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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 364 :: a kind way

30 Dec

So many lessons. One of my biggest from this year of Kindness, this year called 2017, is the big doozie. Forgiveness.

She has floated in an out of my life like a little butterfly. Popping up here and there, year after year, reminding me how to cultivate forgiveness. And this year, she popped up again.

Floating above me, calling to me, reminding me to practice the art of forgiveness. It is a kind lesson. Maybe the kindest of them all. For forgiveness floats in and out, back and forth and then always returns.

More tomorrow…



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Day 360: 725 reasons to stick with it

27 Dec

Today marks my 725th blog post.

That’s 725 days (in a row!) of keeping my promise.

Whenever I hit a milestone like this I think, “Wow.”

And then, before I know it, I hit another milestone and think, “How.”

I’ve come to believe that it’s all in the promise. 

Because promises are sacred.

This year my promise has been to love more and fear less.  It has sent me on adventures forcing me to face my fears head-on, including spiders and scorpions and all the creepy crawly things that use to make me scream. That includes the creepy crawly things in my  heart.

More than anything I have learned the incredible depth of love.


The surprising aha for me?
Learning true love is a more difficult lesson than facing my fears. I don’t mean the kind of woo woo, fairytale, dreamy love. I mean the transformative kind.

So, after all this time, I finally realize that it all comes down to two things:

Boundaries and forgiveness.

  • Boundaries: just a fancy word for self respect.
  • Forgiveness: a state of mind to let love in.

To that I say….
Let love rule.

Oh, yeah… and a happy 725 days.

P.S. Don’t give up!


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Day 26: age 37

26 Jan

Today is my birthday, and the last letter in a series of notes to my younger self.

Today, age thirty-seven.
What would you say to your 37-year-old self?

Dear Jamie, Age 37

Happy Birthday, Girl!

First of all, what were your thinking?
It is one thing to not shop all year long, but to make a promise to write about it every, single day? Really. Really??!! You have put me on the line here Missy.

I know you can do it.
You have been through more challenging times. You have survived a traumatic divorce, your life has been torn apart, and look at how much has already been put back together? Where there was pain, there is love. Isn’t that always the case?

Get this:
You have been a cancer survivor longer than a non-cancer survivor. How crazy is that? And wonderful. Listen to the lessons you hold in your heart about living, about the essence of life. You have internal wisdom. Please accept it.

Let me remind you of this very important fact:
This birthday is not about you. It started as a celebration of your parents and it continues as a way to honor your friends, family, loved-ones and sisters.  They are in your heart for a reason, they helped make you, Jamie.

Even more, honor those who have hurt you.
The pain is really a beautiful gift in disguise. It has made you stronger, wiser, more forgiving and unquestionably more resilient.

Blow out your candles and blow out your dreams.
Blow it all out to the most amazing life you can think of. Maybe you will have children. Maybe you will wear a size 6 again. Maybe you won’t. Maybe you will have millions, an island in the Caribbean and a private cabana with built-in waterfalls. Or not. It doesn’t matter. Just keep dreaming and creating with what does matter: love.

I wish for you NOT to grow up.
Instead, I would love for you to grown in — keep growing in to your best self and put everything into the process. I hear the 40’s are even more fun.

Jamie, Age 37 and 21 hours old

P.S. Who would have thought you would be back with your high school boyfriend after all these years. Amazing, ironic, fun, isn’t it!?

P.P.S. You may never learn to cook, so enjoy this experiment and embrace the fear. There are no mistakes.

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