… so alas I have yet to really do yoga at an airport. Maybe next trip.

Until then… I’m downward dodging all the way home!

More tomorrow.


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