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Day 353: 12 days of christmas :: i believe! i believe! i believe!

20 Dec

I sit here tonight ruminating on the word BELIEVE.
Tis the season I suppose. 

It is 5 days until Christmas — otherwise known as the season of believin’.

Primarily believing in faith:

…that a rather large man in a red, shiny suit will shimmy his way down the chimney.

…that an Elf has nothing better to do than sit on a shelf.

…that the world will not end on 12/21/12.

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Today as I stood in an excruciatingly long line at Traders Joe’s I became increasingly annoyed at how long it was taking to just check out already!

I looked at the check-out lane next to me and saw it was open.


As I made my move a cart rolled in and took the free and open spot.


As the smoke poured out my ears I looked ahead in line to see what was a matter.  What could be the hold up?

Turns out it was a frail, elderly woman and her husband.

They were almost five feet tall (almost!) all hunched over and barely able to peer over the credit card swipe machine. The kind and patient woman who worked for Trader Joe’s sweetly talked to the elderly couple as they SLOWLY paid for their goods.

  • She asked them how long they lived in the area.
  • She asked them what they were doing for the holidays.
  • She asked them how long they had been married.

By the time they paid for their groceries, filled up their cart and wheeled away, I watched three people check out in the line next to me.

But I learned more about this little old couple in those ten minutes than I know about my own neighbors.

  • They have lived in Hanover for their entire lives. 
  • They are having their children home for the holidays. 
  • They have been married 50 years. 

Just watching this kind cashier soak in and celebrate this elderly couple’s life restored my faith in humanity.

It jettisoned my faith in a friendly neighborhood place to shop.

And reminded me how important it is to slow down and listen.

As I paid for my groceries the woman in line behind me smiled at our cashier and said, “Thank you for taking the time to take care of them, we will all be their age someday.”

She is so right.
We will all be there someday.

And that gives me even more reason to believe: 

In our neighbors.
In ourselves.
In our world.


…that a rather large man in a red, shiny suit will shimmy his way down the chimney.

…that an Elf has nothing better to do than sit on a shelf.

…that the world will not end on 12/21/12.

Because every good action begins with a good reason.
And love.

I believe.

Happy holidays.



My Gift To You

the promise daily, the promise 365

The Promise Daily is a little inspiration and a kick in the pants! (In the most loving way.)

Because you have goals — and I want to help you stick to them. All you have to do is sign up here.

The Promise Daily officially starts on January 1st, but you can sign up now.

My gift to you!

Day 62: faith and patience

3 Mar

I just found this photo today.
It was taken a year ago:

I remember watching Buzz (the cat) crawl up on Pup (the dog).
I watched from afar with wide eyes.

I wasn’t sure what Pup would do.

I mean, there was a cat, a very old, feeble cat, gingerly crawling towards the sleeping back of our very young and strong dog.

I held my breathe watching.
Buzz crawled.
Pup popped opened his eyes.
Buzz continued to crawl.

And, then the most amazing thing happened:

Pup didn’t move, his eyes opened, he laid still and provided a warm, comfy spot for Buzz the Cat to take a nap.

It was like he knew how much Buzz needed to cuddle, to be warm and comforted.

I am so happy I found this photo today.

Because today was also the same day I pulled out my little spreadsheet that I created at the beginning of the year to keep track of each calendar day and the corresponding number.

I mean it’s easy to know that Jan 1st is Day 1, but how about September 4th? With my handy dandy tracker I know that it will actually be Day 247.

Today, however, my tracker starred me back in the face.
While I have almost crossed off the first column, there are still 5 columns to go.

So, thank you Buzz and Pup.

Your photo gives me two very important reminders:
And patience.

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