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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 330 :: best day ever

28 Nov

This morning my coffee cup predicted my day. It said, “Best Day Ever” right on top of the lid.

And I think that’s pretty powerful. Starting the day off with a strong intention. Even if it comes from the top of my coffee cup instead the top of my head.

Still powerful. And positive.

Today I also read more of the book The Seat of the Soul. It is quite literally blowing my mind. One quote at a time. Today a line jumped off the page right out at me:

“Where your attention goes, you go.” 

It sums up the whole point of this promise, and every promise I have ever made. What I intend I live. What I promise comes true (even if it’s not the exact path I expect.)

I know this to be real in the physical world too. In basketball, where your eyes go the ball goes. In driving, where your hands move go the car goes.  Where your attention goes, you go.  So it shouldn’t surprise me that it’s a universal rule.

And that makes me wonder…
Why not start every day with a focus and intention that it’s going to be good? Even great. Maybe even …the…Best. Day. Ever.

More tomorrow. 

P.S. See you Sunday. If you are curious about how to find more universal laws and the power of intention you will find my next peak performance interview quite interesting.  Click here to learn more.


 {what is your intention?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 313 :: we’ll get through this together

11 Nov

I love great marketing. I especially love marketing that moves me. The kind that combines a meaningful message with an appropriate product or service.

So it’s no surprise I love the lids on top of to-go coffee cups from Dutch Bros.

We’ll get through this together. We’ll get through this together!  This, in my marketing opinion, is a great example of marketing from the heart. Because it’s true to the moment when your lips hit the lid. It’s true to the product. It’s not overpromising or under delivering either. 

It’s not that I’m disloyal to my Dunkin’ Brands heritage, I’m just saying that while the East Coast thinks that America Runs On Dunkin’, the West Coast is living the Dutch lifestyle. Down to the happy, smiling people who greet you at the door, to the top of the lid that promises to get through your day (or at least your cup) together.

It’s really brilliant.
It’s smart.
And I think it’s worth noting a peak performance.

More tomorrow. 


 {what does your cup say?}
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