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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 103 :: easter kindness

16 Apr


He has risen! And when I say he, I mean the SUN.
It’s been a long winter.

Yet on this Easter Sunday, along with amazing food, family, and some outdoor fun, we had the grace and warmth of the Sun. The flowers were in full bloom too.

And, that may be the best kind of kindness.
Appreciation. Appreciating the everyday miracles around us.
Let the sun shine.

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 31 :: dogged pursuits

31 Jan
Bliss moment of the day?  Well, it was eating brie.But that’s not my bliss moment of the day. It was Brady’s as he snuck up and snatched half of the block of brie from the sofa table. It was sort of an informal appetizer for us and become a formal contraband treat for Brady.

Admittedly, it made me mad. In one gulp he downed our brie, which I bought tonight as a special treat because it sounded so good. Whoosh! Just like that, it was gone.

But honestly there is something inside of that I respect. Brady knows what makes him happy. He is programmed to go after it no matter what anybody else thinks (or says … or yells).

He’s unashamed of his blissful pursuit. Food. Food. Food. Brady knows exactly where all of the food is in the house at all times. If I stand up from my desk and walk away leaving a bit of my lunch for TWO SECONDS Brady will be there licking his chops. Even if he was in another room. Even if he is outside. Somehow he knows where the food is and the direct coordinates of human arms to said food. He calculates his approach in a matter of seconds.

Then I turn around and my food is gone. GONE girl.

It makes me scream. The one word said over and over in this household is “Brady!” at all octaves and all levels of annoyance. But it doesn’t faze him. He keeps his focus. He knows what he wants.

We named Brady after Tom. After all, he is the most amazing quarterback in football history. Little did we know our Brady would have the same intense training regimen and winning instincts as #12… it just happens to be in the food department.

Regardless, I have to respect this tenacity. He is dogged in his blissful pursuit (pardon the pun). This dog’s got game and he schools us almost every single day.

Then he crawls up in my lap and pretends he’s sorry.

Yeah, he’s got my number. And my food. Pretty blissful life for this pup.

More tomorrow. 

 {what is your dogged pursuit?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 201:: hale to the kale

20 Jul

It’s Sunday night and all I have is a little bit of kale to share.

Okay, so it’s a LOT of bits of kale to share. My lunch of kale chips only put a minor dent in this latest harvest.

There’s something so great about eating kale — I feel like every cell of my body sucks in every nutrient a like a vacuum.

Kale has got to be some ancient secret, super power, magical kind of food. Even if it’s not, it makes me feel like I am a peak performer.

And sometimes all that matters is feeling good.

More tomorrow.

{what makes you feel good?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 194 :: friday, friday, friday

11 Jul

So it’s Friday. And all I have to say is TGIF.

For a little Flashback Friday, I might pull an F*ing Friday out of my hat and add this… friends, food, freeze (as in air conditioning!).

What else do you need on a hot, summer Friday night?

More tomorrow.

{what do you love about friday?}

Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 176 :: good grape

24 Jun

We have our first tomato. It’s official! A little, round, red, plump tomato has made itself known in the garden.

Since this is the second year of the garden, I find it amazing that I’m just as impressed by the first tomato as I was last year at the first tomato. A.K.A. squealed with joy!

I’m kind of impressed with everything Mother Nature makes…. it’s like some form of secret, ancient magic.

Which doesn’t make it too surprising that I was shocked to see these grapes hanging over a fence. Not our fence, but still, a fence! In a yard! Of a house!


Good grape! Wonders never cease.
And isn’t that wonderful?

More tomorrow.

{what feels wonderful to you?}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 364 :: the abundance quiz

30 Dec

How prosperous are you?  

Since this year was a year of abundance (at least my promise!) it only seems fitting to share a quiz that monitors your prosperity.

Check it out here: Prosperity Quiz

The questions are easy and no matter how you score it will help question your thinking.

Do you believe in abundance?
Do you have an abundant mindset?
Take the quiz to find out!

Tomorrow officially ends this promise of abundance for me… but it’s just the beginning really.

I have learned so much over this year and this promise. 
I started out questioning others about what abundance means to them…. and the answer I received over and over again had to do with food and feasting!

But I now know in my heart it means so much more.

So see you here tomorrow where I will share all I learned and we will celebrate and wrap up and most important… kick of 2014!!!

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}

{do you feel prosperous?}
Editorial Note: links from this post were removed as they redirected to the wrong site. If you would like to find the prosperity quiz search for  “Dr. Joe Vitale and Prosperity Quiz” in Google.

BLOG – GIFT DAY 165 getting my hands dirty

14 Jun

If my mother could see me now. She might roll over in her grave. Or do a flip with her angel wings.
Because I was in a garden today — getting my hands dirty. I hate getting dirty. Mostly because I really hate getting my clothes dirty. But now we have a garden in the backyard of our cute little house.

And the garden has (gasp!) FOOD in it.

Food we didn’t plant but are happy to harvest.

To be fair, Justin did most (all) of the dirty work. He pulled up a bunch of beans, radishes and squash plants that have unfortunately dried up since this house went on the market and waited for its new people to move in.

But now that we’re here….
This little patch of land will receive some tender loving care.

And we will receive the gift of….. rosemary, mint, thyme, squash, beans and berries!

Today we brought in the first harvest of raspberries.

It didn’t quite fill a bowl, but they are already sweet and there are more to come!

The first sign of abundance? 

Now we have the dirty work to do — some digging, and planting and watering and waiting. But I have to admit, it’s kind of fun, waiting for this food to grow.

It almost makes getting dirty worth it.

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}
{what food would you plant in your garden?}

GIFT DAY 096: 30-day gratitude challenge: day 20

6 Apr

Day 20 over here  (and the weekend, whooo hoooo!). . . of the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge.

What are you grateful for today?

I’ve been studying giving and gratitude and abundance this year. It’s part of my promise.

Already I’ve seen much change in my life — like cosmic or karmic change, your choice. The biggest aha reminder has been the importance of good health.

Health is wealth, as my friend Andrea Beaman wrote about in her book by the same name.

Here’s the funny, ironic, might-as-well-be-plastered-on-my-back-like-a-“kick-me”-sign for the world to see:  I already knew that. Health is wealth.

My recent medical journey is sending me straight back to the drawing board of abundance, or should I say, the kitchen table. Maybe it’s even more accurate to say the stove top.

You know what they say… the more you avoid something the more it keeps showing up in your life. And always bigger and more in your face each time it has to return.

Thus, my love affair with food and my reliance on others to cook it for me has reared its ugly head. Again.

(Does anyone else find this hysterically ironic?)

If you’ve been with me for a while now, you know that I have tried everything on the raw, vegan, whole, clean, sugar-free, coffee-free, green wagon. Then I got off that ride.

Now I am back on. 

Is someone or something trying to teach me a lesson?  Maybe. Regardless, I just want to scream: OKAY, I GET IT ALREADY!!!

The fact is, Andrea’s right: Health Is Wealth.

I’ll be over here pondering the irony of the universe while I wait for my test results to turn up. I will also be relying on what I know is one of the greatest powers of the universe: GRATITUDE.

So today I am grateful for:
1) The weekend and time to read on the couch
2) Plans with friends to play Canasta (and I never remember how to play Canasta)
3) Health is wealth
What are you grateful for?
Now, could somebody pass the almonds? No… how about a green smoothie?
More tomorrow.
Lovemore (fearless),

I just finished reading the NY TImes article Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead?

The article states: “The greatest untapped source of motivation.. is a sense of service to others; focusing on the contribution of our work to other peoples’ lives has the potential to make us more productive than thinking about helping ourselves.
Skeptical? You might prefer the humorous video instead.
{Turn the gratitude up! Share what you’re grateful for in the comments section below.}
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Day 212: buoyed in stormy weather

31 Jul

It’s a rainy day here, but all sunny inside.
My day started out doing yoga with a friend and ended up with us having dinner with family.

Doesn’t get better than that.

Even though it is pouring outside, and we are drenched from a ferry ride in the rain, I am all toasty on the inside.

It’s a recipe for goodness, isn’t it?

  • good exercise
  • good friends
  • good family
  • good food

As we left the ferry, dripping and drenched with raindrops the size of snowballs falling all around, every taxi driver standing under an umbrella in a line of cars tried to coax us into his cab.

“No thanks,” I said with a smile. “We’re walking!”

The old me would never have turn down a cab ride in the rain.
The new me seems pretty fearless these days, at the very least, I have learned it takes more than water to make me melt.

And, I think that’s what being buoyed by good exercise, friends, family and food can do for the head, heart, body and soul.

It’s like building strength from the inside out.
Even in stormy weather. 

Day 163: a mother’s curse, a pup’s spell

12 Jun

Here’s my little angel:

Brady Vizsla puppies

Here’s my little devil:

Same dog.
Same sweet little heart.

Difference is in the second photo Brady is chewing up a postcard reminder from the Vet to have his next round of shots.

I swear, it’s as if he knew it was for HIM!

I love this precious thing more than anything, it’s like he cast a spell on me. But, some days, I must admit, he tests my little lovemore heart.

Even without children of my own, I find myself reflecting back on my dear Mama Sling and the times she was at the point of exhaustion  and exasperation with my sister and I.

During the best of times our antics were just given a warning.

During the worst of times my mother placed a curse on us, exclaiming: “I hope you have children of your own who act exactly like you do!”

At times I wonder, what kind of child was I?
What was I doing in those moments of driving her bonkers and straight up the wall.

It’s hard to know. I can’t call my Mama Sling and ask this question that only she would remember the answer to.

Like I said, I don’t have children.  So today, as I looked down at Brady I found myself wondering — did I ever chew up my doctor appointment reminders?

I’m sure I was much like Brady is now, his pure curiosity and wonder keeps him on the go and into everything — with unbridled enthusiasm.

Look! A plastic water bottle!
Is that a stick?
Oh, wow! A postcard!

And, his most consistent reaction by far:
Is that FOOD!!!???

Yes, Brady. That is food. Drop the stick. Give me back my postcard.

And, Mama Sling, wherever you are right now …
I can hear you laughing.

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