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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 317 :: world kindness day

13 Nov
{how kind}

Ah, the red eye.

This morning, very early in the morning, I took a flight on United out of Seattle to Chicago. Just after the engines revved up and we gained speed the man across the aisle from me began to murmur and then wail.

I heard his wife say, “Stay with me, stay with me.” and then she looked directly at me and said in a panic, “I need help, call for help!”

I scrambled out my seat trying to find the call button in the dark. From there the chaos ensued. The stewards, a nurse and a doctor on board, both came to his side. A full backpack of medical supplies was laid out next to my seat. Medicine. Oxygen tank. Stethoscope.

The crew of doctor and nurse and flight attendants came to a quick conclusion – the plane was turned around and routed back to Seattle.

Just as we landed, the nurse who came to this man’s rescue, who now sat next to me holding an oxygen tank said, “We landed just in time.” Then she showed me the tank that was almost empty.

“You know, this is typical” she then smiled and winked as she looked at me, “It’s just like a doctor to leave the patient and go back to his seat. A nurse never leaves her patient.”

It was dark, early-morning, long before the sun peaks out of the clouds. The medics came onto the plane and helped this man off. The nurse followed. As I sat in the dark looking out my little plane window I was in awe of the helpers who helped in a moment of crisis on this plane. The stewards. The doctor. The nurse. And all the passengers who not once complained about the flight connections they were all going to miss. All strangers. But all so compassionate and calm.

How kind, really.

When I finally landed in Chicago later this morning, my phone turned on and blinked a reminder text message up at me.  It was a calendar alert letting me know today is “World Kindness Day.”

I think that couldn’t be more perfect …or perfectly timed.

More tomorrow…



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 JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 156 :: intentional kindness

8 Jun


As a marketer, I love promotions. So, of course, I was excited about Spirit’s bonus middle seat promo yesterday while I was onboard – and sitting in a middle seat.

The promo was this:  PA announcement that there was one lucky middle seat on the plane and that person would win a free one-way ticket 0or 5000 bonus miles. All you had to do was pull down your seat tray table and look for the lucky sticker.

I pulled down my tray table with anticipation!
There was nothing there.
And yet, I still had much respect for Spirit’s promotion, because let’s face it, middle seats suck.

So, on my next flight from LA to Seattle when the PA announcement started up I knew what was going to happen. I pulled down the middle seat tray table and what did I find?


It was the LUCKY middle seat. The only problem was this. I was in the aisle seat, and a young woman was in the window seat. The middle seat between us was empty.

I knew exactly what I had to do. Intentional kindness. I smiled at the young lady and said, “you should ring your call button and claim it.”

She smiled back and said, “Really?”
“Yes.” I exclaimed.

So she did, and when the flight attendant approached row 13 with the special yellow ticket in hand she looked at both of us and said, “Do you want to fight over it?”

You probably know how this story ends. I gave up the free ticket and handed it over –  happily – to the young woman with a smile on her face. It was the KIND thing to do. And here’s the rub! It made me SO HAPPY to give it to her. Funny how that works.

Kindness is contagious.
Kindness matters.
Give kindness a (LUCKY!) chance.

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY :: 154 early flight

6 Jun
More kindness.  

I leave Chicago in the morning on a 6AM flight… and right now that is not feeling very kind of myself – booking a crack of the morning departure. What was I thinking?

And then there is this:

I like the sound of that – a kinder lifestyle. And right now, I’m thinking, maybe it should start with better flight times.


More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 45 kindly skies

15 Feb


It was a pretty day to fly through Salt Lake City. Blue skies. Sun. Mountains. And… of course planes.

The skies weren’t quite as kind, a little bumpy and rocky way up in the air. But everything below the cloud cover seemed to be calm and kind.

I guess the lesson there is to look for the layer of kindness and calmness when life is rocky. Or …wait until you land to take a photo!

More tomorrow….

P. S. Kindness Challenge #6: Kind Words 
If you choose to accept this challenge, please join me in

  • Choosing only kind words
  • Not being divisive 
  • Conquering evil


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Day 294: lovemore monday :: the exit row

22 Oct

As you know, I entered this year determined to be fearless. But, I don’t want more fear or less in my life.  I want more love.  So I made up a new word, lovemore!   That’s why Lovemore Mondays are here.

Today’s Lovemore Monday is a love story about the exit row. 

As in more legroom. Room to stretch. Wide open spaces.

I paid an extra $25 to Spirit Airlines to ride in the exit row on my flight home today.

It cost me money.  It came with responsibility.  But it was so worth it.

“Are you willing to help other passengers if necessary?”

As the flight attendant determined if I was ready and willing to take on the responsibility of an exit row assignment, it occurred to me… shouldn’t every passenger on the plane be ready and willing to help?

It would be a small tweak in the boarding process. Sure, it would take more time. Yes, it would be totally annoying. But, wouldn’t it be better if we were ALL invested in a safe and successful landing?

Instead of being literally stripped and carted through security like criminals… wouldn’t it be better if we all took a pledge OUT LOUD of responsibility to help each other out before the plane left the ground?

Sure, it’s a crazy idea…

But, that’s why, on this Lovemore Monday…

I. Love. It.


Day 91: f*ing friday :: flight

1 Apr

Today continues the weekly series, F*ing Fridays, which will coincidentally occur on Friday. I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Food.

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:

As in, how to take flight.

I am now sitting in the Houston airport having deplaned from our international Flight.

We just left the customs checkpoint where Ms. Security Officer took one look at our two backpacks and asked:

How many days were you in Mexico?

And you don’t have any checked luggage?

I smiled and proudly announced, “I rolled!”

Because I did.
I rolled all my clothes up into little tubes to fit into my one Swiss Army backpack on purpose. Just so I wouldn’t have to check luggage.

In fact all week long it has been a running joke regarding what I was able to stuff into my one Swiss Army backpack.

And when I say running  joke I mean this:

That’s a new outfit! (when dressing for dinner)
That’s another swimsuit! (when heading to the beach)
Are you sure you didn’t ship stuff down here to Mexico before you left the states? (wearing a different pair of flip flops)

For the record, I brought 2 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes, 3 bathing suits, 3 shorts, 4 shirts, 1 skirt, 1 pair of sweats, a pile of underwear, socks and 4 bras in my one backpack.  (Toiletries, camera, and wallet in purse.)

Impressive, right?!

Ms. Security Officer was not impressed with my packing skills.
So not impressed, she raised an eyebrow, crossed out something on my paperwork and directly sent us to the baggage radar inspection zone.

This is a special place they reserve in Houston to send us “rollers” just to watch us wriggle as another officer nonchalantly unravels every single rolled item inside Swiss Army backpacks.

In fact, I think Customs has special custom.
I think they use security cameras pointed at us “rollers” just so they can point and laugh at the horror creeping onto our “roller” faces as we see our air tight spiral sweat pants spring into life leg-by-leg over the inspection table.

But not before Mr. Officer asks that one special question:
“Is there anything you want to claim before I open up your bags?”

Did Mr. Officer want me to reveal my dirty secret that I packed my dirty underwear right along side my clean, unworn clothes? (sorry Mama Sling — I know you taught me better, but I rolled, and when you roll you got keep it all together!).

So I stood there sweating while Mr. Security Officer asked me the list of required questions, while he unraveled my dirty underwear and bras.  And as I calculated the amount of time it was going to take me to re-roll all my now un-rolled items, the tone of our conversation changed.

He asked me what I did for work.

I told him marketing, and then out of nervousness I just kept talking (and watching him unroll my bathing suits, some of which I am pretty sure are still wet!).

I told him all about Debbie Phillips and Women on Fire, and what we are doing to spread the word of inspiration, strategies and support to women around the world.

It was then that he looked up at me.
Instead of seeing a “roller” I think he may have seen Jamie.

He shared that he was a single father and how challenging it was to be one parent playing the role of two. He started telling me about his daughter and how he wanted something just like this for her.

And then he asked for the website of where he could go get more information about Women on Fire, for his daughter.

I shared the web address and then began re-rolling my backpack.

As I folded and rolled, it occurred to me:
There are many people who help us take Flight.

When I imagine this teenage girl — let’s call her “Houston” — I see her father who just wants her to have everything she needs. I know he would love to roll everything his daughter could possibly want or desire in this lifetime into a Swiss Army backpack and place it over her shoulders like a pair of wings.

But I truly believe in my heart she could Fly with just his love.
And maybe three more things: inspiration, strategies and support.

Houston, can you hear me?
There is wind beneath your wings.

Buckle up girl!
And prepare for take-off.

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