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Day 260: lovemore monday :: fluffy, pink robe

17 Sep

It’s Lovemore Monday and I’m sick.

My head is pounding. My body is aching. My dogs are barking.

Not my feet. My DOGS. Pup and Brady are barking.

One is whining because the other has his bone. The other is growling because he is protecting the bone. They like their bones. But they REALLY love their bone when the other one has it.

It makes me wonder…why do we seem to love something more when it’s gone, otherwise occupied, or taken away?

I am so loving my health right now, especially as I watch it slip slide away into a sore throat.

It makes me want to pout and plead for my health to come back. Just like the big, old, puppy dog eyes Pup gives me when he wants a bone.

So, I’m signing off tonight in my favorite fluffy, pink robe and double socks on my feet just to stay warm and toasty as this fever breaks. I’m hoping my immune system will throw me bone. And my fluffy, pink robe will work its magic.

And, that’s why, on this Lovemore Monday…

I. Love. It.

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