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BLOG – GIFT DAY 217 :: an apple a day keeps the doctor…

6 Aug
Another day, another doctor.Yesterday, I met my newest doctor. Add one more to Team Thyroid! 
As I sat in the endocrinologist’s waiting room I had a pep talk with myself.
Or rather, the anti-pep talk.
 “Don’t make any jokes. Please don’t make any jokes. No jokes today, okay?” I practically pleaded with my internal-coping-mechanism-comedian-self who scoffed back at me.
“Yeah, right, HA!”As the nurse checked me in to her little lair and took my height (good news, I have not shrunk, still over 5′ 10”) and weight (148.5 but who’s counting?) and blood pressure (122 over 80), I spied her name tag.JAIMEE

“That’s how I always wanted to spell my name!” I exclaimed with glee.

“Really?” She beamed. “I’ve never met anyone who spells their name like this.”

“Exactly,” I smiled back. Five minutes in to the appointment and not a joke uttered.

When my doctor arrived on the scene my nerves must have receded. Maybe it was the book I read while sitting in the waiting room (Natures Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight) or maybe it was just the end of the day and we were all exhausted. Regardless, not a joke was left in me and I remained calm, almost human.

“So tell me the background of all this,” he looked over my charts.
My mind sputtered… how do I shorten “all this” (see my hands waving in the air drawing a huge circle around my life) into just the primary key points…. hum? I must have looked lost because then he continued.
“How did you find the lump?”
“I didn’t. My friend pointed it out to me over lunch back in February.”
And from there I told the tale of Jamie (who doesn’t spell her name Jaimee) and how she discovered the lump in said throat, tried to get a doctor’s appointment and 6 months later, 5 specialists removed, scheduled a thyroidectomy for Aug 22.(Amazingly succinct and without any jokes I might add!)”Humm…” My new doctor looked perplexed. “It took you that long to see a doctor in Boston (hands drawing big circle in the air as if scooping up the entire Boston metro region).

“I know, weird, right?” I nodded as someone finally validated my struggle. I officially liked this new doctor.

He then said the most amazing words to me. “I’m taking thyroid cancer off your record.”

“Really?” I cocked my head to the side and leaned forward.

“We don’t know what it is yet. First, you need to have surgery and we need to get the path results back.  There is only a 50% chance this is malignant.”

“Oh…” I hesitated. 50/50 odds. Sounds… well, half good?

“Those are high numbers.” He continued making my nerves calm down even more, I might have been numb actually.

And then we made a plan.

There are two paths to take, one involves removing the thyroid getting all good news and everything is in the clear.  The other involves everything above but with not-so-good-news and a little radioactive therapy.

If all goes well we can start trying to have a family immediately (within reason) after the surgery. If Plan B goes into action we have to wait a year, which honestly breaks my heart.

I am 39. That’s a stat that I can’t change. I cannot diet or carb load to move that number up or down the scale. It is truth.

But, I am hopeful.
Hey, the odds are 50/50.

And I have faith.
Because even though it doesn’t always feel like it, that’s a big number.

And I have a great team in place.
I choose to move through this with love and faith and hope.

In fact, the surgery in Portland has been officially renamed. It is now dubbed:  Party In Portland.

Care to join us?  We will be painting at the Rogue Distillery Aug 21st the night before. Grab your seat and drink and come on down!

No joke.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}
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P.P.S.  Today’s card goes out to someone who is celebrating a birthday this month… that’s your hint!
{how can you rely on faith today?}
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