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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 159 :: beauty quest

8 Jun

Today I decided to go look for beauty. It’s a bit like a walk in the park I suppose. I wasn’t sure what I would find but I knew it would be an adventure. So I begged Justin to come along and off we went.

Random Adventure + Beauty Mission = Beauty Quest.

Here’s what happened on my first Beauty Quest (more than I could have imagined!).

We found flowers…

And trees….

And the inside of trees…

And red roses….

And ducks kissing…

And baby geese learning to ruffle their feathers…

An ugly duckling that didn’t fit in… (But we know the end of that story!)

And a kind soul who gave us some bread so we could feed the birds too!

It was beautiful. A surprise. And a really quick, fast, easy way to add beauty to the end of the weekend.

Beauty Quest it.
I highly recommend it.

(Sometimes free is the best kind of fun.)

More tomorrow.

{what quest are you on?}

Day 126: make way little ducklings

6 May

Today I spotted the neighborhood ducklings waddling behind their mama.

I grabbed my camera and ran out the door in hopes of catching the little ones.

As I approached the little brood, walking very slowly on my tippy toes as not to scare them off, I was surprised to see they ignored me completely.  The closer I crept the more comfortable they were with my presence.

Clearly, these are the designated neighborhood pets, completely comfortable pecking around the parking lot.

It’s been fun to watch them from my window over the last month.
And, boy they have grown, almost doubling their size.

It was even better to walk in the grass next to them, witness their pecking order, the way they mimic the grown ups and stick together.

I giggled as two little ones realized they were left behind and had to make a run for it to catch up with the rest of the family.

Today was a nice reminder about play and curiosity, spontaneity and surprises.

Watching Mama Duck try to keep her little ones all in a row as they scattered about, highlighted the irony of it all.

Sometimes, I get too obsessed with keeping my own ducks in a row.  The result is bowing out or saying no, or not participating, just to keep control.

Being out in the middle of the grass on my hands and knees with camera draping across my neck, cooing at the little furry fellows, reminded me of this:

It’s better to do, participate and join in than to watch from afar.
It’s good for my head and my heart.
Plus, isn’t the best seat in the house in the middle of the action?

Day 103: spring flings and other things

13 Apr

Maybe it’s just Spring…

Or maybe I’m going a tad bit nuts with this 2 week cleanse.

Whatever is going on I know this: I see life bursting into action all around me.

This morning I witnessed two male ducks toppling all over each other in some sort of aggressive territorial dance. It ended with one chasing the other on foot (webbed foot) into the man-made lake/pond/body-o-water that hugs our apartment complex.

Yesterday, a family of baby ducks strolled right by my office window. The fuzzy little yellow chicks were beyond adorable as they fluttered behind their Mama and appeared ready for action, as if practicing for their Cadbury Chocolate television commercial debut.

Butterflies, blue jays, squirrels, ibis, and some other bird with red markings have been following me around all day.  It feels like I entered a 1930’s colorized cartoon from Disney himself. If little dwarfs show up then I know I’m hallucinating.

Seriously, though, it is Spring all around.

IF I were shopping, I would be wooed to purchase a few new items to boldly declare that Spring has definitely, unarguably, absolutely arrived, even if the weather acts differently.

And, I think this is precisely where my love affair with seasonal clothes begins.

First, it is the THE REQUIRED NEW EASTER DRESS, which progresses into NEW SHOES TO MATCH, which leads to spotting THE FIRST PAIR OF SHORTS OF THE SEASON and finally eclipses somewhere around I’VE GOT TO HAVE THAT BATHING SUIT.

A seasonal permission slip to reinvent myself ~ through my closet.

And who can argue with the ecstasy of new clothes!?
Let’s face it, it’s invigorating to throw on a new tank top and test out some bright colors after schlepping around in woolly, dark, heavy, layered outfits all winter.

But not this year.
No shopping.
Not for me.

True, I have mostly been in warm weather places so no need to strip layers of wool and mittens, but The Promise 365 has me sorting through other sorts of “closets” this Spring.

First, there is the Colorado Cleanse program — which I am proud to say I actually enjoy at Day 8. My body has got with the program. I feel new energy and less weight.

Then, there is the emotional layers of the cleanse at work, which include addressing deep emotions, and writing letters to myself and others. It’s detoxifying-ly painful at times, but it’s working. I feel lighter.

And, that makes me think:
Maybe the birds and the butterflies and the baby animals have been there all along. Maybe it was me who was too blurry to fully see.

As far as clothes go, I will miss the new additions that won’t be procured for my closet this Spring. While I may be a few strappy sandals short of a spring fling, I do know this:

It’s a new season, with new life.

Whether you’re buying or not, I hope you see all the wonders of your world.
Maybe they are right outside your window?


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