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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 9 – DAY 41 :: trust is a lifelong practice

10 Feb


We watched a series of movies this weekend, some Oscar-nominated, others not. They took place over different stages of life; eighth grade, high school, post-college, and later.

Watching each story unfold reminded me of those same moments in my life; eighth grade, high school, post-college, and later. And each stage requires its own skills in trust and grace. Which makes trust a lifelong practice. 

It’s a good reminder to trust, even when a stage of life is confusing or dramatic, or just plain complicated. Trust is a lifelong practice because life just keeps changing the game.

More tomorrow. 



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JAMIE’S BLOG – YEAR 8 – DAY 35 :: win and lose

4 Feb
{next year}

It’s always hard to lose. And that’s the hardest part of sports, sporting or being a sports fan. Someone always loses. “There’s always next year,” was coined for a night like this.

And yet, on the other side, there is a winner. A first-time victory and the joy of bringing home a trophy. History in the record books. So many elated sports fans. The first taste of victory.

It’s the light and the dark. The sun and the shade. One needs the other to exist. For that contrast.

Tonight I felt that contrast as my heart beat so fast inside of me I could barely breathe. I so wanted the Patriots to win. Not because the team has been there before. Not because it was Tom Brady, the GOAT in the game. Not because I have watch him play since his days at Michigan or because we spent most of our adult life in Boston. It was because Justin was at the game.

I just wanted them to win so that he could see it. Experience it. Take it all in.

Of course, this is where you say, “Oh, it’s just a game.” And it is. But it’s making me think about JOY — and what it takes to feel joyful — do we need the low to understand the high? Does the winner need the loser to feel victory? 

The answer is most likely, yes, in both instances.

And yet, it sucks to lose. In the whatever game you play. Always. But the point may be to find joy in the game. To honor the ability to play. Or to just be there. Win or lose.

Congratulations Philly – may you enjoy every moment of this joyous occasion.
And… for the rest of us…there’s always next year 😉

More tomorrow…



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JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 18 :: pats-tastic bliss

18 Jan
So….. that was a day full of football. And some serious bliss (and panic) inducing games, especially if you are a Seahawks fan. Over here we are in Patriot bliss! That game was Pats-tastic! Holy Patrimony!

Ironically we are Patriots fans living in Seahawks territory who happen to be related to some serious “Hawks” fans. (Every time they talk about the 12th man I think they are referring to Tom Brady.)

Tonight, when we shared both of our teams victory over the phone, Justin tried to get his little niece to say “Go Pats!” and he promised that he would say, “Go Hawks!”  Being a young Seahawks fan and a smart little cookie her response was, “You go first.”

As Vince Lombardi said, “People who work together will win.”

So bring on this family splitting Superbowl Sunday. At least we have a few weeks to prepare, and tease, and root on Number 12 …. Tom Brady that is!

Go Pats. 

More tomorrow. 

 {what team brings you bliss?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 10 :: holy crap that was a game

10 Jan

There are a lot of blissful New England Patriots fans tonight.

And all I can say is that game was stressful. I literally had to close my eyes because it was so difficult to watch at times. It was not a blissful experience until Julian Edelman threw a little surprise quarterback magic (wow!).

It’s amazing how a little leather ball can cause so much pain and suffering, stress and worry, and incredible bliss too. 

But I’m happy (and relieved) to see the Pats win and advance forward. Let the games really begin!

Speaking of games…

From yesterday’s Movie Trivia:  

What is the name of the first movie Clint Eastwood directed?
If you answered Play Misty For Me you were right!

More tomorrow. 


 {what brought you bliss today?}

GIFT DAY 014: life savers and the boston celtics

14 Jan

We are off to a Boston Celtics basketball game tonight.

I love basketball.

Not because I faithfully follow the NBA or because I worked with the Washington Mystics the first year they were founded. No.

I love basketball because it saved my life.
Well, basketball and a very good doctor.

My doctor discovered I had cancer in my annual sports physical check-up in high school (you know, the regular doctor’s appointment that every aspiring high school athlete must endure — Weight. Height. Pat on the head. Go play ball!).

I am lucky I played basketball.
I am lucky my doctor actually did a physical and not just a pat on the head.

I was so young. Just seventeen.

jamie_highschool, jamie eslinger, the promise 365, the promise daily

I often wonder what would have happened if I didn’t play basketball: would the cancer have been found in time to save my life?

  • What if Michael Jordan wasn’t the super star, game changing player that so captivated my youthful imagination?
  • What if the Boston Celtics weren’t so fun to follow and watch on TV?
  • What if my hometown didn’t grant girls varsity sports?
  • What if I had quit?
  • What if my doctor didn’t take the time to do a full medical exam?

Of course, the simple answer to all this is — He was. They were. It did. I didn’t. He did.

I was given the gift of life.
Basketball saved my life.
And I’ve got the scars to prove it!

Not a day passes that I don’t think about this. I am incredibly grateful to a little orange ball.

So tonight, while I cheer for the team in green from the stands, I will also be cheering on my team — the doctors who saved my life and the coaches that kept me in the game.

More tomorrow.

P.S. My gift of the day is a ticket to the Celtics game tonight! We have an extra — I think I will just give it away at the gate… how fun!

{Have a story from the amazing world of sports. Dish on the blog!}

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