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Day 297: may the best scent win…and I’m smelly

25 Oct

I spied with my little eye these totally fun lotions today…

It made me wonder …just what would our Founding Fathers think if they saw what we’ve done with their great experiment in democracy.

What would they think of Facebook, Twitter and other virtual election memes?

What would they think of Saturday Night Live skits that mock the election?

What would they think of “eau-lection” body lotion?

And …does it matter?
I suppose it doesn’t, really.

Everything evolves, changes, grows up, spreads wings — gets a little orange and minty.

I kind of love it. 
May the best scent win. 

P.S. For the record I am in full-on event planning mode and have not showered today! Going to take care of that soon…promise.

P.P.S. You can follow this fabulous Women on Fire event on Twitter at #wofretreat (hey, it’s a free world, you can do what you please!)

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