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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 244 :: joy is good friends

5 Sep

Joy is having dinner with a good friend. Always. But tonight I experienced so much joy in catching up and laughing and sharing with my friend Christine. What a beautiful thing friendship is, especially over the years, miles, jobs, and adventures. 

There is no more beautiful and nourishing joy than sharing a meal, a few milestones and memories.
Savor the joy of life.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 187 :: farmers market beauty

29 Jul

The best kind of kindness.

I find shopping at the Farmers Market so very kind. It’s outside, the sun is usually shining, it’s summer. It is swathed in beauty. Even in another state, another city, another market… the beauty of nature abounds.

It is the kindest way I know to shop. Add to that good friends, a super sweet cinnamon roll… not to mention a flower that is bigger than your head…

And it makes for a pretty special day.

Full of food and fun.

Tonight I board the train again headed toward the coast. But I will not forget the KINDNESS that comes from visiting lifelong friends, eating really good food, listening to inspiring music and picking up right where we left off twenty years ago in college.

Friendship is indeed the language of kindness.

More tomorrow….


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Jamie’s BLOG – DAY 136 :: you got this

17 May

Some days just the right message reaches you at the right time.

And that’s exactly what happened today when I opened these two cards:

It was enough to help turn my day around. Sometimes you just need someone else to say it.

You got this.
(thank you)

More tomorrow.

{you got this}

BLOG – GIFT DAY 196 :: for better or worse?

15 Jul
Today, I continue my CARD CRUSADE.
My little way of saying thank you and spreading some abundance.

And I have a question:
Is your handwriting better or worse than it was five years ago?

I find, as I write out these cards each day, that my handwriting is strained. As if my hands have forgotten how to write with pen and ink.

However, I can now type much faster.

And my thumbs, well, even though they are stubby, they can text pretty darn fast.

But my penmanship — that was honed over years of practicing calligraphy — has suffered from this digital revolution.

Just one more reason to get out a piece of paper and write. The old fashioned way.

And, to commemorate this newfound exercise for my fingers… I have added a little inspiration to my desk.

It feels like a real writing desk now. Flowers and prayers included.

Yesterday’s card (which had to be mailed today because it was Sunday) went out to a very special person.

Her name is Laura. And every time I see the sunflowers in our garden I think of her. I’m not sure why …sunflowers just remind me of my sunny friend, who I met in college as a freshman.

Laura has been with me through thick and thin and back again. From my mother’s funeral to my divorce decree, to jobs coming and going…

Laura has been that friend that will drop everything and find a reason to call, or write, or send a card.

Speaking of cards…
I have the best news and I can’t wait to share it with you…. tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, I will also share who received today’s card in the mail.

Here’s your hint:
– she was in the restaurant biz
– she is super fun
– she loves dogs

More tomorrow.
Lovemore {fearless}
{do you have a card to send someone?}
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