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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 97 :: joyous f-words

6 Apr
{it’s friday}

And here we have Friday! Friday brings such joy. There are so many F-=words that bring joy – Friends, Family, Friday!

Here’s to a Friday full of F-words (the good ones!) to kick off the weekend – full of joy! 

More tomorrow…



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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 198 :: more beautiful F words

15 Jul

The more I write this blog, the more I wind my way back to the F words I love so much:  Friends, Food, Fun, Flowers…

…and more flowers.

This popped up in the yard today:

I think part of the reason why I love flowers so much — and still feel like they are magic — is the fact that they are always there.  Below the surface. Just waiting to pop up, sprout, bloom.

It’s amazing to me. Every time a flower blooms I look at it with absolute wonder and awestruck confusion.

How did that happen? Underneath my nose? In plain daylight? Out in the elements?

I suppose like every story of success and peak performance the ideal environment is a combination of the right soil, good light, and a lot energy rippling beneath the surface.

And maybe a little magic too.

More tomorrow.

{what popped up for you today?}

Day 5: one “F”-ing year

5 Jan

I almost titled this blog One “F”-ing Year — really.

When I told my boyfriend this title he wrinkled up his nose and said: “isn’t that kind of negative?”

Which is exactly why I didn’t use it. I thought it might be too dreary, too much of a downer.

And this year is supposed to be an upper.

The reason I almost used the “F”-ing title is because I have become obsessed with F-words. Not “THE” F-word which I have to admit when used appropriately is very powerful.

Actually, I am obsessed with these very powerful F-words:


And then there are The Big Five:
1) Family
2) Friends
3) Fortune
4) Food
5) Failure

I have a developing hypothesis: (I am still working out the details so bare with me here) I think all my purchases really revolve around The Big Five. My reptilian brain lives to please, avoid, attract or placate The Big Five.

My shopping, my activities, my energy level, all listen to The Big Five. As well as what I choose to eat, wear, do, see, believe, and sometimes disregard.

The challenge: how to honor The Big Five and still listen my own heart, head, body and soul.

I’ll write more about this as the year evolves and my hypothesis, no doubt, will too.

And… please tell me: Am I missing an F-word on my list?

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