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Day 126: make way little ducklings

6 May

Today I spotted the neighborhood ducklings waddling behind their mama.

I grabbed my camera and ran out the door in hopes of catching the little ones.

As I approached the little brood, walking very slowly on my tippy toes as not to scare them off, I was surprised to see they ignored me completely.  The closer I crept the more comfortable they were with my presence.

Clearly, these are the designated neighborhood pets, completely comfortable pecking around the parking lot.

It’s been fun to watch them from my window over the last month.
And, boy they have grown, almost doubling their size.

It was even better to walk in the grass next to them, witness their pecking order, the way they mimic the grown ups and stick together.

I giggled as two little ones realized they were left behind and had to make a run for it to catch up with the rest of the family.

Today was a nice reminder about play and curiosity, spontaneity and surprises.

Watching Mama Duck try to keep her little ones all in a row as they scattered about, highlighted the irony of it all.

Sometimes, I get too obsessed with keeping my own ducks in a row.  The result is bowing out or saying no, or not participating, just to keep control.

Being out in the middle of the grass on my hands and knees with camera draping across my neck, cooing at the little furry fellows, reminded me of this:

It’s better to do, participate and join in than to watch from afar.
It’s good for my head and my heart.
Plus, isn’t the best seat in the house in the middle of the action?

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