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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 6 – YOGA DAY 165 :: crow

19 Jun

Day 165: Birds.

Happy Father’s Day.

Today while talking to my own papa I heard a cackling of crows outside my window. It was very Alfred Hitchcock. And loud.

And then tonight there was this.
The full moon:

It is all sort of eery but it has me hoping that summer is on its way for real. Like the moon and the birds know something I don’t. Longer nights. Warmer weather.

The season, it is a changing.

And… now it’s time for me to try out my own crow.
Yoga style.

More tomorrow.

{fly, baby, fly}

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BLOG – GIFT DAY 167 :: a garden of abundance

16 Jun

My grandfather was a farmer. 
He was a good man, with twinkling, beautiful blue eyes when he smiled and laughed. He worked hard and I inherited nothing of his green thumb.

But, now, we have The Garden. 

By the way…
I was pretty psyched to see raspberries in the store today for almost 5 dollars! (They were originally $4.99 on sale for $2.99).

I had a moment of sheer pride — it felt as if I saved $5.00 with out first berry picking from The Garden.

So far, we have successfully weeded and turned over the top soil. Let me restate that — JUSTIN has successfully weeded and turned over the top soil (I helped a wee little bit.)

This is The Garden before photo, all overgrown:

And, tonight, The Garden looks like this:

All due to Justin’s green thumb. We are preparing it for seedlings and we still have some work to do, some more weeds to pull, some boxes to clean. But each night we see a little more progress.

And that makes me realize…

There are a few things I did not inherit from my grandfather.
I didn’t get his green thumb, or his ingenuity, or his beautiful, light blue sparkling eyes.

But I did inherit one thing — and that’s his appreciation for hard work.
(And, boy do I appreciate the hard work Justin has put into The Garden today!)

And, in this year of uncovering abundance, as we uncover the soil in The Garden and prepare it for our tiny little crop, which will certainly help feed us through the summer, I can almost see Grandpa’s light blue eyes sparkle — as if I finally understand.

Happy Father’s Day.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}
{happy father’s day}
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