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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 244 :: joy is good friends

5 Sep

Joy is having dinner with a good friend. Always. But tonight I experienced so much joy in catching up and laughing and sharing with my friend Christine. What a beautiful thing friendship is, especially over the years, miles, jobs, and adventures. 

There is no more beautiful and nourishing joy than sharing a meal, a few milestones and memories.
Savor the joy of life.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 59 :: the gift of friends

1 Mar

Sometimes the best gifts in life are people. Especially the people who can see your life even better and more clear than you possibly ever could yourself. That’s what I call a true friend.

And I like to call my true friends too! Tonight I was on the phone with one for three hours — three hours! It’s a good thing that we never run out of anything to say to each other. It’s even better to be seen.

I think a true friend is one who can believe in the other person’s best life, beautiful gifts, and biggest goals. No matter what today looks like.

Joy is the gift of a friend. 

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 49 :: joy of friends

19 Feb

I’ve been thinking a lot about friends these days. The people in my life, who have come in and out at just exactly the right times. 

There are few words to describe it, but there is so much joy.

It has me thinking about the joy of friends. The lifelong joy and this very moment joy, and all the tiny turns in between.

A good friend is a mirror, holding you up to your greatest potential. And catching so you don’t fall to your lowest point. They are givers of good in so many ways.

I feel blessed in the friendship department. The sisterhood of the traveling friends. You know who you are!

Here’s to all the friends. New. Old. Silver. Gold.
Thank you for the joy. 

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 308 :: happy day 2

4 Nov
{kind time}

Ahhh….. Friends, sunshine, fun and some incredible food. Thank you Denver for a perfect weekend. Thank you, Life, for incredible friends. The kind that have known and loved each other for decades.

We walked 7 miles today (according to my iWatch). We ate two amazingly created culinary meals and we laughed our way through one funny movie about A Bad Moms Christmas.

It all has me thinking…
There is power in numbers.
And there is magic in friendship.
It’s like walking on sunshine.

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  DAY 301 :: second-hand

28 Oct

Saturday night, movie night. I watched a movie called Secondhand Lions. It was borrowed on a recommendation from my friend Lauren. And it has me thinking about the kindness. The kindness of sharing – especially with friends.

The movie was sweet. And friendship is even sweeter.
How kind.

More tomorrow…


{how kind}

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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 7 – KINDNESS  :: DAY 49 strength

19 Feb

And Hope. 


Sitting in our nation’s capital is a powerful reminder to me. I am reminded of many things, some I learned in school, some I learned through the school of life, some I learned through my college roommates who have become lifelong friends.

But mostly, I am reminded that we are all woven together, through a fabric of ideas, hope, optimism, and strength. And that’s the kind of kindness that is meant to be passed on and passed down through all forms of life.

Even twenty years later, as we have aged, and grown, and changed, I hold dear the ideas, hope and optimism I find in knowing I have friends. Those who support and give me strength because they know me, they see me and together we honor all that we each have together, and separate.

Indeed, that may be the very best form of kindness.

More tomorrow….


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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 47 :: friendship bracelets

16 Feb
On Valentine’s Day Justin found a wooden box that had been moved to the back of the closet. He opened it up and brought me the contents. Inside was a gold and silver bracelet engraved with my nickname “Slinger.”

It looked so familiar to me. I remembered it clearly, sitting on my wrist in high school. It was like a mini reunion!

Justin has been giving me jewelry since I met him. So I assumed the bracelet was from him. We both did. Until I turned it over and saw the engraved words, “Love Kari.”

Kari was one of my best friends and favorite people. I immediately remembered the gift from her. I loved it then, in high school, when we were inseparable. And I love wearing it now.

The best part is that it sits on my wrist right next to the newest bracelet I own. One from Sara, as a birthday gift. 

I suppose that’s why they are called friendship bracelets.

I love looking at my wrist and being reminded of the friends in my life. The ones who knew me as a little girl and the ones who are seeing my through this thing called adulthood.

They are a special kind of bliss. One that lasts through the ups and downs of life and all the great rides in between.

Here’s to the girls.

More tomorrow. 

  {who are your lifelong friends}

GIFT DAY 011: who painted my house blue?

11 Jan

I walked through my old neighborhood today.

I happened to be in the Davis/Porter Square neighborhood for lunch today with my friend, the most amazing and awesome Paige.


On a whim I decided to find my old house. The first house I moved to in Boston. Back in the day. In my twenties. With my college friends, Laura and Lisa.

I found the house at 31 St. James.
But it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I thought I would find my old, yellow house.
Turns out 31 St. James is now blue.

31 st james, jamie eslinger, the promise 365

Like, electric BLUE.

I stood in the street for a few moments squinting, trying to remember what the house looked like when I lived there. When it was YELLOW. When it was my home.
After snapping a few photos I walked down the street to find our old friend WINSTON.
Winston was the best neighbor, friend, and confidant.
Winston was always there for us.
Winston never let us down.

Because Winston was a tree.
Still is.

Winston, the promise 365, jamie eslinger

Every time we passed Winston, the three of us would call out his name in unison.

“Hellooooooo Winston!

Mr. Winston is still there, looking as strong as ever.

And that reminded me of me of Laura and Lisa. They have always been here for me, through thick and thin.

When 31 St. James was a house of yellow, we three girls had each other.

At 31 St. James, we helped each other through the death and divorce of parents. We got engaged, started jobs and shut down internet companies. We cried our eyes out. We laughed over stupid movies. We gasped in disbelief after going to bed one night and waking up in the morning shocked to hear that George Bush was elected president.

And then we ate frozen chocolate chip cookie dough — right out of the container. We threw parties (and we threw up a few times too!).

We were the crew of 31 St. James.

st james group, jamie eslinger, the promise 365
So today, my gift of the day was to my girls. Just a simple photo of a house that was once yellow but is now BLUE. Electric blue.

Kind of fitting too.
Because our friendship has only become more electric as time has passed.

We may live in three different parts of the country, in three different colored houses, but in our hearts we will always have 31 St. James — no matter what color they paint it.

Because just like Mr. Winston, our friendship is still there, looking as strong as ever.

And that’s the gift of a lifetime.

More tomorrow.

{Have some life-long, rock-on friends? Feel free to share on the blog.}

Day 289: periwinkle is the color of friendship

17 Oct

I had lunch today.
With a good friend.

Diane is twice my age, old enough to be my grandmother, but she feels like a soul sister to me. At times, she has been a fairygodmother.

As we chatted and caught up over lunch at Periwinkles, I couldn’t help but feel the amazing connection we have always had, even though we are decades apart in this lifetime.

Such a good reminder that friendship knows no colors, borders, boundaries, ages or generation gaps.

Even better to realize…
Girls can giggle at any age. 


Day 123: blooming like a monet canvas

3 May

Today we packed up and trained over to Giverny.

It was like stepping into a canvas of color.
I was in awe of Monet’s masterpiece as it came to life, right before my eyes.

And, my camera.

I visited Giverny with Debbie Phillips and friends in honor of Ellen Wingard’s birthday. What a special place to celebrate life.

And friendship.

And flowers.

In the middle of the tulips, pansies, lilac and crepe myrtles, we also saw frogs.

Scratch that.
We HEARD frogs.

Apparently, it’s mating season at the pond.
And you know what they say… if the lilypad is rocking, don’t go a knocking.

The frog’s mating calls sounded like riotous laughter echoing through the valley and circling the pond in a round, bouncing from lilypad to lilypad and back again.

It sounded as if they were putting on a show — truly making the painting come to life before our eyes and ears, and all senses combined.

Being in the fresh scent of lilacs and the buds of wisteria made me realize something.

I don’t grow anything.

Well, I’ve had a little luck with some tomato plants.
But, that’s about it.

So I bought some certified Monet seeds from the gift shop.

Both to represent the beautiful blooming flowers I witnessed all around, and the bounty of blossoms in the hearts of these women I was so privileged to share a journey with into the french countryside.

If there is one thing I witnessed today, it is this:
Nothing can grow without love.

Not flowers.
Or friendship.

All you need is a few good seeds.
And, a lifetime of unconditional love. 

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