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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 144 :: forgetting is easy

24 May

It’s funny how easy it is to forget.

For instance, today, I tried on my bras, my swimming suit tops and summer tank tops. All to measure if my breasts have grown with the saline fill last week (all part of the reconstructive surgery).

You would think one could remember what size her breasts were a mere month ago. You would think something that you waited for years to pop up and out of your prepubescent shirt would become implanted in your brain.

It hasn’t.
I can’t remember what “they” looked like or even felt like. Right now, “they” look smaller and bigger all at the same time.

It’s because they are different. Different shaped, differently angled, and a different filler on the inside too.

It’s funny how easy  it is to forget something you’ve worn around most of your life.  And tonight, it makes me realize how easy it is to forget most of the things that we yearn for, long for, work for …after they end.

I suppose that’s what Memorial Day Weekend is for.

To remember the things we should never forget, when we have moved on, life has changed, or something different has taken its place.

Here’s to all of those who have served.

Even when it’s hard to remember it’s important not to forget.

More tomorrow.

{to those who have served}

Day 127: f*ing friday :: forget

7 May

Today continues the weekly series, F*ing Fridays, which will coincidentally occur on Friday. I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Fairytale.

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:

As in, forget about it.

Yesterday, I forgot about F*ing Friday.

How F*ing Forgetful of me.
You see, it was quite a busy week around here, beginning to prepare for the move north, looking for a fall apartment, a storage unit, and fumbling through car options while figuring out what to do with the end of my looming car lease.

All while holding down the fort by myself (while Justin traveled back to the west coast) while still working, meeting deadlines, as well as not forgetting to feed and walk myself and the dog.

Then yesterday, in all the flurry, I had a magical moment getting caught up in the cute little duckies waddling by my window. Inspired! Spontaneous! Spectacular!

Before I knew it, it was Saturday afternoon by the time I realized… I forgot about F*ing Friday.  Blasphemy!

It’s been a trend over the last month actually.

First, I forgot about Easter.

Then, I forgot which week Mother’s Day would land and moved the celebration up a week in my mind. I even convinced Justin it was a week in advance this year (but I did send those greeting cards off in the mail early).

You see, I barely know what season I am in, let alone the day of the week, this being the first time ever living in the tropics. I keep calling winter “summer”, and summer “winter”.

(In a totally forgetful move, I was even surprised to hear I would need to pack a coat for my trip to Boston next week. A COAT! What’s that? It’s already 90+ degrees down here in the tropics!)

If there is one thing I have learned (sometimes the hard way) through forgetting to say thank you, forgetting to take out the trash, forgetting to pick up the mail, forgetting to unload the dishwasher, forgetting my best friend’s birthday, and forgetting yesterday’s F*ing Friday…

It is this:
There are three very powerful words in this universe and sometimes that’s all there is left to say.

I am sorry.

And, hopefully with a little time, attention, consistency and a little love those three words will be enough to to bring out an even more powerful “F” word, in fact it’s the most F*ing magical one of all:


Happy belated Friday.
I am sorry.
Can we just forgive and forget?


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